Four Featured Felines

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The holiday season draws near, and all of the shelter cats hope that Santa will bring them a new home. If you’re searching for the perfect companion, we have some really exceptional cats in the shelter right now. Let me tell you about four of them.

Long-Time Resident Witchita

The kitty at the top of this post is Witchita, and she is 3 years old. She’s appeared on this blog before, but the right family hasn’t found her quite yet. We’re hoping that this post might make a difference. She’s been waiting for a home since November 8, and that’s just too long for a sweet kitty like this to wait.

Witchita was found in a Salem neighborhood, caring for her newborn kittens. A wonderful family stepped up to feed and house the new family, and when everyone was healthy, they came here to find forever homes.

Kittens leave the shelter fast, and all of Witchita’s kittens found homes. But mom lingers. She’s not quite a kitten, so she doesn’t spark kitten joy. But she’s also not a senior. She’s in the middle, and she’s easy to ignore.

Witchita does her best to turn the tide. She runs to the front of her suite, slapping all the other cats out of the way so she can be first in line. She is pushy, and that’s not a great habit, but she hopes it will help her get noticed.

She is a very active, smart cat that wants to be in the middle of everything. She’ll do best in a similarly active home. While she can co-exist with cats, she expects to be in charge. Expect a bit of whapping. She won’t want to be BFFs with other cats. If your cats can give her space, that would be best.

Can you help this spicy cat find a happy ever after?

Stray Sweetheart Oswald

Next up is 7-year-old Oswald. We think he’s about 7 years old, and it looks like he’s had an interesting life so far. He has a lot of wisdom in those green eyes of his.

Oswald was living as a street cat, and he has some scars from his many fights through the years. He was never neutered, so he has the fat cheeks of a tom. And his poor teeth are sore, chipped, and painful. We’re thankful for the opportunity to help him feel better and become a healthier kitty.

Like many street cats, Oswald can be worried when meeting new people. He prefers that his visitors to talk with him before petting him. Watch his toes during those conversations; he’ll start kneading. Once you’ve been introduced, he does like gentle pets and pats. This guy isn’t aggressive, so bites aren’t a concern. But he can be worried and fearful, so he hides when he feels it is necessary.

Oswald will need a patient and kind family to help him transition to family life. He has a lot of love to give the right family, and due to his age, it’s likely you’ll spend a long time together. He’s worth the effort.

Calico Cat Glenna

Next up is 6-month-old calico Glenna. She has lovely long hair that she keeps in beautiful condition. Someone will be very lucky to have this supermodel as a family friend.

This pretty girl was born on a farm in Salem, and she spent her first months cuddled up with her mom and sister. A family worked to tame her, and their hard work paid off. Without it, Glenna might be fearful of new people. Because of them, she knows people are kind and gentle. This kitty loves to be petted and cuddled. She has a very loud purr that’s just wonderful to hear.

Glenna really likes other cats, and she spends most of her day grooming her suite mates. She likes kittens and older cats equally. If you have a lonely feline at home, she could be a wonderful choice for your family. She also accepts corrections nicely from grouchy cats, so even grumpy roommates might learn to co-exist with her.

We’re not sure how Glenna feels about dogs, but with the right introductions, things might be just fine.

Tiny Cat Tabitha

The last cat I’ll tell you about is Tabitha. She’s about 7 months old, and she’s a really beautiful calico cat. She dislikes the camera, so I can’t show you her coat in detail. But rest assured that this kitty is a showstopper.

Tabitha wants to sign up to be your cat’s new best friend. While she likes people and responds beautifully to both verbal and physical attention, other cats are her true passion. She’s been living in a suite, and she’s helped at least four very shy cats feel comfortable during their visit. She seeks them out, purrs to them, grooms them, and cuddles them. It’s really quite a sight to see.

Here she is with last week’s blog star, Brutus. He was adopted, and I think Tabitha had a lot to do with that. She helped him feel so comfortable.

Since Tabitha is a cat nanny, she doesn’t come up to people and ask for attention. But in her home, she was described as friendly, charming, and outgoing. She may return to that personality once she’s been adopted. But while she’s here, she works.

If you have a lonely kitty at home, come take home this sweet nanny cat. You’ll never regret it.

Final Thoughts

That’s it for this week! If you see a cat you’re in love with, be sure to come down and say hello very soon. Cats get adopted quicker than you thought possible. And if adoption isn’t right for you, consider joining our Golden Hearts Club program! Your monthly donation will make happy endings possible. Find out more about it here.

We’re also doing something special this holiday season we’re calling Paw it Forward. Families that fall in love but can’t adopt can pay the adoption fee of an animal in need. You can pay the entire amount, or just part of it. Your donation helps the animals find the homes they need this holiday. Just come to the shelter, pick your animal to help, and the staff will help you. Thank you!