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Bombur (formerly Brody)

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One day in February, almost three years ago, I was browsing online when I saw the big, fluffy, tom-cat face of a cat named Brody. From the photo alone, I instantly had the feeling that this was the cat I'd been looking for: a large, lovable, cuddly, cool-as-a-cucumber lap cat who'd fit the name Bombur.

I instantly drove over to WHS to meet him, and promptly fell in love. He was, indeed, the cat of my dreams.

Unfortunately, adopting Bombur ended up taking two months. He'd been found in a feral colony by the colony's feeder and brought in because he was so obviously not feral. He also wasn't doing so well at feral colony life: He had bad hair loss and dermatitis from severe flea allergies, numerous scabs and scars, and was FIV positive. Additionally, even though they estimated his age as 8 and he'd clearly had a home at some point, he'd never been neutered! Before he could be neutered, he ended up coming down with a severe URI (complicated by FIV) and was in isolation for weeks and weeks, where I visited him several times. Even snotty and wheezy, he was the most affectionate cat I'd ever met.

I finally got to bring him home on April 1. Thanks to the excellent information at WHS, the introduction with my female cat was a huge success. The two now love each other like siblings--he puts up with her compulsive licking and generally lets her run the house, even though he's nearly twice her size. I regularly catch the two of them spooning in various spots around my house.

Some lovable factoids about my baby boy now:
1) He likes to sleep on the same pillow your head is on and purrs me to sleep.
2) He has "blanket-dar" and runs from wherever he is in the house the second I put his favorite blanket on my lap.
3) If I don't have the blanket on my lap, he meows at me until I fetch that blanket.
4) He's beloved by vets, vet techs, and basically everyone.
5) He's a huge dork with 0 dignity.

Thanks, WHS! And to everyone else: adopt older cats!

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