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Adoptable cat Mishka
You know that phrase, “Better late than never?” That applies to the cat blog this week. This entry was delayed by a few days, but I think you’ll find that it’s worth the wait, as I have so many really amazing cats to tell you about this week.
Let’s get started!

Magical Miskha

First up is 8 year old torbie cat Mishka. I had so much fun meeting with this sweetheart of a cat today. She purred her little greeting before I even opened up the kennel door, and she was all over me with head butts and chirps of joy. I didn’t need to coax any kind of love out of this girl. She was ready to dish it out almost immediately.
Adoptable cat Mishka
Mishka was found roaming the streets of Salem, but since she is so affectionate, it’s possible that she had a home at some point. But she is thin and a little scrawny, so she may have been living on her own for quite some time. She needs a place with a lot of treats and solid meals.
Adoptable cat Mishka
The people that found Mishka did a great job of working with her, and they really did want to keep her. But, she wasn’t a fan of the other cats this family had. It’s unclear whether or not Mishka just didn’t like THOSE cats or if she doesn’t like ALL cats. But, at the moment, we’re recommending that she live as a solo cat, just in case.
We don’t know her history of life with kids or dogs, so that’s something you’d need to discuss with the staff.

Adoptable cat Mishka
This is her “Why aren’t you petting me?” face.

Mishka’s age qualifies her for our Free the 50 waived adoption fee program, running until the end of the month. And she’s been spayed, so she can go home today. Great, right?

Lovebug Leo

Next up is this adorable 8-yeaold tuxedo cat named Leo. He’s very new to the shelter (in fact, I think today is his first full day on the adoption floor), and he’s struggling with the transition just a little bit. The other volunteers told me he was a shy little fella, hiding in his kennel most of the morning.
Adoptable cat Leo
With just 2 seconds of coaxing, however, Leo is up and ready for action. You’ll see him in all of his purring and marching glory in this video. And see all of the food underneath his feet? He tries to purr and eat at the same time. It doesn’t work out too well.
Leo came to us due to financial issues, and it’s clear that he was a very beloved family member in his last home. The shelter can be hard on sensitive boys like this, so I’m hoping his stay is a short one.

Awesome Aiden

It’s supermodel time! Meet Aiden. This 10 year old all-white cat is absolutely gorgeous. He fur is thick and plush, and he has incredibly piercing green eyes. There’s not a spec of another color on him, so white cat lovers should adore him.
Adoptable cat Aiden
Aiden came to us when his family had to move away, and he seems to be adjusting to shelter life with relative ease. Other volunteers told me he could be shy and withdrawn, but I found him to be a little bold and brassy this morning. He even grabbed my hands when I was about to stop with the petting. So adorable.
Adoptable cat Aiden
Aiden has lived with other cats (in fact, his brother Stewie is here right now), but he can get a little jealous and pushy with them. He might need to live with an easygoing cat or be the one and only. And he does have a history of life with dogs.
Aiden also qualifies for the special, and he’s been neutered. But there’s something special about him. On a scan, we detected a microchip, meaning that Aiden was owned by another family before the family that brought him to us. So we’re contacting that family now. You can come and put a “hold” on him now, and should his first family not respond to our notice, you can take him home on the 28th (Monday). That’s not too long to wait, right?

Marvelous Mama (Or Ophelia?)

This 2 year old brown tabby has some mystery attached to her name. She came to us with the name Mama, but on that pesky microchip scan, we discovered that she’d been with us before, under the name Ophelia. So she has a ton of different names. But she’s got a winner of a personality.
Adoptable cat Mama
Mama is a tiny brown tabby with the adorable habit of showing you her tummy. She loves to be picked up and cuddled, and she likes lap time, too. She’s a fun cat to hold in your lap, too, as she’s really small. She looks a lot like a kitten, even though she’s 2 years old!
Mama came when her family had to move, and they report that she does well in households with dogs, cats AND kids. It’s the trifecta! If you’ve been waiting for an all-around winner, this is the cat for you.
Adoptable cat Mama
Mama also qualifies for the special, and she’s been spayed so could go home today.
That’s it for this week! Please share this page far and wide so we can get these guys adopted. Oh, and do you Facebook? If so, check out our page this week. We’re running a contest in which you could win tickets to Boo Bash! Sign up and share!