The gift that keeps on giving!

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Hey everyone! do I have a heartwarming story to tell you!
So many of our happy stories END with an adoption, but this one BEGINS with one!
If you’ll rewind to June 17th, a sweet young pup named Quila came to Willamette Humane Society. A sweet 3 year old pit bull terrier mix girl with a serious penchant for tennis balls, she quickly became one of our funniest pups, and a source of entertainment for staff and volunteers alike. We just couldn’t understand why she wasn’t getting adopted!
It was August 4th that we realized why she hadn’t. Simply put, she hadn’t met her perfect family yet.
Her new family came in looking to find a new companion, and when they met Quila, it was a perfect match. Their 2 children got along with her great, and her new mom and dad, Amanda and Tim, thought she was perfect!
Fast forward to 3 days later, when they all came in again, this time with bags and bags of donations in tow.
Young daughter Gracelynn (who celebrate’s her 8th birthday later this month!) had been a recent and fortunate recipient of one of Salem’s own “Bennys”. (Not familiar with “Benny?” You can read about him here.)
Long story short, a local Good Samaritan has spent the last few years leaving mysterious $100.00 bills in different items in local stores, signing them only with the name Benny. To date he has given away well over $50,000 according to the Statesman Journal. Gracelynn found hers in a box of fruit snacks and immediately asked her parents to spend it on the cats at Willamette Humane Society. With pride, Amanda and Tim hopped onto our website and showed Gracelynn our wish list, and, together with brother Mason, they went to the store and “let her go crazy in the cat aisles”.
Quila had been doing so well, and had fit right in, and they felt it fitting to give back to WHS in such a way that could impact other pets waiting for their forever homes.
We are SO thankful for their generosity, and so impressed by Gracelynn’s selflessness and commitment to our mission, and the family’s love to pay it forward with Benny’s gift! What a perfect, loving family for Quila!
Happy Birthday Gracelynn!