Holiday Dog Training Series

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Walking around Costco the other day, I noticed side-by-side Halloween and Christmas displays. Seems like the holidays get compressed closer and closer every year! In all of the shuffle to make costumes, stuff turkeys and wrap presents, don’t miss out on the wonderful opportunities to train your dog to prepare for all the activity and distractions! I’m going to write a series of articles in the coming weeks to help you get your canines ready for success!
Ashtyn and Dog Bowser 2014 In October, we’ll cover dog training for Halloween, and I’ll talk about how to manage the environment to keep trick-and-treaters safe as well as keep your dog relaxed. I’ll teach you how to help your dog with friendly and polite greetings and give tips for working with dogs who are just a little overwhelmed by the boogeymen in princess tiaras and tiger costumes.
In November, the relatives are coming for dinner and you’ll be happy when your dog can just chill out on a mat and keep the pumpkin pie on the counter, not on the floor, or in Fido’s tummy! Our articles and video clips will help you succeed.
Christmas Puppy In December, we’ll expand on that training to work through how to stop your dog from begging at the table and even how to perform a cute parlor trick! Of course, if you need any one-on-one coaching or group classes to assist you in your goals, we’re here! Our training coaches can meet with your privately or you can sign up for classes here. Happy Halloween and all the other Holidays from the Behavior and Training Department at WHS!