5 Ways that Owning a Dog Can Improve Your Life

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It comes as no surprise that owning a dog can make you happy, and being happy can lead to being healthy. It’s proven that having a four-legged friend in your life can boost your mood, help you relax, and even increase positive brain activity by releasing more dopamine and serotonin in the brain. Below are five big ways that owning a dog can improve your life!

1. Dog owners have lower cholesterol, fewer heart problems, and lower blood pressure.

These factors all can contribute to better health. Part of this is because owning a dog can get you out the door and doing more exercise. There’s no doubt that getting active can lead to a healthier lifestyle-and exercising with your dog can make this process easier.  For example, walking your dog once a day is not only good for him or her, but can increase your cardio health. The American Heart Association has said that the ownership of dogs can lead to a reduced risk for heart disease and greater longevity.

2. Dogs can also help relieve stress.

This isn’t unexpected, as many dog owners can tell you this. Stress contributes to health problems, such as more frequent headaches, cold and infections, insomnia, etc. Dog owners over the age of 65 have 30 percent fewer visits to their doctors a year. The embrace of a dog can bring comfort in stressful situation, making them great to have around.

3. Dogs can improve your social life.

Some owners like to take their dogs to the park to get exercise and enjoy a larger place to play But exercising at the dog park also becomes a social activity. Situations with other dogs and people not only helps your dog’s social life, but also benefits your own.You may meet new people who share an interest in dogs, and social health can lead to a well balanced life.

4. Dogs can improve physical health.

Trained dogs have helped those with arthritis, especially the elderly, and they do so by helping their owners with certain tasks that are difficult with the condition.  Owning a dog can help people with ADHD and ADD, and they do so for many reasons, including burning excess energy while playing with the dog. A study done by University of Virginia has found that owning a dog can promote a more active lifestyle, which can lower obesity in children.

5. Dogs help with mental health challenges.

Dogs can understand human feelings and emotions, and it is believed that they also can help those with depression and anxiety. A dog is a companion who offers unconditional love. This  can make one  feel not alone, resulting in a better mood.  Trained service dogs help those with veterans with PTSD–this has been so effective that programs even  receive funding for this method
It is difficult for many dog owners to imagine their lives without their fluffy best friend. Dogs improve everyday life for various reasons, and they make this world a better place. Owning a dog takes work, responsibility, and care, but the love you get return can be well worth it.