Once You Go Black

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Once you go black… you may never adopt another color of cat again.

Did you know that black cats are usually the last to be adopted from shelters? While some people automatically think about the old superstitions as the reason for their difficulty, the issue is most often due to aesthetics.

Don’t get me wrong, because these sleek mini-panthers are beautiful and awesome, but they have to compete with all the other cats in the shelter. Maybe they’re harder to see, or hiding in the back of their kennel. Maybe the tiger-striped tabby in the kennel next door caught your eye. Maybe the active kittens meowing and climbing their kennel door across the room drew your attention and stole your heart first. Or maybe they didn’t show up as well in their profile photo online.
If you give a black cat the time of day, we guarantee that they are the same as any other cat. Some black cat owners even claim that they are more mellow or affectionate than their colorful counterparts. While there is no known scientific correlation between coat color and personality independent of breed traits, the key point is that these black cat lovers looked beyond aesthetics to learn about a cat’s temperament and personality traits.
You’ll find that some black cats will hide quietly under your bed all day until the kids go to sleep, then they’ll emerge to become the most affectionate purring love-muffins in the universe. They’ll make rare unicorn appearances that only your most fortunate friends will see.

I visited with two of our longest residents that would fit into the shy but sweet category:



[one_half last]

Other black cats like Rogue will be the take-charge John Wayne stoics of the cat world, unflappable in the face of menacing toddlers and Chihuahuas. They’ll climb right into your lap, rub their noses on you, chirp for attention, and knead the dough on your lap.

Ninja stealth is a well-known advantage black cats have over other color varieties, allowing them to stalk squeaky mouse toys and illusive laser lights like deadly holes in the night. A more practical advantage is their ability to evade the attention of predators outdoors.
The bottom line is that black cats are at a disadvantage for adoption, but make exceptional pets. You can help by taking the time to visit black cats when looking for the right cat for your family at the shelter; you’ll be glad you did, and you could save a life.
If you already love a black cat in your life, please add your photos to our Black Cat Photo Testimonials for prospective adopters to see!
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