Bonded Cats Make Great Pets

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This week, I’d like you to meet Baby and Phillip: two one-year-old bonded cats that are looking for their forever home. These are sweet boys who have a few little quirks but a whole lot of love to give.
Don’t Put Baby in the Corner
Baby is a very friendly, very vocal guy who comes right out for attention as soon as you walk into the room. He wends his way around your legs, and is quick to give head butts and love bites when you’re petting him in just the right way. This is the kind of personality adopters just love, and I imagine that Baby will get a whole lot of attention because he is so very confident.
Phillip takes a little longer to warm up. I spent about 5 minutes with Baby before Phillip decided to come out of hiding for affection. But when he did, it was hard to take his photo, as he really wanted to be petted and scratched. That means he wouldn’t stand far enough away from the camera in order to get a good shot. So, you’ll have to take my word for it that he’s a beauty.
Bonded Brothers
These two cats have grown up together, and they have a very tight bond. They eat together, groom one another and play together. They also seem to share secrets with one another from time to time. This means they really should be adopted together. Cats with relationships like this do better when they go home together. (And remember: The September special allows for a price break when you adopt two cats at the same time. Bonded boys like this are pretty inexpensive to adopt right now.)

"Let me tell you a little secret."
“Let me tell you a little secret.”

A Few Quirks
BabyNo cat is perfect, and Baby and Phillip are no exception. Their previous owner reports that these boys had a few litterbox issues when they were living there, and it’s a behavior they’ve displayed a time or two while in the shelter.
They were just neutered, and that might help to curb some problems. But, they are also very young cats who might have very specific cat litter preferences, and who are willing to do something naughty when they don’t get what they want. This is the sort of thing the staff at WHS would love to discuss with a potential adopter. With the right kind of modifications, this problem might be taken care of efficiently.
Lollipop Update
Look at those big eyes!
Look at those big eyes!

Speaking of quirky cats, Lollipop is still up for adoption. This week, I noticed that she came right out to greet me when I walked into the room, and after a few minutes, she grabbed at my hands until I petted her. This is totally new behavior for this shy girl, and I must say that I was a little shocked by it. I think she’s been watching her roomies and learning from them.
But, Lollipop does have a ways to go. She became fearful of me in the midst of a petting session, and a loud noise in the hall really scared her. I’m hoping she’ll have the chance to go to a quiet home really soon, preferably with a confident cat companion, so she can continue to learn that the world isn’t a scary place. She deserves that.
Sneak Peek
CocoaIf all goes as planned (which is a big “if”), Cocoa will take the spotlight next week. She’s a staff favorite, and it’s easy to understand why that’s the case. This Siamese girl is shy and retiring, but she’s overwhelmingly affectionate with people she knows and trusts. As a result, she is really loving with much of the staff. I’m hoping to show off her good side next week.
TootieAnd what about Tootie, you might be wondering? I meant to talk her up this week, but she’s made the trip down the road to Petco on Lancaster. I may make a road trip to visit her just for this blog in the next week or so. But, she’s such a beautiful girl that she might be adopted long before I make it down to see her (at least, I hope so!).
Bonus Kitty
KittenIn addition to the charming adult cats up for adoption, in pairs or alone, there are many, many kittens In fact, it looks like there’s a new wave of kittens hitting WHS right now. If you’re at all interested in kittens, now’s the time!
So, that’s it for this week. Please share this post on your social networks, and let’s get these guys adopted!