Come Adopt a Cat This Week!

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Kittens in a pile

The shelter is full of cats and kittens this week, and we’re really hoping that there are plenty of families hoping to add some purrs to their lives. We have tiny ones (like the crew shown above), and we also have many adult cats, like the four I’m about to tell you about.

Let’s get started.

Tabby Cat Cindi

First up is this pretty tabby cat named Cindi. She’s 2 years old, and she’s on the small side at six pounds. She’s the kind of cat that gets overlooked in the early fall, as she’s not quite a kitten and certainly not a senior. But she has so much to offer the right family.

Tabby cat on her bed

Cindi came to the shelter as a stray cat, but it’s clear that she has lived with people before. She runs right up to ask for attention, and she responds beautifully to both conversation and gentle pets.

Cindi is living in a suite, and she sits patiently by the door and waits for someone to come visit with her. She also tries tipping her head, rolling on her back, mewling at the glass, and pawing at the doorknob to get families to pay attention.

Most of Cindi’s suitemates have been adopted, and she has been passed over consistently. She’s getting a little upset about that, and she has been trying to keep her suitemates away from the door so she is first in line for greetings. This is a sign that she’s just plain been here for too long. We’re really hoping she finds her family this week.

Pretty Tortie Cat Addie

Next up is another young, overlooked cat named Addie. She is about 2 years old, and she’s been waiting for a home for about a month.

Tortie cat addie

Addie came into the shelter as a stray cat, so we don’t know a lot about her history or what she’s used to. Her rough, scarred ears suggest that she had to do a little fighting to stay alive, and we’re thankful those days are over for her.

Addie has been living in suites with other cats, and she does fine with them. She doesn’t have as much verve and pep as her roommates, so she tends to get overlooked. But say her name and reach for her, and she responds quickly with purrs and cuddle invitations. She really loves people.

Addie was adopted and returned within about 24 hours. Most cats need time to adjust to new situations, and Addie is no exception. She will probably need her own room for a day or two as she learns that you can be trusted. Give her time and plenty of treats, and she’s sure to be your best friend for life.

Special Needs Cat Wilson

Next up is this Siamese mix named Wilson. He’s about a year old, and he really is a beauty. These photos don’t do him justice.

Siamese cat Wilson

Wilson doesn’t pose beautifully for photos because he is blind. We think he can see shadows and some types of movement, but he certainly can’t see clearly. It’s likely he’s been like this for quite some time, so it isn’t new to him. But it’s not something that will go away.

Blind cats need a few special accommodations. They hope you won’t move furniture often or scatter toys all around the room. They also hope you won’t pick them up and move them from place to place, as it’s hard for them to reorient when they’re not moving their own bodies. But otherwise, they can find their own litter boxes, they can find their own food, and they know how to find you when it’s time for love. Blind cats make for exceptional companions.

It’s not clear if Wilson has lived with either cats or dogs before. He will need very slow introductions to new companions, and he’ll need to check them out via scents. (Swapping out blankets works wonderfully for this.) The adoption staff can tell you more.

Wilson is very affectionate, but he can be a little shy. A quiet home would be best for him. He loves to have his head petted.

Shy Maine Coon McFluffy

The last cat I’ll tell you about this week is a shy guy, and he’s about 6 years old. He didn’t enjoy time with the camera, but he is absolutely gorgeous, and I think that shows.

Tabby cat McFluffy

McFluffy came to the shelter because his person is in the military and is facing an overseas posting. It’s so hard when this happens, and we’re hoping a Salem family can honor this family’s service by helping this sweet boy.

McFluffy’s family describes him as shy at first. He likes to observe people for awhile before he interacts with them. But once he knows and trusts you, he likes to be petted and cuddled. Apparently, he really loves to have his belly rubbed! They also say he plays fetch, and that he enjoys lap time with his family.

This guy doesn’t enjoy shelter life, and he isn’t accepting pets right now. He is living with other cats in a suite, and he seems to like them just fine. But new people worry him a bit. We’re hoping a family can overlook that and give him a chance at a happy ever after.

Final Thoughts

That’s it for this week! If you see a cat you’re in love with, be sure to come down and say hello very soon. Cats get adopted quicker than you thought possible. And if adoption isn’t right for you, consider joining our Golden Hearts Club program! Your monthly donation will make happy endings possible. Find out more about it here.