Lost and Found Pets 

At Oregon Humane Society, we believe in maintaining and enhancing the bond between pets and people. Please read the information below carefully, as it tells you just what to do next if you’ve lost or found an animal. 

Did you find a dog?

OHS Salem serves Marion and Polk Counties. Your next steps will differ, depending on where the dog came from. If the dog is a:

  • Stray dog you found in Marion County: Call 503-566-6966 to schedule a time to drop off the dog with Marion County Dog Services.  
  • Stray dog you found in Polk County: If the dog is found within the city limits of Dallas, Independence or Monmouth, call the corresponding police department. If the dog is found outside of city limits, call us at 503-585-5900, ext. 300. Please leave a message and a good number to reach you, and we will call you back.

Did you find a cat?

We want a healthy, adult cat to stay where you found it while you look for its family. Find out more here

Follow the link below to the Lost/Found Cats page. Look through reports made by people who lost their cats. If you don’t see a match, use that page to submit a report about the cat you’ve found. 

If the cat is sick or in a dangerous situation, or you’ve been monitoring and it clearly needs help, call us to make an appointment at 503-585-5900, ext. 300. 

Did you lose a pet?

Tap the buttons below to visit either the Lost/Found Dogs or Lost/Found Cats page. Someone in the community may have your missing pet, and you can use the data on those forms to get reunited. If you don’t see your pet, submit your own report. 

Next: Follow the links to the page filled with stray pets currently at the shelter. If we have your pet, follow the instructions on that page to get reunited.