Golden Hearts Monthly Giving

Is your heart golden? You can become a member of our Golden Hearts Club. Sign up for automatic monthly withdrawals, and your contributions will provide a consistent and reliable source of funding to provide shelter, medical care, and behavioral assistance to more than 8,000 animals along with compassionate services to more than 16,000 people annually.

Make an investment in our community. Your entire donation goes directly toward helping animals and people right here. You love pets… show them. 

You’ll also save on checks, postage, and time.  And at the end of each calendar year, you will receive a detailed report of your annual giving for tax purposes.

Examples of what your monthly contribution can provide…

  • $10 provides two Kongs for enrichment
  • $15 vaccinates and de-worms one puppy
  • $20 covers the surrender fee for one cat
  • $25 brings a humane education lesson to a classroom
  • $30 covers the surrender fee for one dog
  • $45 neuters one cat
  • $50 provides a dental cleaning for a small dog
  • $65 spays one cat
  • $75 provides for a litter of kittens for a month
  • $80 neuters one dog
  • $100 spays one dog, or provides minor surgery
  • $225 supplies one pallet of cat litter
  • $250 supports a pet from intake through adoption
  • $500 hires an animal care specialist for one week