Meet Gargamel, Joey and Stavros: Three male cats that need homes!

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Pretty black cat named Gargamel
Last week, when I was out of town, so many cats found their perfect homes. It’s a thrilling and amazing thing to see, and when I came back, I had a (mostly) new crop of cats to meet, greet and cuddle. And I’ve picked out three male cats to tell you about that are all a little on the quirky side, and all of whom need homes this summer.
So here goes.

Gorgeous Gargamel

This pretty guy is named Gargamel (Tell the truth: How many of you are singing the theme song to the Smurfs right now, after hearing that name!?!). As soon as I opened the door to his suite, he came running over, chirruping all the way. This is a jolly, outgoing, incredibly friendly cat that wants nothing more than a lap to sit in.

Adoptable black cat Gargamel looking at the camera
Gargamel poses so nicely for the camera, doesn’t he?

Gargamel 2 years old, and he is recovering from street life, so when you meet him, you might notice that his coat is a little thin and patchy in places. He also has a docked ear, which seems to suggest that he was wrapped up in a trap-neuter-release program at some point. He is also incredibly gluttonous when it comes to food, and he’ll eat every single thing you give him (probably because he’s not accustomed to getting food regularly). All of these things are manageable, but you should be aware of them before you bring this guy home.
Adoptable cat on the lap of a volunteer
He also likes to pose for selfies!

Today was junior camp day, and I watched Gargamel interacting with small kid visitors. I’m happy to report that he seems both patient and kind with the wee ones. He sat on their laps, let them pick him up and even played with the toys they offered. That kind of openness should make him a good choice for families that include children.
Gargamel is living in a suite with another cat, and they seem to be getting along just fine with no fights or squabbles. They’re not even paying attention to one another, really, so he might do well in a home with other cats.
Gargamel is a sweet, rough-looking boy that is just a gem of a cat. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect family addition, he might be just right for you.

Joyful Joey

This 4-year-old cat, Joey, breaks my heart a little bit. A few years back, he was abandoned by his family, and he’s spent the following years relying on the kindness of neighbors. He was sleeping outside, drinking out of puddles, and trying to steal food from resident cats. He got into a lot of fights, and he probably missed more than his fair share of meals. He also forgot, just a little bit, about how kind humans can be.

Grey cat looking off in the distance
Joey has the softest, thickest fur.

One of his neighbors attempted to make Joey a part of the family, but the transition didn’t go so well. Joey isn’t really used to life “on the inside” anymore, and he got a little upset when this neighbor tried to pick him up and move him. So, sadly, that neighbor brought him here for a chance at an understanding home.
Joey has been through so much and he’s a little traumatized. He paces quite a bit, and while I can see that he wants attention, he’s also just frightened by it. He doesn’t want to sit in my lap or play with guests. He wants to eat and patrol.
Grey cat looking off in the distance
Maybe he’s just watching the parking lot for his new family?

It’s possible that this is the sort of thing that will fade as Joey becomes accustomed to shelter life. But, we’re thinking he might enjoy an indoor/outdoor home when he does leave the shelter. He’s used to having some freedom, and being outside seems to make him happy. He’s not quite a barn cat, as he can be handled, but he will need his space.
Small cat standing in the doorway
His pretty yellow eyes match the decor of the room!

At the moment, Joey is living in a suite with outdoor access. But if you have room for this beautiful boy to live partly in your home and partly in your yard, you’d be my new personal hero. This guy needs to come out of the shelter soon.

Silly Stavros

Here’s a puzzler: Why is Stavros still here?
This 4-year-old Maine coon mix has been featured on this blog many times, and yet, he’s been waiting for a home for quite some time. And I can’t figure out why.

Maine coon cat looking up at the camera
Stavros always looks surprised in photos.

Stavros came to the shelter with a medical problem that caused inappropriate urination. That’s been addressed, and now, Stavros has perfect litter box habits. In fact, he’s one of the tidiest cats in the shelter. When I came to clean his suite today, he hadn’t even messed up his blankets. If household soiling were an issue, this definitely wouldn’t be happening.
As for love, Stavros just can’t get enough. He’s a flopper and a roller and a head-butter. He purrs and kneads and climbs. From the moment I walked in to see him until the moment I left, he was right there for affection.
Fluffy and furry Maine coon cat lying down
He’s trying to entice me to pet his furry belly!

He can be overwhelmed in new situations, but he comes right out for affection after a second or two of rest. He doesn’t like to be picked up, but he responds well to leg taps and whistles (like a dog!). He’s just the sweetest thing, and he really needs to go home.
Stavros will need a special diet to prevent future kidney stones, but that’s really his only medical problem. Anyone out there want a perfect cat? Stavros is it.
So that’s it for this week! As always, please share these stories, so we can get these guys adopted.