Meet Roxy, Colette and Alberta: Three adult cats you could take home for free!

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Grey and white adoptable cat
Right now, Willamette Humane Society is hosting a very special “Free the 50” campaign, in which the first 50 adult cats processed for adoption can go home with families at no charge. Every single cat I’m going to mention in this blog qualifies for this program. Yay!

Shy Roxy

First up is this sweetheart of a cat: Roxy. She’s a 10-year-old domestic shorthaired cat with very plush, very thick fur that’s well maintained. It’s hard to believe how soft this cat is.
Roxy has lived with the same family for all of her 10 years, but a grandson developed allergies, so she’s looking for a new place to dwell. She has a lot of really great selling points.
Frowny face senior cat
In addition to a good history with visiting children, she also has a good history of life with dogs. And, she’s living in a suite with plenty of roomies right now, and she’s doing beautifully. She doesn’t hide nor does she fight. She just watches.
I can see Roxy doing quite well (with the proper introductions) in a multi-cat household. In fact, if you’re hoping to bring home a kitten but don’t want that cat to live alone, Roxy might be a good senior companion. She can model the behavior you’d like the kitten to pick up, and she can cuddle up with you when the kitten’s antics wear her out.
Roxy can seem a little distant, mainly because she has an adorable frowny face, but she responds beautifully to her name. Talk with her, and she’ll roll right over to show you her belly. She’s clearly accustomed to that kind of interaction, and she is craving more human attention than she’s getting right now.
I’m hoping she’ll head home this week.

Awesome Alberta

Does this face look familiar? It should. This is Alberta: One of the Smokehouse Sisters we wrote about so often this winter. You can see those posts here and here and here. They’ll give you a great deal of information about the house fire this girl (and her sister, which I’ll talk about in a moment) survived and the struggles she had in the aftermath.
Grey and white shorthaired cat
Alberta has been adopted twice. This time, she came back due to landlord issues. And it’s clear that her adopted family did a lot of work to help Alberta to recover.
She isn’t nearly as demanding and pushy as she once was. Instead, she seems docile and calm. She happily accepted my attention, and she even curled up in my lap for a moment or two. That’s not something she would have considered when she was here the first time.
Grey and white cat working on a scratching post
Alberta’s last home reports that she tends to focus her attentions on one person in the family, seeking out that person almost exclusively for love and affection. And, that home reports, she likes to have privacy and space from time to time.
Once again, we’re recommending that Alberta be adopted with her sister, Colette. These two have been through a lot together, and they need one another. They squabble from time to time, as sisters do, but they also are tightly bonded, and that’s something we need to respect.

Cool Colette

Yup, here’s our other Smokehouse Sister. This is the kitty in whom I’m seeing the biggest changes.
Colette has found a favorite resting spot inside her suite, but she’ll hop right out for love and affection at a moment’s notice. She’s much more receptive to petting, to brushing, and to playtime. She’s even nuzzling up to Roxy in her suite, which I never thought I’d see.
Black domestic medium haired cat with green eyes
Colette might regress to her former hiding self when she heads to a new home for the first time. That would not surprise me at all. But with patience, love and respect, it seems like she might make a full recovery from her traumatic past. She and Alberta just need a cat-savvy hero that can help them take that last step. Could it be you?

Bonus: Quincey the Helper!

This senior cat, Quincey, has become a particular favorite of mine, and he spent quite a bit of time just relaxing in my lap today. But he’s also quite the helper. When I pulled this stool out to clean a high shelf, he hopped right up to help. Darling, right?
Black and white senior cat on a step stool
Quincy may be one of the oldest cats in the shelter right now, but he clearly has a lot of love and quirkiness to share. And he’s free! Come visit!

Special Project

That’s it for this week! Next week, I’ll be out of town, so I won’t be writing up a blog.
But you can help.
If you have a spare second sometime during the week, head down to the shelter and snap a photo of a cat you really like. Then, share it on your social networks with a few notes about who the kitty is, why that cat is awesome and why it’s a good fit.
Think of it as a form of micro-blogging. If we all do a little promoting and sharing, those first 50 free cats will fly out of the shelter.
You in? I hope so.
See you in two weeks!