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Naughty Dog Cluster
After attending our humans-only Dog Smart class today, one woman said to me, “We’ve been attending (another facility) for months and we learned more today,  in your class, than we’ve learned that entire time. We can’t wait to bring our dog to your dog classes and we only wish we’d found you sooner!”  I’m thrilled they were pleased and that we helped to get them off to a better start with their dog. At WHS, we are committed to preventing relinquishments that are often due to frustration at annoyance behaviors or the perception that behavior can’t be changed. Behavior can be changed! Every dog can learn new things -at any age! And, we’re here to help you learn how. Beyond that, training in our classes will make you love your dog more!
Did you know that it’s been proven that the more time you spend with your dog, having fun and learning new things together, the more you’ll enjoy being with one another! It’s absolutely true and it makes sense, doesn’t it? When you do fun things with people, don’t you want to be with those people more? Why wouldn’t it be true about your relationship with your dog? And, it’s a two-way street.
Your dog has opinions, too, about how he learns best, and our methods are supported by rock-solid science of learning theory, using the kind of training that is not only fast and easy, but fun for you AND the dog. You won’t have to frighten or intimidate your dog in any way to change his behavior for the better.  Come to a Dog Smart class and hear all about our methods and class offerings. The cost is only $5 and you get a coupon for $5 off any purchase in our pet supply store, Davenport’s Den.  What have you got to lose? Register by following this link.
We have a bunch of new classes starting soon – here are some highlights:
Dog Smart –This one is just for the people, so you can focus on all you’ll learn. We teach you the art and science of modern dog training, solve your urgent behavior issues and give you every bit of advice we can, in order to prep you for success on your dog training journey. This class is a pre-requisite to all other classes and is held every weekend on alternate Saturdays and Sundays.
PupStarts and Lil’Rompers – Have you got a new puppy, under 4mos old? This is your best set of classes. We strongly recommend taking both, at the same time. In PupStarts, the focus is on learning skills and socialization with people and odd sights and sounds. In Lil’Rompers, the ever-important puppy playgroup is for your puppy to learn that biting hurts and he should do less of it! Our instructor and helpers insist EVERYONE has a great time in both classes, so you can be sure that even your very tiny puppy will not be bullied or frightened.  Puppy classes are Sunday afternoons, ongoing.
Check in and Chill Out – This is the class for you if you are just getting started with your dog. In this class, you’ll learn how to teach your dog to sit, lie down, stay, walk politely on a leash and more. This is a great class for beginner dogs who need skill-building or for anyone who needs a refresher course.  Next class available is Saturdays at 11am, starting 4/18.
Tricks and Treats – This fun, 6-week class is for dogs who have the basics and just want to do more. Our new instructor, Martha Allen, enjoys helping you teach your dog, step-by-step, to ring a bell, spin, jump through a hoop, weave between the owner’s legs, sit pretty, crawl, lay on your side (play dead), paws up, shake hands (or high-5 or wave bye-bye) and put toys in a basket. That’s a lot of tricks! (I may even have to sign up for this one!) 6:30pm Tuesdays starting April 21 – only $99. A bargain, to be sure, for a 6-week class!
Register here for any (or all!) of these classes and enjoy your dog more!
(Hey Volunteers! You may qualify for a discount on classes! email us at Behavior@WHS4Pets.org to learn more!)
Don’t see what you want? Have an idea about future classes?
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