#GivingMewsday: Help us Wrangle Ringworm

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Have you ever heard of ringworm? On average, close to 70 cats test positive for ringworm each year at Willamette Humane Society. In a normal environment, the infection would clear up on its own over time.
However, in shelter environments, ringworm can be a tragic diagnosis. Most shelters don’t have the space needed to properly quarantine the cats for the weeks or months it can take them to heal.

In 2015, with donor support, Willamette Humane Society converted an isolated medical space to what is affectionately known as Ringlandia. Ringworm cats have their own special quarantine area and medical staff to help while they wait for the infection to clear up. They get a chance to find their forever family thanks to this program!
But as a program grows, so do the costs. Cats like Stanford need your help today so the Ringlandia room stays stocked and the ringworm program keeps saving lives. Join us, and your fellow animal-lovers, for #GivingMewsday as we wrangle ringworm.

How WHS is Wrangling Ringworm

Ringworm cats spend an average of seven weeks in Ringlandia. That’s 7x our normal length of stay and the costs add up fast. In the spirit of #GivingTuesday, we’re asking our community to come together and collectively raise $13,000 in just 24 hours. We believe it can be done!
The cost of the entire Ringlandia program is a hefty $51,000 per year. But we’ve broken it down into bite-sized, one-day-fundable chunks!
We’ll start at $8,000. That’s Goal #1. It’s the estimated annual cost of ringworm-related expenses for 70 cats. This includes weekly lime sulfur dips, testing, medication, medical checkups, etc. This does not include the high cost to house, care for, feed, or the cost of their spay/neuter surgeries. Which is why we’re shooting for a 3-tiered-goal! 

Goal #2 is $10,000 and covers the additional $2,000 for the food costs. Goal #3 is the big $13,000 goal, which will cover the additional $3,000 cost of spay/neuter surgeries.
You can join hundreds of donors to tackle tangible and measurable portions of this innovative program! No matter what the results, your gift makes a difference.

How to Join the #GivingMewsday Movement

Your #GivingMewsday tax-deductible donation means cats like Stanford will have care, time, and space they need to recover from ringworm. #GivingMewsday is part of a global day of giving each year and gives you an opportunity to support the local felines in our community by giving them a happier start in their new homes.

[wppb progress=”13000/13000″ text=”$14,600/$13,000 Raised” option=”animated-candystripe-red”]

Our goal is to raise $13,000 to help offset the cost of medical care, supplies, and more, supported by a generous matching gift of up to $4,00o provided by generous donor Shari Phipps.