Fred Meyer Community Rewards

Donate to the Willamette Humane Society while shopping at Fred Meyers!

Fred Meyer Community RewardsYou are now able to link your Rewards Card to donate to WHS every time you shop at Fred Meyer by clicking on the image above and registering your card.

Last calendar quarter, 154 WHS supporters raised $835.72 for animals at the shelter just by shopping at Fred Meyer!

Search for Willamette Humane Society, or organization 87675.

If you do not have a Rewards Card, you can sign up for one at the Customer Service Desk of any Fred Meyer store.

Link Your Rewards Card to WHS
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Former Communications Manager at Willamette Humane Society
Jay served as Communications Manager at Willamette Humane Society from March 2013 - July 2016.

He loved to hear new ideas and work on projects that improve the way Willamette Humane Society provides compassionate services to pets and people.
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