Announcement on Unaffiliated Shelter Donation Requests

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The life-saving work that happens at Willamette Humane Society is made possible by our community—people just like you. However, this afternoon we’ve received reports that unsolicited, potentially fraudulent donation requests have been made via Craigslist and in-person by individuals impersonating shelter representatives. The person going door-to-door also offered to give the donor a free kitten. These outreach efforts are unaffiliated with our shelter and thought to be a scam. We are working with Salem Police to address this, but we need your help.
If you are approached by anyone soliciting for WHS in your neighborhood, please call the Salem Police Department non-emergency line at 503-588-6123 to report the incident. In addition, please flag any online Craigslist advertisements requesting donations on behalf of WHS as inappropriate. Finally, please share this with friends, family, and community members. Salem Police wants to know when and where the door-to-door scam is happening.
Remember that Willamette Humane Society does not utilize Craigslist or door-to-door visits in our fundraising efforts. If you are making a donation to support local animals, we always encourage donors to do so through our direct mail envelopes, our secure online donations via the WHS website, or in-person at the shelter and official events. Again, you will never be asked to make a donation to WHS by anyone on Craigslist or visiting your front door.
If you have questions or concerns, contact the shelter directly at 503-585-5900 (ext. 321) or Thank you for being our community partners in the mission to serve our four-legged friends.
Last updated Friday, August 25 at 5:00 p.m.