The Cat Blog: Luna, Abigail, Miss Kitty and Kiki Mama

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Kitty Luna
Last week was a great week for cats at Willamette Humane Society. Some of our long-time cats, including some very old kitties, went home with new families last week. And while three of last week’s blog cats (Cameron and Nora and Hillary) are still waiting for homes, the others I mentioned found perfect matches.
Let’s try to do even better this week! Here are the cats I’d like to tell you about.

Lovely Cat Luna

First up is this ebony 14yo beauty named Luna. She might look familiar to some long-time fans of Willamette Humane Society, and she should. She’s been in the shelter (with one brief respite) since May, and she’s appeared on the blog a few times. I always enjoy taking photos of Luna as she always looks so grumpy in every snap I take. It makes me chuckle, because Luna isn’t grumpy at all. But just look at this face!
Kitty Luna
Luna originally came to the shelter as a stray. We’ve learned a lot about her during her stay. For example, we know that she does not appreciate the company of other cats. She may be old, but she has no problem whipping up trouble with other cats. So she will need to be your only feline.
Also, we know that Luna can be a little feisty from time to time. She can be particular about her bed and her food dishes, for example, and she likes to bat people who get out of line.
Luna the cat
I like this stuff, as it means Luna has spirit. But her spirit is fading a little due to that long wait. We all thought that was over recently when Luna was adopted, but she was returned due to bad litter box habits. As it turns out, she had a UTI that may have caused those box problems, and that’s being treated. But we will want her adopters to be aware of this history and very careful of setting Luna up for good box habits.
Since Luna’s stay has been so long, her adoption fee has been waived. We just want her to go into a good home with people that will love her. Can you help?

Awesome Kitty Abigail

Next up is this 8yo Abyssinian mix named Abigail. She has wonderfully fluffy cheeks and really pretty fur ticking due to her breed. So she’s really an unusual looking cat.
Abby came to the shelter due to the health of her person. And I was sad to see her back, as she was just adopted a few months ago. But that health issue was serious, so back Abby had to come.
Kitty named Abigail
Prior to that adoption, Abby was living as a stray cat. But she must have had a family at some point. She is not at all afraid of people, including very loud people, and she seems happy to either play with or ignore people, depending on what they want to do. I haven’t seen a much more relaxed cat in the shelter in quite some time. But I can’t help but wonder if Abby wouldn’t be even happier in a home somewhere.
Adoptable cat
Abby’s history with other animals is a little unclear, but she might do fine with the right introductions. And since she is so mellow, she might do fine with kids as well. Come see her!

Kitty Kiki Mama

This sweet face belongs to 11yo Kiki Mama. She’s a Siamese mix with the prettiest of blue eyes, and her fur is very long and luxurious. She really is a gorgeous cat, and I’m not really capturing her beauty here. You have to see it to believe it.
I met Kiki Mama a week or so ago, and I wanted to put her on the blog at that time, but she wasn’t ready. She was very shy and sad in her kennel, and while she let me pet her, she didn’t seem to enjoy it.
Cat named Kiki Mama
What a difference a week makes!
This week, Kiki Mama was wonderfully affectionate with me, running up to bump my hands and drooling with happiness when I petted her. She rolled on her back for tummy rubs and kneaded the air when I walked away. Man, she was affectionate. I just know she’ll make someone so happy.
Cat named Kiki Mama
Kiki has a good history of living with other cats, and she’s in our suites now, so she has a lot of room to roam. Her kid history is unclear, but since she can be a little nervous, she might not be the best choice for little ones. And those people who do adopt her will need to give her ample time to adjust to their new home.
Can you help?

Magical Cat Miss Kitty

This sweetie is Miss Kitty, and she and Kiki Mama have a lot in common. Like Kiki was when she first got here, Miss Kitty is overwhelmed and a little shy. She will accept attention, but she doesn’t seem to enjoy it. But who can resist petting such a pretty cat?
Adoptable cat Miss Kitty
Miss Kitty has a few medical issues that are being treated with medications, and that hasn’t helped her mood. She doesn’t like the pills or the way pills are given, and she seems convinced that everyone who comes to see her will pill her. So she might not be happy about head pets now. That will pass.
Adoptable cat Miss Kitty
Miss Kitty came to the shelter when her people became quite ill, and those people were not able to fill out a detailed history. That means we don’t know about Miss Kitty’s preferences concerning dogs and kids. We think she has lived with cats, however.
I don’t like to see shy cats linger in the shelter. Can you help this one blossom?

Special Cat Success Story

Speaking of shy cats, some of you might remember me discussing a very shy cat named Sophia. She was in our suites, and she was not succeeding there. She hid quite a bit and she also didn’t enjoy human interactions all that much.
A lovely family took Sophia home, and they shared this photo with me recently. Sophia was part of a bonded pair, so the sister came home too. And the family was made complete when they took Mittens the cat along.
Sophia the cat
Out of all three cats, two of which were very bold in the shelter, the family says that Sophia is the best adjusted. She is the most loving, the most playful and all-around the best fit for their family. They couldn’t see any of those traits while she was in the shelter, but she opened up as soon as she got home with them.
Why am I sharing this? I think it’s an example of how important it is to give shy ones like Miss Kitty and Kiki Mama a chance. Who knows what you’ll uncover?
That’s it for this week! As always, please share so we can get these cats adopted. And if any story really touched your heart, use the buttons to sponsor that cat’s stay. It’s always appreciated.
Thanks for all you do!