Weekly Volunteer Newsletter September 26th

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The rain has ended and its going to be a lovely weekend.  I am quite excited to enjoy the sunshine this weekend.  It will be a sort of  farewell to summer I suppose.  Maybe I will remind myself how unskilled I am at Disc Golf,  or perhaps I will take the dogs to Minto Brown and then get some  Froyo.  Well whatever  is going on  I hope you all are going to have a fantastic weekend as well.  Before you check out for your weekend please take a minute to  read through this weeks edition of the volunteer newsletter.  It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, and it will make you want to socialize!
Thanks everyone,
Kimmi[toggle title=”Volunteer Shout Outs”]Walt Lockett, Krystal Kraig , Joan Wright, Roxanne Bailey, and Greg Rauscher ! All of you guys deserve a round of applause for offering up some of your free time , to come in throughout some of our tougher weeks in October, to ease the strain on our little Thursday morning walk shift. You guys are a great example of teamwork and we really appreciate you!! – Kimmi
Patricia Dunn, I want to thank you for stepping up and taking on the role of our new cat hospitality team volunteer trainer. You have filled a niche that has been waiting for just the right person and I am very happy to have you on board as a trainer! Thanks so much for your time! – Kimmi
Thank you to Barbara Blankenship for being willing to take on a couple of other rooms to clean and for caring so much for the cats. – Taya Miles
[/toggle][toggle title=”New Volunteer Opportunity”] Do you love Pinterest. Are you constantly pinning and re-pinning, commenting, sending, sharing, etc.? Well wouldn’t you feel much better about all that pinning if it were for a good cause? WHS actually has a Pinterest account that would love someone to keep up with it. We want to post our adoptable animals on there and other items of interest., such as links to our blogs and events pages, links to cool projects or training resources, and links to fun cat videos. If this sounds like fun to you please let me know and I can get you started. This is a great way to feature our shelter and share with our community what it is we have to offer… and the best part… you can do this on the go! There is only spot open for this assignment at this time so respond quickly and become a WHS social media superstar!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Cat People”]Take a minute during your shift to take a cute picture of your favorite kitty. Go to our volunteer central board and post it there for all to see with why this kitty is your favorite. Make it easier for other volunteers to find that special cat a home even when you aren’t there! Here is the link to our volunteer central board. https://whs4pets.org/get-involved/volunteer/volunteer-central/
[/toggle][toggle title=”Dog People”]Common points to remember,
Puppies have sharp teeth make sure they have toys to use them on and not you when you are handling them.
Please put the locks back in the kennel doors so that dogs cannot escape.
Stay for the full two hours of your walk shift please and give the dogs the best time of their wee little lives while they are in our care.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Foster and Outreach Opportunities”]We need one more dog volunteer for one of our two outreach events that will happen on Thursday, October 9.
The first event is from 9  – 11 at the Oregon Youth Authority, 530 Center St. NE, Suite 200, Salem, OR 97301
The second event is from 12  – 1 (possibly a little longer)  a group of state commissions and boards at 3218 Pringle Rd, SE Salem.
Both groups definitely want a dog and we can take either the same dog, same dog handler, or assign two different dogs and dog handlers.
[/toggle][toggle title=”Volunteers Needed for Bowser’s Boo Bash”]Hey everyone Bowser’s Boo Bash is fast approaching. This is one of those events where many hands make light work. So we are looking for those many hands! There are a lot of tasks that we will need help with so if there is something you are interested in helping out with please contact Meredith and let her know how you want to help. This is our biggest event of the year and we can use all the help we can get to make it a huge success. Here is a list of the things that we will need help with the times and even dates can vary on these so please contact us for details. I will be sending out an e mail with the details of all of these including dates and times you would be needed and how many volunteers we will need for each assignment. Thanks in advance for your time helping us make this an amazing event.
Item transport , wall of wine preparation, event staging/set up, silent auction crew, Golden ticket sellers, item check out crew/runners, check in/data entry, beer pick up, live auction recorder and runner, dog greeters, clean up crew, live auction spotters, a baby sitter for alumni dog Coco while her parents enjoy dinner and auction, and a sales type job talking up our night at the museum package.
Please e mail me if you are interested at volunteer@whs4pets.org[/toggle][toggle title=”Events”] Bowser’s Boo Bash
The excitement continues guys. I am looking into costumes and planning and plotting for an evening full of fun and philanthropy. Its going to be exciting and exhilarating and you wont want to miss out on this. Imagine yourself as the one person around the water cooler without an opinion on how Bowser’s was this year…. You can prevent this awkward situation by purchasing tickets online and putting it in your calendar. Count Dogula can’t wait to see you there!
Trap and Treat
Honoring national feral cat day on October 16th we will be opening 40 appointments for free spay/neuter surgery on cats in traps. We will be taking walk ins until 10am. Community cats coming for this must arrive in humane traps, not carriers, and will receive the feral cat package of spay/neuter, vaccines, parasite treatments, and an ear tip. The treat you get when you bring in a cat is a free can of cat food or potentially a free bag of food for colony care takers (limited quantity) If you have any questions regarding this event please contact the clinic at 503-480-7729. We are looking for volunteers to help out with this event as well so if you have already been trained to help out in the clinic please let me know if you would like to take an extra shift on this day to help us out!
[/toggle][toggle title=”5th Monday Party Special Edition”]5th Monday party at the shelter and at santiam is coming up. It is going to be on Monday September 29th So just like we have done before we are inviting you to come out to a potluck at the shelter, at 5pm, and bring a tasty dish. Enjoy some time with your fellow volunteers and with me. Get to know the friends you have here but don’t always have time to socialize with. This 5th Monday party has an exceptionally fun spin and opportunity. We will be hosting a Party Lite fundraiser… now this is not a fundraiser that we are trying to get you to buy from or become an independent consultant for or join a team. This is one of those easy one time fundraisers where you take a catalog to your work or to your church or to friends and family and have them order some excellent candles for themselves or for that perfect gift for the holiday and HALF of all the sales comes right back to help out WHS! This is a great way to get younger kids involved who cannot volunteer yet but they really want to help. There are contests for the highest number of sales as well, so you could potentially get some great smelling candles yourself. These candles practically sell themselves, especially when people know that they are saving lives at the same time. Please come in for a short presentation to learn about it and to smell the wonderful candle options and see how easy, fun, and helpful this will be to one of your favorite places in the world. Then after the potluck we will be meeting up at Santiam Brewing for some brew and of course we are lucky enough to have them donate some of their sales of drinks that night to WHS too. So there is no real reason to stay in on Monday the 29th! It will be great to see all your shiny happy faces.
Santiam Brewery
2544 19th St SE
Salem Or 97306
Mews and Brews
September 29th 7pm
[/toggle][toggle title=”Head Halti Classes for Volunteers”]Classes will be held 10/3 at 5pm and 10/18 at 2pm meet Linda at the volunteer room to get started there is no need to pre register.
[/toggle][toggle title=”The CPDT Prep Course and What it Means to Dog Walk Volunteers “]The time has come where we will see Chemeketa students here going through their cpdt prep course. They will be practicing open paw just the same way all other volunteers will be. They will be logging in like volunteers and they will be wearing aprons and name tags. Lee Nichols will be assisting Catherine Comden who is the instructor. He will make sure that the students will be as close to our protocols as the program allows. Please be patient and understanding with them. Students will have name tags as well but they will have a ribbon or some other indicator that they are not just a regular dog walker. This is mostly going to be on Fridays from 10 am to 2 pm but we could potentially see some of these students coming in to work with the dogs on their own time as well. If there are any questions or concerns about how this all is going to work please contact me directly and if I do not have an answer for you I will get in contact with the instructor directly. We should see this starting on the first Friday in October. Thanks so much for supporting this opportunity for our community and for our dogs!
[/toggle][toggle title=”Tidbits and Goodies”]Dine in the Mid-Valley cards can be purchased in Davenport’s Den.  They are issued through the Chamber of Commerce.  The cost to purchase the card is $20.   Fifteen dollars of that will go towards Project Fence.
The card gives you discounts any
participating area
restaurants: https://www.dineinmidvalley.com/restaurants
Remember to share project fence fundraising site with your friends and family and co workers. We are still working on that last push to get the funds we need. Hugo has been adopted and he wants all his WHS pals to have a safe place to stay while they wait for their forever homes and sharing this site is an easy way to help! https://www.youcaring.com/nonprofits/project-fence-do-fence-me-in/215182
Check out this super cute ad for adoption:

[/toggle][toggle title=”Happy Tails”]This tail is near and dear to my heart. Shortly after Christmas of last year two orphaned Shepherd/Husky puppies came to our shelter. One boy and one girl. Their eyes and ears weren’t even opened yet. Alix and I decided to take these sweet little things in and bottle feed them and socialize them. This was quite the undertaking and getting them to switch to solid food was one of the messiest things I have ever experienced. They were helpless and stinky and crying all the time and I loved them to pieces. Once they were old enough we separated them out to different foster homes so they could get even more socialization with people and animals. They ended up in a foster home with a couple who had been looking for just the right dog. Well in this foster experience they found him… his name is now River. River is now over 95lbs, gorgeous, and happy as can be just like his mom and dad are . He has a, black lab mix, sister who was also adopted from WHS and they get along famously. Here are some before during and after pictures of this beautiful story for your viewing pleasure! I am trying not to tear up about this!!
river4 river3 river2 river1