This Week’s Featured Adoptable Dogs @ Willamette Humane Society by Martha Russell

NEWS FLASH! It was just announced that WHS has won a Holiday Wishes grant of $50,000 from Petco Foundation for a movie about Coco! I am so thrilled that movie-maker Meredith, WHS Development Coordinator, used some of my video and photos of Coco and her 13 puppies in the movie. What a wonderful day! Watch the video here!



Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

The Christmas season is upon us and the shelter dogs and volunteers are getting excited as they anticipate next week when they’ll get to wear Santa hats in pictures for my post! (Okay, maybe I’m the one excited and everyone else is just sighing.) But we’re all hoping that our current furry friends will be spending the holidays in new homes with their forever families.

We had nine Blog Dogs adopted last week!

Page_2 Page_3 Page_1

Page_2 2 Page_4

I happened to be at the shelter when Kane’s person came to adopt him. If you are a regular reader of my posts, you know Kane well. As a twelve-year-old gentle giant, he had won the hearts of everyone he met, but still he had not found his forever home. On Sunday he did. First came the dog meets. Kane needed to prove he could get along with an aging Min Pin and Bonnie. Bonnie, now ten, was adopted from WHS as a puppy. None of us were worried about the meets. Kane loved playgroup and got along with everyone. After the successful meet-and-greets, I snapped these pictures. Gene, the potential adopter, was smitten and the only hesitation was that his wife had not yet met Kane. It was decided that Gene would bring her on Monday. However, after I arrived home yesterday afternoon and checked the website, Gene had adopted Kane and headed home. What a great retirement our huge, loveable teddy bear will have!

DSCN6180DSCN6174 DSCN6172This is Bonnie, adopted ten years ago at WHS.






Playgroup was active and busy for volunteers as we brought new dogs in to play and took tired ones back to their kennels. I did overhear a couple of remarks, however, as I shuttled dogs. Goodwin has been in ISO getting over a cold for the past several weeks and he was finally well and got to come out to play with his friends. He was ecstatic and let everyone know (over and over) how happy he was to be out and about again!


And Rusty asked volunteer Linda’s Will for his opinion.





We’re active girls hoping for families wanting to have adventures with us!

Jolene and I first met Luna last week after she had been brought in with her mother as strays. Jolene and I both could tell they were very nice dogs and had had some training. Luna is about two years old and knows how to walk on leash and sits when asked. She is affectionate and eager to please. She is listed as a Bull Terrier mix, but who knows what else?! She is a cutie no matter what she is!


And here is her mother, Starr, about three years old and some kind of Pit Bull/Lab mix. Starr is a little more reactive around other dogs than Luna is and will need some training work for that issue. But otherwise, Starr is just as delightful as Luna. The do not have to be adopted together. I hope they find homes before Christmas!





I’m looking for a retirement home with other retired humans!

Trusty Rusty is ten years old and is as sweet as they come. Both Ian and I fell in love with this older Shepherd mix who is looking for his perfect retirement family. Since he can no longer “hold it” for more than a couple of hours, he’ll need to be in a home where someone is home most of the time to let him out. He’d also enjoy going to work with his person, if that were an option. Rusty is also a bit of a magician, as his former people say he can figure out how to unlock doors so he can go on adventures (they also said he always returns home). Rusty is a loving, happy boy who just wants to be with his people all the time. He loves everybody and hopes for the perfect retirement forever home very soon.

DSCN5975 DSCN5971




I’m back and I’m just as good a boy as ever!

Buddy is a five-year-old Lab mix. His family loved him very much but could not keep him any longer. This boy is just about perfect. He is gentle, happy, knows some commands, walks well on leash and is treat-motivated. When he was here during the summer of 2013, he was a camp dog. Caroline instantly announced that Buddy is her new favorite at the shelter. We’re hoping he’ll find a forever home quickly.





I’m pretty new here. People tell me I’m a really cool dog!

Rusty is a youngster at one year old, so isn’t finished growing yet. He will probably reach about fifty pounds when mature. Rusty is a Redbone Coondog/Pit Bull Terrier mix. He already knows several commands and has pretty good dog manners, but will need his positive training to continue. Since he loves treats, teaching him new skills should be easy. He has a great time in playgroup and gets along well with other dogs. Here he is with Gracie on Sunday. I have a feeling he will be adopted soon!





Yep, I’m a smiling Pug. Got a problem with that?

See the grin on this Pug? Meet BooBoo a purebred six-year-old Pug. He’s a newbie who arrived at the shelter with his friend, Tally. They share a kennel but don’t have to be adopted together. BooBoo is a gentle little guy with a few extra pounds that he would like to shed with a new family’s encouragement. BooBoo is an eager, happy little guy. Ian had fun with him on Sunday. For all of you Pug lovers out there, this dog is a peach!

DSCN6077I can’t get over his grin!





I’m BooBoo’s good friend!

This little girl snuggled in Laslo’s arms is a five-year-old Chihuahua named Tally. She was surrendered with BooBoo, but they aren’t so bonded that they have to go home together. Tally is a bit shy, but took my treats politely and enjoyed being held. She is gentle enough for children as long as they are gentle with her. At seven pounds, she is definitely a lap dog!


Here the two are together with the boys.

DSCN6098And I couldn’t resist snapping this picture of Tally.





Need a jogging or hiking or running companion? Pick ME! Pick ME!

This beautiful German Shepherd/Siberian Husky mix is Anastasia. She was found as a stray, so we don’t know her history, but when Jolene and I met her last Sunday, we instantly recognized that she is a delightful, well-mannered girl. At 42 pounds, she is a bit underweight, so will enjoy all the treats that her new family will give her during training. We think she is about four years old. She sat when asked and took my hot dog bits politely. She seems to be a gentle, though active, dog. I don’t know her well, but I bet she will make a wonderful family addition. And what a beauty!





Yep, we’re still here! Looking for a couple of great pals?

Of course, I had to take a picture of Cecil and Penny. If you read my post last week, you know that these two siblings are so hoping to go home together, as they are tightly bonded. Penny needs Cecil to boost her confidence and Cecil takes looking out for Penny very seriously. They are two-year-old Chihuahua mixes. Their adoption fee is reduced if they go home together. They are looking for a calm, quiet home where they can relax and feel safe and loved. Here they are with Diane, Noah and Gracie.






Do I look worried? Well, I guess I am a little concerned.

When I met this boy on Sunday, I was so touched by his furrowed brow. This is Musafa, a fifty-eight-pound Pit Bull Terrier mix. Ian and I tried to reassure him that he’ll find a new home soon, but his worried look didn’t disappear. This beautiful boy is house-trained and walks politely on leash. He is treat-motivated, so learning new skills in positive ways will be a breeze. He loves people, but can be picky about his dog friends, so should meet any dog he would be living with. He likes to play fetch with tennis balls and would probably make a great running or jogging partner, too. He would love to be someone’s best friend so that he can stop worrying.

DSCN6159Notice how in the usual Pit Bull style, he likes to lean against his person.





My name is Mira and I’m looking for an active family to be mine!

Mira is a Dalmatian/Pit Bull Terrier mix and is two years old. She is very affectionate to people, treat-motivated and a quick learner. However, she loves to jump and boy, can she jump! Mira will need a six-foot or higher fence so that she doesn’t go on her own adventures. She’s a little underweight, so giving her yummy treats while working on her dog-to-dog skills will be great. Mira would probably do best as an only pet and she would love all of the attention. Here she was with Wendi on Sunday.

DSCN6146And here she was with Caroline last Wednesday. Did I mention that she is very affectionate?

DSCN5832 Mira and Caroline DSCN5824Mira will take a special family with the patience and understanding to help her become the best friend anyone could ask for.






If you are a regular reader of my posts, you will remember lovable Gilbert. Here he was during is long, long stay at WHS. When Gilbert came to us, he had a fractured leg and after an operation, he went to volunteer Jolene F.’s house to recuperate. This ever-cheerful boy was quite the challenge. He had such a good heart but was soooo strong. (He was our “demo dog” when volunteer Linda and I made a training video on how to walk strong, pulling dogs.)

Gilbert Gilbert was finally adopted, but it was not long before he was back at WHS. By this time Gilbert was firmly planted in Jolene’s heart and even though she already had three other large dogs at home, Gilbert joined the pack. Now, on his one-year adoption anniversary, Gilbert has sent me an update. He knows what a lucky dog he is!

“Merry Christmas everyone. I wanted to let you know that I just had my one-year anniversary with my adopters. One year ago Jolene and Charlie adopted me! I have been very happy and spoiled. I play, run, nap, and share treats with my brothers. I have also met 10 foster dogs who have spent time at my house and I have loved them all. I will be 4 in January and Livin’ The Dream! Here are some pics of me hanging out at home and with some of my foster friends.”

image_4 image_8 image_6 image_9 image_7 image_10 image_2 imageThat’s our Gilbert! Such a helper dog with making fosters feel at home and safe.



Remember our sweet Mary who was adopted by her little girl, Kaiya? Here’s the picture that said it all when they met.

DSCN3585Well, Mary’s family recently moved to a bigger house with a bigger yard! Heather sent me this video of Mary in her new playground.





Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at


















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Story of Coco Wins Petco Foundation Holiday Wishes Grant

Willamette Humane Society is thrilled to announce winning a grant of $50,000 for the story and video of Coco. WHS is one of two second place winners of Petco Foundation’s second annual holiday grant campaign, Holiday Wishes, designed to help the most dedicated animal welfare organizations succeed in their mission to save pets’ lives – at the holidays and year round. Continue reading

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Humane-a-Teens Spread Message of Giving

The Willamette Humane Society Humane-a-Teens spread their message of giving for shelter pets! The group made ornaments to decorate the Giving Tree in the shelter lobby. Supporters are encouraged to take cards on the tree inscribed with any number of urgently needed supplies and kennel-enrichment items, and return with a donation to serve the pets. Continue reading

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This Week’s Featured Adoptable Dogs @ Willamette Humane Society by Martha Russell

Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

I wondered with Thanksgiving week being so busy for people, if our dog adoption numbers would be dramatically lower. I needn’t have worried. There have been twelve dog adoptions since last Wednesday, ten of them were Blog Dogs. Here they are:

Page_4 Page_5 Page_3 Page_2 Page_1

Playgroup on Sunday was smaller than usual, since we’ve had so many adoptions lately. But everyone still had lots of fun and a couple of shy dogs who need more socialization had many positive interactions.

Shy Miracle is slowly becoming more brave. More on her later in this post.


Kati, a newbie who seems to never have been on a leash, loved having the freedom to romp with other dogs.





I didn’t get adopted during Adopt A Senior Month, so I’m still waiting for you!

Kane is still patiently waiting for his perfect family to find him and take him home to retire. He is a twelve-year-old Dogue de Bordeaux mix whom everyone thinks of as a gentle giant or a loveable teddy bear disguised as a dog. At 88 pounds, Kane loves nothing more than rolling over and getting his tummy scratched. He is extremely gentle, happy, and fun. He will run for short distances out of pure joy of life. He is almost recovered from a cold and will be out of the ISO kennels soon, so he will be able to return to playgroups, which he thoroughly enjoys.  Kane has been at WHS since October 27. He has a great history with children, though his energy level is low, so long romps are over for this sweet boy. Here are some of his many moods with Jolene, one of his fans.

DSCN5608DSCN5613 DSCN5593  DSCN5612

Here Kane was today, still in ISO, and still just as gentle.




I’m hoping for a person who will help me become the dog I want to be.

Jack has been adopted twice and returned through no fault of his own. Both adopters liked him but he wasn’t the right fit for the families. Jack is a two-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix and is a S.T.A.R.T. dog from California. He is waiting for someone who wants an active, eager boy. He hasn’t had the opportunity to get a lot of training, but is food-motivated, so he’s looking forward to learning new things, including impulse control. He is a rowdy player and will need to get regular exercise. Here he is with Diane. We’re hoping the right fit of a family will find him soon.

DSCN4367 DSCN3802




I’m a young, enthusiastic, joyful boy! I’m looking for a new best friend.

Meet Max, a ten-month-old Lab mix, who can’t wait to go home with a new family! This youngster will need room to romp and someone with patience to train him, as he hasn’t learned a lot of self-control in his young life. Max is a happy, energetic, food-motivated boy who will grow up into a great jogging, running, or hiking partner. With the proper training, Max will develop into a devoted best buddy. Here he is with Jolene.

DSCN5657Max - Version 2




I’m still here and I’m still shy, but I’m getting a little braver.

Miracle has been available for adoption since October 24th. She is one of our S.T.A.R.T. dogs from an overcrowded shelter in California. It is obvious from her demeanor that Miracle has had a rough beginning in life. She is a four-year-old Boxer/Dalmatian mix. She is extremely shy and nervous around new things and seems to just now be learning that all of life is not scary. She actually started to play a little bit in playgroup on Sunday. She would do best in a home with another confident, well-adjusted dog who would show Miracle how to be a family pet. Small children would make her too nervous, so older kids who would sense when to give her space would be better. She should also not go home with cats. Miracle may need a little time and patience from a new family, but what a gift of love she will become. Here she was on Sunday with new volunteers Laslo and Katalin. I’m so hoping this sweet girl will be found by a loving family very soon.





My name is Wyatt and I’d love to go on adventures with you!

Today I spent some quality time with Wyatt for the first time. I really enjoyed getting to know this three-year-old Shepherd/Pug mix. Here he is with Caroline before we headed out to the big yard for some fun.

DSCN5899 DSCN5897

Wyatt isn’t a ball dog, but enjoyed running around freely. He is good about coming when called, sits when asked, and took my hot dog bits gently. He didn’t mind posing on the platform, but wouldn’t smile for the camera.


And he was perfectly willing to head back inside after our romp. Wyatt is a wonderful medium-sized (37 pounds) boy waiting for his forever family to come and take him home before Christmas.

Wyatt - Version 2




I’m new and can’t wait to meet my family!

Johnson is a two-year-old Border Collie/Chow mix with one of the cutest faces I’ve ever seen! He smiles on cue, or at least seems to. He walks well on leash, is eager for treats, and already knows some commands. He loves people, can be somewhat reactive around other dogs, so will need to meet any dogs he will live with. Here he was with Ian on Sunday.





Emelynn’s Pick of the Week!

I met Penny and Cecil for the first time on Sunday. They had just been surrendered and were scared of all the new people and noises. But once Caroline and I took them outside and let them snuggle in Caroline’s lap, they began to relax. They are both two-year-old Chihuahua mixes, though they look very different. They keep each other in sight and seem very bonded. They share a kennel at the shelter and we hope a family will realize how much they love each other and will give them both a forever home.



I couldn’t wait for Emelynn to meet them today. I knew she’d fall in love and she did. It was nippy out, so both dogs wore sweaters. Here we were about to start on our walk. Cecil is much braver than Penny, but kept checking in with her to make sure she was doing okay.

DSCN5841As we headed down the path, Cecil and Emelynn took the lead, while Penny and I followed. Penny decided she liked walking on the railroad ties rather than in the dirt.


We stopped once to pose for a picture.

DSCN5861Then it was time to head back to their kennels, stopping to rest briefly on a bench.

DSCN5875 DSCN5889Spending time with them today made me all the more convinced that they need to go home together. Penny needs Cecil to boost her confidence and Cecil takes looking out for Penny very seriously.




I’m almost over my cold!

This happy-go-lucky boy is Goodwin, a six-year-old German Shepherd/Lab mix who is one joyful character. Having a cold hasn’t slowed him down one bit. He loves to romp and has a perpetual grin. He’ll need an active family with older kids because of his exuberance. Goodwin loves hot dog bits and will be a breeze to train because he’s happy to work for a nibble. I love this boy’s zest for life! Here he is with Jolene.

DSCN5633I spent some time with Goodwin this afternoon. He was so excited to get to go out to the ISO yard to play fetch. He loves running after tennis balls and does a good job of returning them, though he doesn’t always want to let them go right away. He’s such a delightful boy and will make some lucky family a fantastic new member. Here are some shots I took today during our game.

DSCN5921 DSCN5925




I want to learn stuff. Will you teach me?

Kati is another one of our S.T.A.R.T. dogs who arrived a couple of weeks ago from California. She is a five-year-old Beagle/Pit Bull Terrier mix. When I first met her, she was so nervous and afraid of all of the new things she was experiencing in the shelter. She didn’t act like she had ever been walked on a leash. But what a difference a week makes! This sweet little girl has gained confidence and once out in playgroup had an absolutely fantastic time racing around the yard with other dogs. She loves hot dog bits and so will be easy and eager to train. She will make a wonderful family dog. Here she is with Alexis on Sunday.





I’m looking for a special home.

Juno is a beautiful Anatolian Shepherd/Border Collie mix who is eleven months old. She enjoys romping with dogs she is comfortable with. She has lived with another dog before, whom she loved, but she can be quite picky about which dogs she likes. She would like to have a job and a person all her own. She loves people and is very smart. She knows several commands, walks well on leash, and enjoys hanging out with you after playing. She needs to go to a home with older children, as she can be possessive of her toys, something she knows she needs to work on. She is house-trained and even crate-trained. We’re hoping this beauty will be home before Christmas. Yes, that’s Caroline behind her!







We were so pleased last week when Rockie, now Ricky, came back to visit play group.

Here he was at WHS last July. Volunteer Debbie was his biggest fan.

Rockie and Debbie - Version 2His person, Jo, is crazy about him and says he is the light of her life. After losing her beloved Lab three years ago, it took some time before she felt ready for another best friend. Then she came to the shelter and it was love at first sight. Here they were last week. Can you tell they have a special bond?

DSCN5349  DSCN5342



When Edison, a three-year-old purebred Golden Retriever, arrived at WHS last March, it was clear he had some issues and would need a special home. He was very uneasy around people he didn’t know and showed increasing anxiety in the shelter environment. He became more and more reactive around other dogs. WHS contacted several rescue groups, but after evaluating him, they decided they couldn’t take him. Staff and volunteers were becoming increasingly worried about him and we were getting very attached. Here he was with Emelynn.

Edison - Version 2 DSCN9890

We realized Edison would need someone who would give him the time, love, and structure he needed. That’s when foster volunteer Marge decided to take him home. Within days she realized she could not give him up and adopted him. Here is some of what she said about this special boy.

“I am so thankful that he has come into my life and that I have come into his life. This sweet boy absolutely is loving life. He has obtained his Canine Good Citizen, has been in an obedience ring and earned the first leg on an obedience title. He is a natural at the sport of Dock Diving and competed in the competition that was held at the Oregon State Fair this year. He qualified for the finals in the World Dock Diving Competition and finished in 8th position in the Semi-Pro division. He has many wonderful friends. He is great with other dogs, people, in the house, travels well in the motor home.  I cannot rave enough about him.”

And here are some pictures of Edison’s new and wonderful life. Some people think that dogs at a shelter are “broken.” Need proof that they aren’t?

July 2014- Dock Diving_1 dock diving - Great up close shot of Edison. Edison great entry at practice 6-21-14 first practice dock diving Edison awards Edison and Tiny




CoCo arrived at the shelter in November. She was an instant favorite among volunteers and staff. Not only was she cute, she had a delightful personality. Here she was in playgroup, stopping play long enough to happily pose for me.


She was adopted quickly and I received this terrific update last week.

“Sweet CoCo Puff seems like she’s always been a member of the family. She has been crate trained in under a week and seems perfectly happy to know where her special place is. Although we were told she needed potty training reinforcement, we have had no problems. She takes a ball in her mouth and goes right out to the yard. She is absolutely patient and tolerant of our three-year-old daughter, who adores her new doggie. CoCo is peaceful with our chickens and barks only when the doorbell rings or we get home. She happily greets our guests with whole body wiggles (since she doesn’t have a tail). She loves to snuggle and be petted. She loves rides in the car so much that she sometimes doesn’t get out right away. She walks pretty well on a leash with her harness and seems to know already that we are her people. She sits politely in the other room while we eat at the table, so we have had no food issues. She’s the sweetest and most even-tempered dog. We are so glad to have found her and are grateful to the WHS volunteer who was working last Saturday evening who introduced us. Happy Holidays!”

IMG_1900 IMG_1819 IMG_1772


On these very happy notes, I’ll close for this week!

Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at

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This Week’s Featured Adoptable Dogs @ Willamette Humane Society by Martha Russell

Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

Happy Thanksgiving!

November has been a great adoption month for dogs! We had another wonderful week, with 18 adoptions! Here are the Blog Dogs who will be spending Thanksgiving in their new homes!

Page_2 Page_1 Page_4 Page_3 Page_5

Houdini was so excited about being adopted and felt he deserved all the credit.

Page_1 2 And staff took this happy going-home picture.




Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I decided to ask the shelter dogs to tell me one thing that each is thankful for. They were very excited by the idea. Here are their answers.


Annie ~ Basset Hound mix ~ 4 years old



Goodwin ~ German Shepherd/Lab mix ~ 6 years old



Ty ~ American Staffordshire mix ~ 9 months old



Wyatt ~ Shepherd/Pug mix ~ 3 years old



Nimo ~ Australian Cattle Dog ~ 3 years old



Kane ~ Dogue de Bordeaux ~ 12 years old



Milo ~ Miniature Dachshund mix ~ 6 years old



Elsinore ~ Chihuahua mix ~ one year old



Johnson ~ Border Collie/Chow mix ~ 2 years old



Miracle ~ Boxer/Dalmatian mix ~ 4 years old



Kloe ~ Pit Bull Terrier mix ~ 8 months old



Nico ~ Australian Kelpie mix ~ 2 years old



Toby ~ Miniature Pinscher ~ 6 years old



Miss Baxter ~ Lab mix ~ 9 years old



Lucy ~ St. Bernard ~ 2 years old (just adopted!)



Beau ~ American Staffordshire mix ~ 2 years old



Crypto ~ Toy Poodle mix ~ 2 years old



Spike ~ Pit Bull Terrier mix ~ 8 months old



Boo Boo ~ Poodle mix ~ 3 years old



Gizmo ~ Yorkshire Terrier mix ~ 3 years old



Kati ~ Beagle/Pit Bull Terrier mix ~ 5 years old




And then…

It just so happened, that we had three former shelter dogs stop in to say hi during this week when I was interviewing the adoptable dogs. So, of course, I asked them what they are now thankful for. Here are their answers.

Ricky (Rockie ~ adopted August 31, 2014)



Amber (Lemon ~ adopted February 13, 2014)




Patience (Cassidy ~ adopted November 13, 2014)





As you know, November has been Adopt A Senior Pet Month. One of WHS’ long-time volunteer dog walkers, Laura, is the epitome of this appeal. She has adopted not one, but TWO senior dogs from WHS. Here is their story.

“I adopted Jake in November 2010 when he was 10. At 14 he still loves walks but they are more like ‘saunters’ through the neighborhood. He has been the perfect blend of mellow guy through the day but eager companion on walks! He had been ‘overlooked’ in previous homes so it took him quite a few months to feel relaxed and realize it is actually pleasant to hang in the yard together.

“I adopted Coach (formally Pony) in  August 2013 when he was about 7. It seems Jake is one of the few dogs on the planet that Coach actually likes! Our fabulous volunteer coordinator Kimmi helped us with the meet and greet and so we were sure to make a good match. Coach had been feeling a bit depressed in his kennel at the shelter, but as you can see by the first picture below, he relaxed pretty quickly once he was in his forever home and actually still does ‘zoomies’ around the yard and can be rather silly! He loves belly rubs in that position, which he strikes everywhere: the yard on a sunny day, the couch, my bed…. He has become a bit of a ‘momma’s boy’ and my son reports it seems he waits for me to come home on his perch on the futon in the bedroom where he can see out the front window. Silly boy!! I have also enclosed a picture of both Coach (left) and Jake (right) waiting anxiously to go for a walk!
I just had to chime in on how wonderful I have found it to have adopted two senior guys and that we have still had plenty of great times together!”

POny 004 POny 018What a great happily-ever-after story to end this post on!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at






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This Week’s Featured Adoptable Dogs @ Willamette Humane Society by Martha Russell

Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

Wow! I’m thrilled to report that during the past week there were 23 dog adoptions! I thought last week was amazing with 17, but this week topped it! Of the 23, there were thirteen Blog Dogs. Here they are.

Page_4 Page_3 Page_6 Page_1 Page_5 Page_2 Page_7

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month and adopters have really come through, giving many of our wonderful seniors new beginnings. One story is especially happy. If you read last week’s post, you know Cassidy’s story. Here is the adoption picture when volunteer Marianne took her home for good. And by the way, Cassidy’s new name is Patience.

Cassidy going home

Here is Patience her first night of the rest of her life in her forever home.





Sunday’s play groups were busy! Maybe it was the chilly weather, but the Rough and Rowdy yard was hopping with racing dogs.

Koda, Ty, and Lillith made big loops running full speed.


Page_4 Page_2Meanwhile, in the Calm and Mellow side, newbie Cookie made her preferences clear.





I’m a good dog!

I love these pictures of Nico and volunteer Linda that I snapped on Sunday. He is an Australian Kelpie/Pit Bull Terrier mix. He is two years old and weighs about 50 pounds. He’s been at WHS since July. He’ll need a home with experienced owners and no cats. Nico loves people and is hoping just the right family will find him. Volunteer Linda has been spending time with this eager, smart boy, working on his manners. That day, just for fun, they were working on rolling over.

DSCN5061 DSCN5064 DSCN5065DSCN5068

Linda has been taking Nico on respites to her house lately. Here he is excitedly exploring her big yard.

012I subbed for another walker on Monday afternoon and, at the end of the shift, Nico and I spent some quiet time together. He’s been waiting for his right family for so long. We hope they find him soon.





You can call me Houdini or you can call me Dolo. I answer to both!

I’m not quite sure why Houdini has two names, but I do know that he is a delightful, fun guy. He has perfected the “Won’t you adopt me p-l-e-a-s-e???” pitiful look (see below). Here he is with one of his fans, Jolene.

DSCN5071Houdini is a two-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix, weighing in at 60 pounds (of which a few could be shed). He loves play group and on Sunday romped with the Rough and Rowdy guys for a long time until we could tell that his short legs were tired, though his spirit was still eager to romp. His endearing face wins him many fans. He would like an active family who would help him lose those pesky extra pounds, take him on adventures, and then let him curl up beside them in the evening. He already knows several commands and is eager to learn more. A family with older kids would fit this boy perfectly.





I’m back (again). But I’m a good girl!

Yes, Lillith is back again. Sometimes when people adopt a youngster they don’t realize how much energy the dog has and needs to expend. Lillith is a Pit Bull Terrier mix and is about a year old. She is brimming with exuberance. On Sunday I saw her out in a yard with Rayne and went out to watch. Lillith was so funny. She had found two big plastic balls. She wanted to play with both of them, but couldn’t keep them both with her when we threw one. She would run and get it, then come back so she had control of both balls. Rayne and I both had to laugh at her.

DSCN4954 DSCN4955 DSCN4957 DSCN4956She would have played the game for hours, but we needed to go in and Lillith wasn’t about to give up BOTH balls. We told her she could have one and take it back to her kennel and she was happy, but didn’t totally trust that we meant it. When I offered her hot dog bits, a treat she loves, she chose to turn them down so that she didn’t have to release the ball. So this is what we got!

Lillith and RayneLillith needs a forever family who will help her fine-tune her training, take her running or jogging, let her race around a yard chasing a ball, and then cuddle with her in the evening. We love Lillith and hope her right people will come soon.




November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month! So why not adopt ME?

While several of our senior dogs have been adopted lately, Petey has not. This little love bug is an eleven-year-old, thirteen-pound Miniature Dachshund. He gets along with other small dogs, cats, and older kids. He has the cutest little prance as he walks and is a happy guy. His one problem is house-training, but with consistency, this would improve. He’s a snuggler and a lap dog. Petey is hoping for a retirement home where he can be taken for leisurely strolls around the neighborhood, then curl up with his person in the evening. We’re hoping this sweet boy will find a forever home soon. He’s been waiting since November 3rd. Here he is with Luke and Wendi, two of his many friends at the shelter.

Petey and Luke and WendiHe even knows some tricks!





Please excuse my cone. I’m a happy youngster eager to meet you!

Socks, a three-year-old Border Collie/Lab mix, is such a happy girl, even with her cone on, having just been spayed. She’s got some pent-up energy since she can’t dash around the yards until her cone can come off, but it’s not getting her down. Socks is house-trained, treat-motivated, and knows a few commands. She would make a great jogging partner and would do very well with older kids who would enjoy romping with her. Here she was with Ian on Sunday.

Socks and Ian - Version 2And here she was today with Sandra, a new member of our Wednesday walking team. (We’re always so happy when we get a new volunteer to help us walk our shelter dogs!) As you can see, Socks is still smiling!

Sandra and Socks





It’s not every day that someone like me arrives here!

I’d like to introduce you to a newbie who came in on Sunday and is already on the adoption floor with a hold as she waits for her new family. Her name is Lucy. She is a 93-pound, two-year-old St. Bernard purebred. She has been an outdoor dog her whole life and would like to be indoors some of the time, and promises to learn house-training very quickly! She also would like a home without cats or small dogs. Lucy is a delight! She has loved every person she’s met so far at the shelter, including Jolene! I hope she gets to go home very soon!

DSCN5028 - Version 2 Lucy - Version 2




I’m going to be a BIG girl!

I don’t usually feature puppies, but I’ve been waiting for this sweetheart to get to the adoption floor, and Emelynn has fallen in love with her, so I decided to introduce you to Suzzane. At four months old and thirty pounds, this pup will grow up to be 60 – 75 pounds. She’s a S.T.A.R.T. dog from California, so we don’t know her short history. We think she is a Shepherd/Sighthound mix. She will need a very active family who is willing to put in the time for the training that she’ll need. But she is very eager and anxious to learn new things, so training will be a blast. Emelynn spent some fun time with her in her kennel this afternoon.

Suzzane and Emelynn Suzzane and Emelynn2




Dogs are okay, but I like my people better!

We brought shy Elsinore out to play group a couple of Sundays ago, before she was adoptable, but she wasn’t interested in playing with the other dogs. What did she want to do? She jumped up on the people bench and right into Harmony’s lap. Elsinore is a seven-pound, two-year-old Chihuahua. She was found as a stray, so we don’t know much about her past, but she is currently in a foster home and her foster mom can’t say enough good things about this sweetheart. Elsinore is house-trained, gets along fine with the other dogs in the family as well as a two-year-old human little person who loves to cuddle with her. Elsinore is a little nervous around new things, and takes a little time to warm up, but other than that, she is perfect. If you’d like to meet this little gem, call the Foster Coordinator at 503-585-5900 Extension 303.

Elsinore and Harmony




I’m back. I’m hoping to find my perfect fit of a family soon!

Juno is a beautiful ten-month-old Anatolian Shepherd/Border Collie mix. She was surrendered by her first family because she was too active. She is back again due to being reactive to other animals. She did fine with the dogs and cats in the home, but had a difficult time with ones she did not know. She is fine with people. Juno will need a family with the experience and time to help her through positive training to overcome her issues. She would do best in a family with older children or just adults. Today when I walked her at the shelter, she did fine on leash, paid attention to me and happily took my treats for being good walking by another dog in a yard. I’m hoping the right person will find this girl and give her training and a great home. Here she was with Jeff on Sunday.

Juno and Jeff




Emelynn’s Pick of the Week!

Does he look familiar? Yep, it’s Houdini again. Emelynn took him out a second time this afternoon after all the dogs had been walked, so I knew she would choose him for her pick, and I certainly can’t blame her. This stocky little character is a hoot. I found the two of them under a tree reading. And at first, Houdini didn’t realize what book Emelynn had. But once he did, he was mesmerized!


DSCN5225 Page_1 Page_3






I first met Bo when he was surrendered to the shelter in February of 2013. Kathy was walking dogs on my shift then, and I could tell when she met him that it was love at first sight. Here is a picture I took of them on one of their first walks. Bo was still a one-year-old puppy then. It wasn’t long before Kathy knew she had to adopt this cutie.

Kathy and Bo (1)Last week I was visiting Kathy and took the picture below of the two of them again. This is what Kathy has to say about this wonderful boy.

“Bo is one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever known.  The past year and a half have been some of the happiest times around here. As well as knowing basic commands, Bo has learned ‘Lowrider’ (Army Crawl) and ‘Dance.’ He loves to run and fetch the tennis ball and since adopting him, he has gotten much better with ‘Drop it.’  We’ve also worked on catching a Frisbee! Bo is quite the cuddler and really enjoys being with his people. He loves giving lots of kisses and sweet, gentle hugs. And he loves his Papillon sister! He tries to be very careful with her, even a gentle reach with his big paw could knock her silly! Out of all of us, when he wants to play, he loves when his big (human) brother, the wrestler, plays with him. Needless to say, he tires Bo out the most! We love this sweet boy so much, we can’t imagine life without him.  Thank you WHS!”

New BoI didn’t notice it until I uploaded this photo, but look who photo-bombed Bo’s picture!




While I was walking dogs today a woman arrived, hoping to visit with someone who remembered her dog whom she had adopted at the beginning of October. Of course we did. It was Daisy! Here she was when she first arrived as a S.T.A.R.T. dog last August. As the weeks went by and no one adopted Daisy, we started to worry.


And here Daisy is today with her adopter, Donna.

Donna and DaisyDonna is over the moon about Daisy. She loved telling me all about how they spend their days. Daisy follows Donna everywhere. They go for walks, snuggle, and enjoy treats. Donna is a care-giver and Daisy often goes with her to the delight of the patient. It was obvious that there is a special bond between these two and it was a joy to see what a wonderful new life this little dog from an overcrowded shelter in California has now.

That’s it for this week!

Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at












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This Week’s Featured Adoptable Dogs @ Willamette Humane Society by Martha Russell

Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

It has been a fantastic week for adoptions of young dogs, old dogs, big dogs, little dogs. In fact there was a total of seventeen dog adoptions! Ten of them were Blog Dogs. I was especially happy on Sunday because I was there when several of my favorites’ families came to take them home and so I was able to say goodbye and snap some pictures. Here are the ten Blog Dogs who are now happily settled with their new families.

Page_2 Page_1 Page_4 Page_3 Page_5

Staff member Cassidy sent me these sweet pictures of Titan, Abby, and Chester with their new people.


Chester adoption

On Sunday I got to see Isabella leave with her new people. They were totally smitten with her. They are calling her Izzy. And as they left, Laura, Izzy’s new mom, turned to me and said, “Thank you for loving her.”

DSCN4351 DSCN4360

A little later I got to see Bella go home. She had been in foster with volunteer Laura and had done so well. Now it was time for a forever family of her own. I made Cassidy, who processed the adoption, get in the picture, too. 🙂

DSCN4347 DSCN4349

I was over the moon when I met Champ’s new person, Steve. He promised me updates and I can’t wait. I was so touched that Steve even brought a ramp for Champ to use to get into the truck to go home. It took three of us to coax the boy to go up it, but once in the truck, he was one happy camper! He seemed to know he was going home!

DSCN4315 DSCN4324 DSCN4330And a final note on Champ. I got this update after his first night in his new home.  “He is doing grand, so sweet and mellow. All the dogs are doing great together. We love him already.” And his name is now Chance.





Sunday’s play group was fun with lots of talk. Champ knew that he was soon going home and wanted to make sure he had everything ready to go.


Meanwhile, Dobie, a very energetic four-year-old Doberman Pinscher, loved being free in the Rough and Rowdy yard.


Likewise, but not quite as fast, here are Cinders and Miss Patty in the Mellow Dog Yard.


Lenny, a seven-year-old Dachshund, just wanted attention from volunteer Ali.


And then he had a question for me.


In another play yard, Nico and his BFF, little Graceland (staff member Jessi’s pup), romped happily together. Nico has improved so much since volunteer Linda has been working with him. He’s a great boy!

DSCN4147   DSCN4150 Page_2 Page_1 Page_3



I was here as a puppy. I’m back now.

I first wrote about Nellie when she was here last June as a Pit Bull Terrier puppy in Junior Trainers Camp. Here she was with her trainer Mary Jo. Nellie was quickly adopted but was surrendered last week.


She’s grown up some, and here she was Sunday with Diane.

DSCN4460Nellie is now a ten-month-old, fifty-one pound youngster who is happy, playful, and full of life. She had a great time romping in play group on Sunday. She is looking for an active and patient family which is willing to fine tune her potty training (she needs consistency) and who has the patience to teach her what to chew and not chew, as she can be a little mouthy in her anticipation to meet the world. With the proper training and understanding, Nellie will grown into a wonderful family dog.





I’m in a foster home now and doing great! Want to adopt me?

Last week I wrote about sweet Miracle, a four-year-old Boxer/Dalmatian mix who was terribly shy and uneasy. Here she was with Wendi last Sunday. She had such a worried look in her brown eyes and tucked her tail.

DSCN3885Then a wonderful thing happened. Volunteer Laura (who had fostered Springer, then Bella until they were each adopted) took Miracle home. I was so happy to get this report yesterday.

“I have Miss Miracle here (we’re calling her Mira as Miracle is way too long for a dog name!) She’s incredibly sweet and not as shy and unsocialized as you would think (once you get her out of the shelter!) She LOVES other dogs. Great with cats and kids. Almost seems potty trained (by some miracle-haha!), walks nicely on leash. Just needs some confidence-building to be a very solid dog.”

Laura feels Miracle really needs to live with another dog so she can build her own confidence about being a dog. She is loving playing with Laura’s dog, Barry. Laura writes: “You know that old cartoon of the older tolerant dog and the small young  dog bouncing around him? Miracle is the young one to my dog. She is a completely different dog around Barry.”

Look how relaxed Miracle looks in Laura’s home.

10811502_10152813276331462_1361427529_n MiracleWe’re hoping for the perfect person to come along and adopt this beautiful girl.




What do you mean I’m a little guy?!

As you saw in the play group cartoons, Lenny is a “people dog.” That isn’t to say he isn’t a “dog dog,” because he is. His best friend was Chester who got adopted a few days ago. He enjoys play group, but his favorite place to be is in a person’s lap. He also doesn’t mind cats. He would probably do best with older children, a little ones can make him nervous. Lenny is a seven-year-old Dachshund mix. Here he was on Sunday with Rayne.

DSCN3705 DSCN3707




The Best Story EVER!

There was once a dog. Her name was Cassidy and she was a seven-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix. She wasn’t pretty. She always looked worried. She had been found as a stray wandering the streets in California and was transported by the S.T.A.R.T. team to WHS, arriving on December 2, 2012. She came with ear infections, skin issues, and a gentle, loving personality. She went to foster care to recover from her health problems and then was put up for adoption. She waited and waited. And while she waited, she won the hearts of everyone at the shelter who spent any time with her, including volunteer Sarah. We all worried that no one would adopt her.

dscn9278 dscn9288Finally, in March of 2013, Cassidy was adopted and everyone was thrilled as we told her goodbye. Time passed. Volunteer Sarah became staff member Sarah. A new volunteer, Marianne, started walking dogs and soon was coming several times a week and helping wherever she was needed. Marianne had two dogs and two cats and though she loved many of the dogs who arrived at WHS, she would always say she was “at capacity” in terms of animals of her own. Then last Friday, November 7th, Cassidy was surrendered back to our shelter. I was sad that she was back, but happy to see that she was still the same gentle old soul, now nine years old and with a grayer face. And I worried again if she would be adopted. Here she was on Sunday with Diane.

Cassidy2 Cassidy1

Can you guess the rest of the story? Marianne was just going to take Cassidy home for a short respite. Here are some of the pictures she took.


One day turned into two and Marianne started saying things like, “I don’t think I can take her back to the shelter.” Then she emailed me last night, “Cassidy may be my undoing. I can’t stand to look at her without wanting to give her the life she deserves.” So on Thursday, this very lucky and deserving old girl will officially get the best forever home she could ever wish for. And that’s the rest of the story! Needless to say, I will get updates on this very special adoption.



I just arrived! Who’s ready for an adventure?

Oh my. This beauty is nine-month-old Koda, an Alaskan Husky/Shepherd mix. He weighs in at 75 pounds and, no surprise here, this youngster is active! He was surrendered just as I was about to leave on Sunday afternoon. He will need a secure fence, as he loves to go on adventures. He is house-trained, knows several commands, and to my amazement, took my treats very gently. I have a feeling this boy will be adopted very quickly! Francis enjoyed meeting this handsome character.

DSCN4484 DSCN4480DSCN4475




Happy-go-lucky should be my middle name!

Yep, this smiling dog is Goodwin, a six-year-old German Shepherd/Lab mix that Jolene has fallen for. This boy is always happy and eager to do anything you want to do. He is treat-motivated and fun-loving, so training will not only be a blast, but easy, too. Goodwin is smart, affectionate, and did I say happy? We hope a family looking for a bundle of energy and excitement will find him soon.

DSCN4421 DSCN4417




Did you know that November is Adopt a Senior Pet month? How about adopting me?

Petey is an eleven-year-old 13-pound Miniature Dachshund. He gets along with other small dogs, cats, and older kids. He has the cutest little prance as he walks and is a happy guy. His one problem is house-training, but with consistency, this would improve. He’s a snuggler and a lap dog. He’s looking for a retirement home where he can be taken for leisurely strolls around the neighborhood, then curl up with his person in the evening. I’m hoping this sweet boy will find a forever home soon. Here he is with Caroline on Sunday. And did I mention that November is Adopt a Senior Pet month?






I’m still here! I’m waiting and I’m a great dog!

Oden is over his cold and out of ISO, which makes him and us very happy. Oden is a one-year-old pup who is full of excitement and love. He would make a great hiking or jogging partner. He is treat-motivated and a quick learner. He does very well with other dogs, but not with cats. He walks well on leash, likes car rides, and is house-trained. He’d love to come to training classes to learn more. Oden is terrific young dog just waiting for his new family. I hope they come soon. He had a great time with Tyler on Sunday.






Did I mention that November is Adopt a Senior Pet month?

Kane is a 12-year-old Red Nose American Pit Bull Terrier who is a cuddly teddy bear disguised as a dog. This gentle soul likes everyone and in return everyone at the shelter has fallen in love with Kane. He goes to play group and wants everyone to get along. He goes for walks and likes to stop for belly rubs. He is simply perfect and is waiting for a home in which to spend his retirement years. At the moment, Kane is recovering from a cold and is the ISO kennels, but that doesn’t mean he can’t get adopted! Let’s get this wonderful dog his forever home! Jolene is one of his many fans.





Emelynn’s Pick of the Week!

Today Emelynn fell hook, line, and sinker for a clown of a dog, Bubba, a four-year-old Purebred English Bulldog. Bubba is quite the character around the shelter. He gets along with everyone and loves play group. He likes to ride in a car, is house-trained, affectionate and ready to go on any adventure you choose. At 70 pounds, this big lug is light on his feet and likes to prance rather than walk. Usually he has a big grin, however, today he was wearing a “donut” after just having been neutered, and he wasn’t thrilled. We are sure that this goofy boy will be adopted soon!

DSCN4761 DSCN4751 DSCN4757 DSCN4781 DSCN4787




We’re new here. We’d like to stay together, will you adopt both of us?

I met two new pups today and had to tell you about them. Here are Sunny and Luckee, nine-month-old Rottweiler/Shepherd mixes. They are house-trained and good with dogs, cats, and kids. They would be great as first-time dogs for a family. They are gentle and took my treats so politely. They know several commands and walked nicely on leash. Emelynn and Caroline took them to a yard where they happily romped with each other. While they don’t have to be adopted together, I’m hoping that they will be. They are not only sisters, but best friends and oh, so cute!

Sunny, LuckeeDSCN4551




We have some fantastic updates for this week!


“Here are pictures of Akeio, newly named “Steiner.” He’s happy and learning things quickly.”


“Abby is adjusting to her new home quite well. We are so pleased she chose to adopt us as her family! She has a large family with three adults, three teenagers, a 5 year old boy, and even a large cat! Abby really enjoys going on walks in the big yard with her new family, and had a chance to meet some of the neighbors while taking inventory of all the new smells her neighborhood has to offer! She loved meeting her human sister for the first time last night, who was so happy she cried when we told her Abby was now forever home with us. Sister is wonderful! Her favorite spots in the house so far are on the big couch in front of the picture window (so many wonderful things to see!) and cuddling on her new parents’ large comfy bed. She spent her first night fast asleep after a long day cuddled up with them. She is not too pleased about the stairs in the house, but if she’s following her new parents around or checking on her new siblings she thinks it’s worth it; it’s great exercise too!  Today we are going shopping and finding some toys that are appropriate for Abby’s retired lifestyle; she of course will have a chance to pick them out herself.  Abby is a great addition to our family and we have so much love for her. We are so glad she has accepted us into her life! Later…She is doing really well! We took her to the pet store this evening and got her a few toys and some cow ears (she ate one tonight and LOVED it!). She won the hearts of the ferrets at Petco as well as everyone she met. Oh, and she ran a bit today with my daughter (well jogged, neither of them are really into running).”



For those of you who have been long-term readers of my blog, you know how much I loved Emma and will remember her amazing rescue story. (You can read about it by typing “Emma” into the search box). I am so grateful that her family keeps in touch with me. Here is the latest. Emma’s fans will be so happy to see how healthy she looks! I can’t wait to see her again!

“Things are awesome. Emma is an awesome dog. I would like to meet you and bring Emma and my boys so you can see Emma is truly loved… all three boys love her. Thank you again for everything.”

And on that extremely happy update, that’s it for this week!

Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at


















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This Week’s Featured Adoptable Dogs @ Willamette Humane Society by Martha Russell

Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

We may not have had a large number of dog adoptions in the past week (10), but three of them were long-term favorites of many, including me, and we are thrilled that they have finally found their forever homes. More on them a little later. Here are the Blog Dogs who were adopted during the last week.

Page_3 Page_1 Page_2

And now a word from three of them.


And here is Oscar/Springer and his new people.

SpringerUpdate: Just got this from his foster after Oscar’s first night in his new home: “Just got a call from new mom and she says he did great last night and they are in love already!”





With the cooperation of staff and dedicated volunteers, WHS now has play groups six days a week! This was our goal after the Aimee Sadler training and we made it. Play groups are incredibly good for the dogs in relieving shelter stress and great for staff and volunteers as a way to better evaluate each dog in a setting other than inside a kennel or during a brief behavior evaluation. Sunday morning was busy, but I did get a chance to overhear some interesting conversation.

Chester, a nine-year-old Basset Hound mix, did his best for my picture, but didn’t quite get what I meant.

Page_02Lucy decided to demonstrate.


When volunteer Harmony and I were trying to get better pictures of Cinders, little Boo Boo felt ignored.


Meanwhile in the Rough & Rowdy side, Blossom (adopted the next day) tried to impress Love Bug with her athletic skills.





Hello. I’m a gentle giant hoping for a new family who will love me.

I know what you’re thinking…that I fall in love with almost every dog I meet at the shelter. Well, you’re right, but wait. There are some whose personality and back story are grabbers, such as Champ. While I was taking pictures of new dogs on Sunday afternoon, this beautiful boy was surrendered. His owner, since Champ was a puppy, had died. Champ is a ten-year-old Siberian Husky mix. He is a gentle giant at 103 pounds. He walks perfectly on leash, is house-trained, and gets along with other dogs and doesn’t pay any attention to cats. He took my treats politely and enjoyed the attention that Diane and I gave him. This lovely old dog is looking for a quiet retirement home, leisurely walks, and a person to love and curl up next to in the evening. Both Diane and I totally fell in love with this sweet boy. Let’s get him a great home quickly so he doesn’t have to stay in the shelter for long. Calling lovers of older dogs!

DSCN3791DSCN3784Here this sweet boy was today with Steve. He seemed to be feeling sad.





It’s a miracle that I’m here in Oregon. Oh, and my name is Miracle, too.

I met this shy girl on Sunday, also. Miracle is a recent transfer to us from an overcrowded shelter in California through our S.T.A.R.T. partner, so we don’t know her history. She is recovering from a cold at the moment, so is in the ISO kennels, but still very much available for adoption. Miracle was fearful at first when Wendi and I met her, but she slowly started to warm up as we spoke softly to her and she began to take the hot dog bits I offered her. The worried look in her eyes didn’t leave, however. Miracle is a Dalmatian/Boxer mix and we think she is about four years old. She would do best in a calm, quiet home with either adults only or one with older children. We’re hoping her forever family will find her very soon.






I’m a very happy girl and you would be lucky to adopt me! Did I convince you?

I’ve been waiting for this cheery gal to be available for adoption and this week she is. Meet Oswin, a two-year-old Lab/Siberian Husky mix who can hardly hold in her excitement about life. She is looking for a family who is active and who will continue training classes that she has taken and loved. She needs a family with older children, as little ones make her nervous. She also shouldn’t live with cats or any small furry animals, as she likes to play chase. Oswin has been in play group and does well with some dogs, but is picky about her playmates, so will need to have a shelter dog-meet with any dog she would live with, and it shouldn’t be a dog who is smaller than she. Oswin walks great on leash, she is treat-motivated and loves to learn new things. She is affectionate and loves to go on adventures. She will make the right family a wonderful companion. She enjoyed spending time with Jolene last week.


And here she is with Jeff on Sunday.





I’m told I am a very handsome boy and I’m looking for a home.

This is Houdini, a two-year-old, 60-pound Pit Bull Terrier mix, one of our newly arrived California S.T.A.R.T. dogs. He was surrendered when his person went off to college. This boy is friendly, smart, and treat-motivated. He will be a breeze to teach new skills to. He was feeling a little uncertain in his new state and I couldn’t get him to smile no matter what crazy sounds I made. As you can see by his expressions, he wasn’t impressed by my silliness. He is active and will need a family with older kids or just adults who will continue with his training. He can be a little possessive of his toys, so will need some training on that issue. But he has great potential and could surely use a loving family. He has very sincere eyes. Here he is with Francis.


DSCN3670 DSCN3678




My name is Lucy. I’m a good girl, but am stressed here at the shelter.

Lucy is a two-year-old Collie/Australian Shepherd mix. I wrote about her last week and was certain that she would be adopted by now, since she is the whole package. She walks politely on leash, takes treats gently, knows several commands, plays fetch, and gets along with other dogs. On Sunday I felt sorry for this sweetheart, as she is showing signs of stress being in the shelter environment. She isn’t smiling as much and seems sad. I’m really hoping she’ll be adopted very soon, she’s such a wonderful dog. Here she was with Wendi.

DSCN3656She did, however, become interested in Wendi’s treats after the interview.

Page_03Page_04 Page_05




Emelynn’s Pick of the Week!

We first met Isabella last Wednesday, shortly after she arrived at WHS. She is a one-year-old Blue Healer mix. She was surrendered due to the health of her owner and she was very scared by all the new sounds and activity of the shelter. Emelynn took her outside and, after a walk, the two of them sat down together for a long time. You could see Isabella visibly start to relax and settle leaning on Emelynn. After awhile, Emelynn started to read and that was fine with Izzy.

DSCN3555 DSCN3535 DSCN3529

Both Emelynn and I were relieved to find out the next day that Isabella was spending some time at foster Jolene’s house. Here’s what Jolene sent me about her stay.

“Isabella is a wonderful, little dog.  She has been with me a week or so because kennel life was stressful to her.  She is young, full of energy and very smart. With that, she would do well with Frisbees, balls, being a jogging partner or running on the beach or taking hikes.  She would do well with a family with kids and cats who are comfortable with her and want to play, exercise and train with her in a nice-sized back yard.  Before she came to me, she did not have too much time spent with other dogs, and had to meet my four large dogs.  She seemed understandably hesitant, but did do fine with them.  I gave her a little extra time with each one and then added one more at a time.  She did well, but never having a chance to meet other dogs, she was unsure how to play.  She is relaxing around them and learning.  More socializing with dogs will make her a more comfortable, relaxed dog in different situations.   She loves to be with people and snuggle.  She is house trained and rides well in a car. She knows sit, down, come, and stay. She sleeps in a crate and is an excellent walker on a leash and will look up at you to check in and get direction.  She wants to play and learn and will be a good family watch dog.”

Here are a couple of pictures Jolene sent.

IMG_1486[1] IMG_1490[1] Isabella is a terrific girl. We are so hoping she will be found by her forever family quickly.




Everyone at the shelter thinks I’m very special. You will, too!

Titan has won the heart of just about everybody he meets. I mean, just look at this face!

DSCN3127Titan is an eight-year-old Shar-Pei mix. Here he was with Ian on Sunday.


DSCN3132 DSCN3124If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that volunteer Marianne falls in love with just about every dog she meets. (Yes, I know that sounds familiar!) However, some dogs climb right into her heart and don’t let go. Titan is one of those special dogs. So Marianne had no choice but to take him home for a respite. Here is her report with pictures.

“What a fantastic dog. Please help me find him a home. Titan is house-trained, great with my two mellow dogs, does not get on furniture unless invited, LOVES to play with toys, gets SUPER excited to go for a walk, is very polite, and knows commands like sit, stay, shake, down, go to your bed. He rides wonderfully in the car and was really good for his bath last night. Shar-Peis can be quite aloof and somewhat grumpy—NOT Titan. He is affectionate, and when he is happy his tail wags his whole body. He loves to be petted, and wants to be near his human, but not in a clingy way. Dogs like Titan don’t come along every day. I’m so lucky to have him at my house for a few days.”

10387043_10204364996617276_3000376171171739831_o 1374133_10204360889434599_1097586818013083318_n10475263_10204361123400448_897124829074349827_nSo…who wants to adopt this wonderful guy?

Marianne brought him back to the shelter today. She and Caroline took him for a walk.





 I’m just a pup! Will you take me home?

I don’t usually feature youngsters, as they get adopted very quickly, but I’m making an exception for this cutie. His name is Trevor and he is a five-month-old Pit Bull Terrier mix who is another California S.T.A.R.T. dog. We do know that he was found as a stray. He doesn’t seem to have had much socialization with other dogs or people, so is a bit shy at first, but warms up quickly and gets along with other dogs. He’s learning to walk on a leash and he’s working on some commands. This little guy (40 pounds) is going to grow up into a big boy and training classes now will ensure he becomes a great family dog. I don’t think it will take long for this pup to worm his way into an adopter’s heart. Here he was on Sunday with Jolene.





I’m still here waiting for my right family fit!

I’ve written about Nico several times before. He is an Australian Kelpie/Pit Bull Terrier mix. He is two years old and weighs about 50 pounds. He’s been at WHS since July. He’ll need a home with experienced owners but no cats. Nico loves people and is hoping just the right family will find him. Volunteer Linda has been spending time with this eager, smart boy, working on his manners. Here they were on Sunday during training.


Nico was the first dog I took out this afternoon and was I ever impressed with his improvement! He was very polite in his kennel and when we exited and reached a door, he sat on command and waited for permission to pass through. Once on our walk, he was excellent on leash, never pulling; he checked in with me often. I found it curious, though, that he chose to walk on the railroad ties rather than on the path.

DSCN3914We stopped every so often for a couple of hot dog bits.

Page_2And sometimes just to relax and talk.

Page_4Nico is a good dog. He has some special needs (no cats, no fences he can climb), but he is smart, eager, and highly trainable. We all hope the right person will find this deserving boy soon.





I know I’m not young, but I will cheer you up when you’re down and listen to you tell me about your day…every day.

This is Jack and he is 12 years old. His owner had to surrender him because of declining health and Jack is hoping for a new person to love. He is a Jack Russell mix and one of the calmest, nicest dogs I’ve ever met. He will make someone a wonderful companion for a long time. He has won the hearts of everyone at the shelter including Marla’s. She enjoyed spending time with this gentle soul today.



That’s it for this week!

Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at



















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This Week’s Featured Adoptable Dogs @ Willamette Humane Society by Martha Russell

Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

It was a busy week at Willamette Humane Society culminating in the annual Bowser’s Boo Bash fundraiser on Saturday evening. It was a sold-out affair and loads of fun for over 500 WHS supporters. I was thrilled to finally meet Steve Spiro and René Ruston, two of the three co-founders of the incredible S.T.A.R.T. organization which has transported so many wonderful dogs from overcrowded shelters in California to us and other rescues. They came to support WHS and to see where many of “their dogs” have landed on their way to forever homes. (Yes, I’m the purple crayon.)


I was also excited to see Jeremy and Mandy from Sevadog, a phenomenal rescue/training team which has successfully helped us with some of our dogs having  challenging issues. (Yep, purple crayon again.)


See this group of very happy people? What do they all have in common? They are  amazing animal rescuers who spent the evening supporting WHS.

DSC_0198Back row – L to R
Jeremy, Mandy, René, Steve, Aimee (Riverside Shelter), Suzanna (Steve’s wife), Jen (WHS Shelter Operations Director), Lori (Hands, Paws & Hearts Rescue).

Front row – L to R
Amy (S.T.A.R.T. driver), Sue (S.T.A.R.T. driver), Vicki (Hands, Paws & Hearts Rescue).

As usual, I took a lot of pictures so you could see what a terrific evening we had. I’ll let you know how much money was raised next week.





We had 17 wonderful dog adoptions last week, of which nine were Blog Dogs. Here they are:

Page_3 Page_1





We got to go to Bowser’s Boo Bash!

Two of our shelter dogs, Sarah and Frankie, attended the Bash as well as the humans. Both were great sports and got lots of attention.

Sarah is a six-year-old Lab/German Shepherd mix, who has been waiting for a month for a new home. She loves people but is not fond of other dogs or cats, so she would do best as the only pet in the home. She weighs 84 pounds. We volunteers have become very fond of this older girl and hope she will be found by her forever family soon. Here she was at Bowser’s with volunteer Allison.


Frankie is a newbie who has quickly won the hearts of everyone he’s met. He’s a three-year-old Lab/Pug mix (seriously!). He is a gentle, friendly, guy and is house-trained. When we brought him to play group on Sunday, he was somewhat overwhelmed by the bigger, rough and rowdy characters, so we moved him to the calm/smaller dog side and he was very happy. Frankie did very well at Bowser’s with volunteer Ashtyn and was quite a little celebrity.

DSC_0064 DSC_0066

After all of the excitement on Saturday night, Franky settled down with Ian Sunday afternoon. We’re hoping this little guy gets a forever home very soon.





Yep, I have big ears and a big heart!

Jolene spent some time with Bella on Sunday afternoon. Bella is a five-year-old Dutch Shepherd mix. She is a happy girl with lots of energy so will do well in an active family. She has a good history with kids, but with her enthusiasm, she would do best with older children. Bella walks well on leash and took my treats politely. She would be a great candidate for training classes and a quick study. She is house-trained and spent some time in a foster home where she got along well with two other dogs. Bella will be a great family dog!






I got to go on a respite!

Nico, one of our long-termers, got to go for an adventure with volunteers Jill and Caitlin last week. Nico is an Australian Kelpie/Pit Bull Terrier mix. He is two years old and weighs about 50 pounds. He’s been at WHS since July. He’ll need a home with experienced owners with no cats. Nico loves people and is hoping just the right family will find him. Here are some pictures from his fun outing.

“Here are a few pictures I took of Nico and Caitlin on 10/24, when we took him on a short respite to a couple of parks. He was really good and I hope he enjoyed the walk. That sweet boy so deserves a home!” – Jill

20141024_102643 20141024_102712 20141024_091452 20141024_091358





I have a bit of a cold, but I’m getting better and you can still adopt me!

Volunteer Francis gave the dogs who are in the ISO kennels (because they are getting over colds) some time on Sunday. Here he is with Oden, a one-year-old pup who is full of excitement and love. Oden would make a great hiking or jogging partner. He is very treat-motivated and is a quick learner. He does very well with other dogs, but not with cats. He walks well on leash, loves car rides, and is house-trained. He’d love to come to training classes to learn more—like crate training, so he won’t chew on things he shouldn’t. Oden is a terrific young dog just waiting for his new family. I hope they come soon.






I’m new here, but Martha thinks I won’t be here long!

I was anxious to meet two newbies today and what a joy they both are! The first dog I spent time with was Blossom, a three-year-old Bulldog mix. I took her out to get pictures for the WHS website with Marianne’s help. We both instantly loved this big-headed girl, but try as I might, I couldn’t get her to smile.

DSCN3458So, after taking a slew of serious shots, we said good-bye to Marianne and headed out to spend some time in the big yard. She walks perfectly on leash, and as we went, I took a few more pictures just because.


But after about the third shot, I got this look.


Once in the yard, Blossom blossomed! What a difference a walk makes!

DSCN3475 DSCN3487Blossom is such a great dog! Besides walking perfectly on leash, she is treat-motivated, but takes them gently, so she’ll be a great student as she learns new skills. This will be necessary, since at this point, Blossom knows nothing! We started working on “sit” this afternoon. But what a joy training this sweetheart will be!




Yep, I seem to be the perfect dog. Just ask Martha!

The second newbie I met was Lucy, a two-year-old Collie/Australian Shepherd mix. And yes, she does seem to be perfect. She walks politely on leash, takes treats gently, knows several commands, plays fetch, and gets along with other dogs. Here she is with Joan today.

DSCN3550I played fetch with her for a long time, but she would have continued for who knows how long. Not only did she return the ball to me, she dropped it at my feet. And if I didn’t pick it up right away, she would pick it up and drop it again to let me know it was there.


Besides “sit,” she also knows “down.” This beautiful dog will make a wonderful companion and I’m sure she will find her forever home very quickly!







Remember Tad, the loveable Pointer?


He was adopted by Ashleigh, WHS Foster and Rescue Coordinator. I was so happy when she sent this update.

“It’s been a year since we adopted Tad from WHS – and we couldn’t be happier with him! We honestly do not understand how he landed himself in a shelter – other than being the average crazy Pointer.  It has been (and will continue) to be quite the adventure having Tad in our home but we wouldn’t have it any other way!”


“This summer, we spent a lot of time playing in the river. He has learned the joys of underwater diving. He literally puts his whole head under water to retrieve sticks and other things off the bottom. Always gives us a good laugh!”


“He is doing so well off leash! Such a smart, attentive boy. Of course this all goes out the window when we see those tweety birds :)”


“Kongs are one of his (and my) favorite toys. Right now, we are stuffing them with pumpkin and peanut butter! Goodness, he loves them!”


“We also took Tad on his first pheasant hunt. First time out, and he got a bird! So, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t teach an old dog a new trick. So proud of our boy.”


 “And last… He was really unsure about these big orange things we brought into the home. Haha :)”
Bryce & Ashleigh




Girly Girl/GiGi

Girly Girl arrived at WHS last August in pretty rough shape. Her nails were overgrown and she had a dirty coat with lots of tangled mats. Here’s how she looked then. I remember feeling very sorry for her. I was so happy when she was adopted in just a few days of arriving.


Last week I got this update on Girly Girl. What a difference love makes!

“I adopted Girly Girl (now called GiGi) on August 17th.  She is a Toy Poodle/Terrier mix and was an owner relinquish.  She was a mess when I brought her home.  At 4 years old, she had just been spayed, lost two teeth in the dental cleaning, and her hair and skin needed TLC. Her vet exam the first week she was home revealed a probably collapsing trachea and a luxating right rear patella.  She responded well to treatment. I spent hours brushing and cutting out mats.  She was already so bonded with me.  In fact, everyone in my apartment building commented on how quickly she bonded with me. Her first professional grooming went very well and people cannot believe she is the same dog I originally brought home.  She is so adorable and sweet.  I just had her certified as an emotional support dog for my PTSD.  She loves traveling in the car and going everywhere with me. I have recommended WHS in Salem to several, even though I live in Portland, because you allow 30 days to see if the animal is a fit.  In our case, we needed all that time and thankfully she is a perfect fit. I recall Marie conducting the paper work and Marianne showing her to me in the observation room.  I definitely would like them to know how happy we both are.
Thank you,

And look at her now!

This picture was taken a month after her adoption, before professional grooming, but after hours of Kaaren’s brushing.

IMG_1812 IMG_1837 IMG_1852That’s it for this week!

Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at

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