The Cat Blog: Cameron, Nora, Hillary and Skittles

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Cameron the orange tabby
It’s been another amazing week for cats at Willamette Humane Society in Salem. Many of the cats I mentioned in last week’s blog found their forever homes. And one special kitty I’m about to tell you about made a remarkable transformation this week.
Let’s get started.

Pretty Cat Cameron

Regular readers of this blog will recognize this face. It belongs to 9yo Cameron, who was featured on the blog back in July. At the time, I was worried about him. He was a new arrival to the shelter, and he seemed very worried and upset. He shrunk away from human attention, and at times, he would finch when people tried to pet him. I didn’t know what happened to him, but I worried about his chances of winning over a new family.
Orange tabby Cameron
Cameron was moved into a suite with several very friendly, balanced and kind cats. He must have used those cats as role models. As his behavior now is completely different.
This morning, Cameron was at the front of his kennel, softly mewing at me so I’d stop. When I opened up his kennel door, he came right up to the front and asked for pets and cuddles. He rolled and drooled and kneaded and responded very enthusiastically to my attention.

I’m thrilled to see that he’s decided to trust people again. He seems more than ready to head home, and he can go into a home with other cats. If those cats are gentle and balanced, he might like their company. And since he has a history of separation anxiety in his rescue home, we know he gets lonely. He might need a companion to help him adjust to new environments.
Cameron the cat
I might also anticipate a slow adjustment to a new home for this guy. Since he was shy here and it took several weeks for him to come around, he might need the same time and patience in a home to make the same good choices. His family will need to be committed to him and patient with him. I can assure you he’s worth it. The staff absolutely loves this big boy, and I know they’ll miss him when he’s gone.
Come see him!

Nice Cat Nora

This is long-time resident cat, Nora. She’s been waiting for a home since June 16th, which means she’s been at the shelter longer than almost any other cat we have in the system right now.
Nora the cat in her kennel
When I met Nora back in June, I noticed that she was spending a lot of time lying down, just watching the world go by. I thought, at the time, she was just a mellow cat that didn’t have a lot of energy. As it turns out, there’s a good reason for Nora’s behavior.
Nora came to the shelter with some sort of hip or leg injury. Since she was a stray, we aren’t sure what happened to her, but we know something hurt her. Medications help her to control her pain, but she seems most comfortable lying down. Her mobility isn’t what it should be, so she controls things by staying still.
Nora kitty sitting up
Nora is very loving and sweet, but she dislikes riding in the car and she dislikes overly loud and stimulating environments. The team took her to our Kitten Kaboodle outlet, for example, and that was too much for Nora. She prefers things a little on the calmer side.
This girl isn’t a great choice for a home with children, since she is painful and struggles to move quickly. And she might not appreciate living with overly active animal roommates like dogs or cats. Gentle roommies might be fine, as long as they are introduced slowly.
I’d like Nora’s long wait to end this week. Can you help?

Sweet Cat Skittles

This sweet thing is Skittles. She’s 6yo, and she is a recent arrival to the shelter. Skittles came here due to some litter box issues in her last home, and as it turns out, she had good reasons for avoiding the box.
Skittles the cat looking sweet
Skittles was declawed on her front paws, and her surgeon took an amazing amount of her toes off. I can’t really understand how she manages to balance her weight on those tiny bits of feet she has left, and she often seems to wobble when she’s standing. Declawed cats like this often struggle with hard, sharp litter. It hurts their feet. A soft, paper-based litter tends to work better. I’d bet a product like that would have helped Skittles a lot.
Skittles the cat watches the camera
In addition, Skittles had a pretty nasty urinary tract infection. She’s been treated for that issue, but she’ll need to eat a special diet for the rest of her life, so the problem doesn’t come back.
Skittles is a sweet, gentle and very playful cat that deserves a shot at a loving home. Can you help?

Huggable Kitty Hillary

My featured black cat this week is Hillary. She’s just 4yo, and she’s a petite little thing at just 8 pounds. She has wonderfully soft black hair that turns a shade of burgundy in the right light. And that fur is very long and lush. Once she cleans up a bit, this will be a stunner of a cat.
Kitty Hillary in her kennel
Hillary came to us as a stray, so we don’t know a lot about her likes and dislikes. But she’s handling the stress of the shelter quite well. She’s quiet and sleepy in her kennel until someone opens the door, and then she happily accepts all sorts of attention with purrs and cuddles. She really is a peach.
Hillary the cat sitting up
Black cats often have longer shelter wait times than their more colorful counterparts. I’d hate to see that happen to Hillary. Can you help?

Bonus Beauty Cat: Willoughby

In last week’s blog post, I told you about this adorable 7yo cat and his siblings. Those siblings were adopted last week (yay!), but since then, we’ve learned a few things about Willoughby and his health. Specifically, we learned that he has a pretty significant heart murmur, and he’s in middle-stage renal failure.
Kitty Willoughby on his bed
That means Willoughby will need a very special adopter who will know that this cat won’t live for another decade. His health concerns are serious. And yet, this is one of the most loving and sweet cats I’ve ever met in the shelter. Willoughby loves all sorts of attention, and he responds so sweetly to all humans. He cuddles and purrs and kneads, and he even drools when he’s happy.
I’d love for him to get the right home. Can you help?
That’s it for this week! Remember: If there are any cats that touch your heart in this post, tap their names, and you’ll head to a donation page. That’s always appreciated.
And if you want to do yet more, consider joining our volunteer program. You can meet new cats every week, help them to learn to trust and even introduce them to new people who might love them. Contact us to find out more.
Thanks for all you do!