Letter from Rodeo: Adopt me

Rodeo here, adopt me today!

Dear friends,
My name is Rodeo, and I write this letter in hope of someone looking to adopt. The Willamette Humane Society has been my home for the past three months, and while it is great here – I am ready for my furrrever home with a real family. The staff here would like for you to know that I am potty trained, know sit and down, and walk well on a leash. I do well with other dogs, but have little experience with cats and would need a proper, slow introduction. I am quiet – you will rarely hear me bark and I would be considered medium energy. AdoptI take treats gently, and learn very quickly – I actually learned the command “wait” today in less than an hour. I do have my flaws though – I get distracted with good smells, and sometimes forget my manners. Getting into the garbage is a huge temptation, but with a little training I will learn to resist. I also forgot to mention some consider me a “senior”, although I would disagree. I do not act like a seven year old dutch shepherd mix. I have spunk, and zest for life – I’d just really prefer to be in a home. If you do not have space in your home and heart please share because THIS summer I want to be with my people, not in a shelter.



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