Celebrate the New Year with a Cat!

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The holiday season has come and gone, and the cats in the shelter are preparing for an amazing 2020. You can help. The cats I’ll tell you about this week are all adorable, cuddly, and very adoptable. And they’re hoping to find caring people just like you.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Handsome Vlad the Fluffy Cat

The cat at the top of this post is Vlad, and he’s a 3-year-old boy with flame-point markings on very long fur. We have him listed as a Siamese cat mix, but he could have a little ragdoll in there somewhere.

Vlad came to the shelter thanks to the work of a good Samaritan. This person found Vlad struggling in a Salem neighborhood in September. He had been injured somehow, and the wound had opened and festered. He needed quick help to save his life, and he got that in the shelter. We spent weeks giving him medications, cleaning his wound, and helping him to recover. He was grumpy about all of the handling, as I’m sure he was sore. But as he healed up, this kitty’s personality started to shine through, and then we all fell in love.

Vlad is a clever and quirky little guy, and he spends most of his time trying to woo people. He sits by the door of his suite and chirps and cheeps. If you sit down, he’ll hop right up and ask for attention. He sounds amazing, right? But here’s where things get interesting.

Vlad is also really playful, and sometimes, he tries to entice people to pet him on his belly so he can whap them. He’s been in the shelter for a long time, and sometimes, kitties come up with games like this to pass the time. It’s not a smart idea (we keep telling them that!), but it persists.

If you can handle a little spice mixed with sweetness, come see Vlad! He gets along nicely with other cats, so he can join an existing family with ease.

Sweet Senior Cat Berry

Next up is a 9-year-old female tuxedo cat named Berry. You’ll notice that she has a little discoloration in her left eye. Don’t let that worry you. This is an older injury that doesn’t require treatment. And we think it makes her look quite distinctive, don’t you?

Berry is remarkably friendly, and she just can’t wait to find someone like you to love. She has learned to reach through her kennel door to flag down people walking by, and she rubs the top of her head on her kennel so you can pet her soft furs.

She’s been described as very loving. She comes when she is called, she allows people to pick her up, and she enjoys being held. She likes to sleep with the humans when nighttime rolls around, and she spends most of her resting time purring.

Berry has lived with a small dog, and she enjoyed that gentle friend. She hasn’t lived with cats before, but she might do fine with slow introductions.

We all love this sweetheart, and we hope she can move out of the shelter and into a loving home very soon.

Tabby Cat Tobias

Prepare to fall in love with this gentle, calm soul. His name is Tobias, and he’s a 5-year-old tabby kitty. He has absolutely wowed our staff with his wonderful ways, and while we’ll miss him, we know he’ll be happier in a home.

This pretty guy was found as a stray cat, and we wanted to spend some time getting to know him before we placed him up for adoption. He spent a few days resting in a kennel in the office of one of our managers, and the funniest thing happened.

Tobias must have been very tired from running around and looking for food as a stray. He treated his kennel time like a spa day. He rested like this during his entire visit.

Adorable, right? It’s so cute that we can hardly stand it.

Tobias went into a foster home for a few days, and we got a glowing report. He uses his box like a champ, he gets along nicely with other cats (including one with poor social skills), he is very affectionate, and he’s incredibly laid-back in the home. He doesn’t demand attention or run about from place to place. He’s an old soul, and he seems like just the kind of cat many Salem families are looking for.

Can you give this gentle guy the happy ending he deserves?

Sweet Cat Dolly

The last kitty I’ll tell you about is Dolly. She’s about a year old, but she has a much older and wiser face. (And she also likes to stick her tongue out at visitors, so she can be challenging to photograph!)

Dolly is living in a suite with two very friendly cats, and she’s picked up some wonderful habits from them. She knows she should hop down from her perch and run to the door when people enter, or else she’ll be ignored. And she knows she should respond enthusiastically to all pets and pats. She pushes her head into your hands to show you how much she appreciates your visits.

Dolly’s fur is a little thin right now, but she doesn’t want you to worry. She is allergic to fleas, and her body responds to that allergen by shedding. Keep her flea medications up-to-date, and she should be fine.

Dolly has lived with both cats and children before, and she did fine with those companions. She has been afraid of dogs, but if your pooch is gentle and cat-savvy, that could be a good match.

Final Thoughts

That’s it for this week! If you see a cat you’re in love with, be sure to come down and say hello very soon. Cats get adopted quicker than you thought possible. And if adoption isn’t right for you, consider joining our Golden Hearts Club program! Your monthly donation will make happy endings possible. Find out more about it here.