Help Us Clear the Shelter Aug. 17

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Clear the Shelter
This Saturday, we’re holding a very special dog and cat adoption event at the shelter, and we’d like you to be a part of it. During this Clear the Shelter event, we have special adoption pricing on adult dogs and cats, and we’d like to see every available animal go home with a happy family. 
Here are the details you need to know:

  • Adoption fees are waived on adult cats. Cats 6 months and older can go home with you for no fee on Saturday. 
  • Adoption fees are half-off on adult dogs. Dogs 6 months and older can go home with you for half price on Saturday. 
  • Prices apply to adult animals in the shelter only. We have some animals (including kittens and adult cats) at offsite adoption locations. Those sites are excluded from adoption pricing. 
  • Crowds are coming! We often have long lines at these events. We don’t want to overwhelm the animals, so we’ll use a signup process. Only a few families will come into the building at a time. We’ll hand out numbers related to your place in line. If we see a long line when we arrive in the morning, we’ll hand out numbers then. If we don’t, we’ll hand out numbers at noon. 
  • We’ll take care of you. We’ll have extra bathrooms and plenty of volunteers to guide your way. 

We’re so excited about this event, and we hope you are too!
We’d like to thank our sponsors. They include ASPCA, Subaru of America, Capitol Subaru, and a generous private donor.

Adoption Event FAQs

Why a waived-fee adoption event?

Great question! Our “Clear the Shelter” weekend aims to connect animals in need with adoptive families, as well as raise awareness of pet adoption in the local community. According to an ongoing annual survey by Maddie’s Fund, the vast majority of animals adopted without a fee remained in the home, and in fact, adopters actually reported a higher attachment to the pet. It’s about making homes accessible to an animal who needs a second chance. These adopters are helping save a life—whether or not an adoption fee is paid. 

How do you make sure pets go to good homes during waived fee adoption events?

Adopting families will be required to complete Willamette Humane Society’s standard adoption application and screening requirements this weekend. Our adoption requirements do not change. We encourage the entire family to come along to meet the adoptive pet, and will still require meet-and-greets with adoptive dogs and any dogs already in the household.

What are your hours?

Willamette Humane Society is open Saturday, August 17 from 12 to 6 p.m. We will be closed on Friday, August 16.

Can I put a hold on an animal?

We will not be accepting holds on animals either prior or during the event. The shelter will be open and facilitating adoptions on Thursday. But you are encouraged to come visit the adoptable pets before the event starts!

Will shelter services be impacted on Saturday?

Due to the high value of people and pets visiting the shelter on Saturday, we will not be scheduling surrender appointments unless it is an emergency. Please give our Customer Service Team a call at 503-585-5900 for further assistance.

How was this event possible?

Adoption fees are a primary source of funding for essential shelter programs and animal care. We are incredibly grateful to the generous sponsors underwriting the adoption fees to make this event possible—including the ASPCA, Subaru of America, Capitol Subaru, and a generous private donor.