#GivingMewsday: Helping Cats Settle Into a Loving Home

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When she arrived as a stray at Willamette Humane Society, seven-month-old kitten Leche knew the staff and volunteers wanted to help, but shelter life caused her a lot of stress. She was anxious during her vet exams and on edge in her kennel during her first day.
Leche needed time to adjust from life on the streets. And thanks to Willamette Humane Society’s “Let Settle” program, Leche got the quiet time she needed to fully adapt to shelter life.
She turned into the outgoing and loving kitty everyone knew she really was:

Since it began in 2015, the “Let Settle” program has given anxious, and seemingly feral, cats time to adjust before being evaluated for adoption. A total of 481 additional lives have been saved by this program in the last two years. With your help, we can expand the program and raise funds needed for renovating space and installing bright, airy kennels to make a feline’s transition more comfortable and less stressful. This new space will give cats an even better chance at settling, and being adopted quicker.
Your #GivingMewsday tax-deductible donation – the WHS take on #GivingTuesday – means cats like Leche will have the time and space they need to settle into shelter life, and eventually, their perfect home. #GivingMewsday is part of a global day of giving each year and gives you an opportunity to support the local felines in our community by giving them a happier start in their new homes.

[wppb progress=”$12700/8000″ text=”$12,699/$8,000 Raised” option=”animated-candystripe-red”]

Our goal is to raise $8,000 to help offset the cost of new kennels, supported by a generous matching gift of up to $8,000 provided by the Barbara J. Earle Trust. Can you help make it possible with a donation on Tuesday, November 28?

You did it! You raised more than $12,700 for the pets of Willamette Humane Society!