Willamette Humane Society (WHS) was founded in 1965 by local civic leaders and serves Marion and Polk counties. Our mission statement says it all: “WHS is dedicated to establishing, maintaining, and enhancing the bond between companion animals and people of Marion and Polk counties.”

Dedicated to providing compassionate services to pets and people, WHS exists to:

Assist pets and people in transition
Complete families through adoption
Reduce pet overpopulation
Teach responsible pet care
Alleviate pet suffering

Core Values of Staff & Volunteers

Positive Service to All
Sharing Knowledge
Collaborative Problem Solving
Initiative and Innovation
Accountability and Responsibility
Safe Actions

Brief Paws is the printed quarterly magazine of Willamette Humane Society.

Brief Paws features happy “tails” of adopted pets, features on programs and events, tribute listings, and other important updates from your local humane society, Willamette Humane Society’s Executive Director, and Board of Directors. The magazine is mailed quarterly to active supporters of the shelter. If you donated, volunteered, adopted, or otherwise requested to receive mailings recently, you can expect to receive a copy of Brief Paws. Or you can Call 503-585-5900 (ext. 324) to ask about receiving Brief Paws.

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