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A Perfect Match


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Peppi came to the shelter when he was about 9 months old and quickly put on hold and adopted. I visited the Humane Society during this time and couldn’t bring myself to pay much attention to him in the kennel because he was SO darn cute and I knew he was spoken for and didn’t want to fall in love when I just knew our forever dog was waiting for us....somewhere. Fast forward a few weeks later and lo and behold Peppi was back on the website. The minute I saw him I made plans to go in the next day to meet with him as soon as the doors opened and put him on hold. That night we took him home and that lil lovebug shook the whole way in the car and my husband cuddled him and he snuggled right into his neck. We made it home, we played, we snuggled, and we laughed. That lil Peppinstein wiggled his way into the bed between my husband and I and straight into our hearts. A few days later I started reading through his paperwork because I just couldn’t fathom how this adorable, sweet, loving, smart bundle of pure happiness could have ended up at the shelter...TWICE. Who would bring him back and WHY? I felt like I was reading about a different dog. He was described as “usually whining and/or barking” “difficulty settling down” and follows commands “never”. In the car he was described as “stressed” and at home “all puppy, too much to handle”. I don’t know who they dropped off when he was surrendered but it certainly wasn’t the dog I took home. He has been a HUGE source of love and laughter in this house. He only whines when he knows we are leaving without him which isn’t often as he gets to go to doggie daycare. He learned “sit” “down” “stay” and “shake” each in mere minutes. He’s done more for us than we can ever do for him. Our hearts are full and we just hope that maybe you will read Peppi’s story and not let labels sway you from making opinions before finding your forever lovebug. BTW..the pic is Peppi’s 2 week adoptaversary celebration with a puppaccino from Dutch Bros❤️

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