Featured Holiday Cats

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The holidays are almost here, and we have many cats that are hoping you will choose them before Santa makes his annual trip. One of the kitties I’ll tell you about this week is a long-term resident, and we’re really hoping he finds his forever fit soon.

Let’s get started.

Handsome Cat Milos

The cat pictured at the top of this blog is Milos, and he’s about 4 years old. We’re not precisely sure how old he is, as he came to the shelter without his people. But based on his size, teeth, and health, we think he’s a young adult.

When Milos was found, he was in rough condition. His paws were sore and bleeding, and he had many chipped and painful teeth. Since he was so uncomfortable, he was a little grumpy and sassy with the staff. We knew he felt bad about that, and we hoped his attitude would improve once he felt better.

Now that Milos has healed a bit, we can see what a sweetie he is. He likes to be talked to, and he enjoys to swirl around the legs of people he likes. He remains a little sensitive about touching, and he’ll sometimes give meaningful looks when he thinks you’re being a little pushy. But let him do the petting, and he’s fine.

Milos has wonderful cat manners, and he enjoys the other cats in his suite. We’re not sure how he feels about dogs.

Can he come to live with you?

Long-Time Resident Nate

Next up is 5-month-old kitten Nate. Normally, young animals leave the shelter very quickly. But Nate has been waiting since August 8, and that’s a very long time for a young guy like this. He’s hoping you can help change things around this week.

Nate is a very busy kitten, and he’s very hard to photograph. He thinks lens caps and straps are a lot of fun! He’s hoping for a home with a human that will dedicate playtime to keep his brain and body busy. Wand toys, lasers, and more will be key to keeping this guy busy.

Normally, kittens benefit from life with other kittens. They exercise one another. But Nate has been exposed to a contagious virus he can pass to other cats. He can’t give it to dogs or humans, so those companions might be okay. But he should be your only cat.

Nate isn’t just playful. He is also very affectionate, as this video makes clear.

Isn’t that sweet? We’re hoping this pretty guy gets the forever home he deserves very soon.

Big Cat Calvin

Next up is 7-year-old tabby cat Calvin. He seems shy in his kennel in the lobby, but it’s all an act. Open the door to pet him, and you’ll be greeted with plenty of rolls and cuddles. He absolutely adores people.

Calvin has been in and out the shelter a few times. The first time, he disliked the other kitty in the home. We’re not sure what happened there, as Calvin seems to like some cats. Perhaps he had a beef with one specific feline friend. As much as the family tried to help, the two didn’t get along. So Calvin came here.

This guy was adopted, but he came back due to litter box problems. He’ll use the box for most things, but he’ll sometimes aim improperly and get some items outside of the box. That wasn’t a problem in his first home.

We should mention that Calvin is a very big (read: overweight) cat. It’s hard for big guys to cram themselves into small boxes when it’s time for relief. With a larger box, he’s done fine here. He might do fine in your home with a bigger box, too. But he will need help to lose a little weight to feel his best.

Sweet Kitten Vince

Hoping to be a hero for a kitty with a rough past? Vince might be just right for you. He’s 6 months old, and he’s already been through a lot.

Vince was found in rough condition in the community, and he was rushed to an emergency veterinarian for care. He was very thin, and he wasn’t breathing well. A nasty cold, combined with very poor nutrition, were making this kitty’s life incredibly difficult.

Vince spent some time in our isolation suite at the shelter, and he went through intensive care for his cold. He started to get better, but his hair began to fall out in big clumps. Our shelter vet thinks this is due to his long period of starvation earlier in life.

So sweet Vince isn’t looking his best. He is thin, he’s missing some fur, and he has a cut on his neck. Even so, he is a delightful little fellow that loves everyone he meets. Purrs, cuddles, and sweetness define him. He’ll likely do fine in a home with other animals, as long as he has slow introductions.

Final Thoughts

That’s it for this week! If you see a cat you’re in love with, be sure to come down and say hello very soon. Cats get adopted quicker than you thought possible. And if adoption isn’t right for you, consider joining our Golden Hearts Club program! Your monthly donation will make happy endings possible. Find out more about it here.

We’re also doing something special this holiday season we’re calling Paw it Forward. Families that fall in love but can’t adopt can pay the adoption fee of an animal in need. You can pay the entire amount, or just part of it. Your donation helps the animals find the homes they need this holiday. Just come to the shelter, pick your animal to help, and the staff will help you. Thank you!