Meet Adoptable Cats Artist, Gladys, Tibbles, and More

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Featured cat artist
Hello, cat lovers!
I’d like to start off this post by thanking each and every one of you that helped to make our Clear the Shelter event such an amazing success. More than 100 cats found their forever homes during the event, and more than 20 dogs went home, too!
Today, I’d like to tell you about three special cats that didn’t find their perfect fit last weekend, and I’d like to show you a sample of some of the new cats that have come to us since last week.
Let’s get started.

Meet Beautiful Cat Gladys

First up is this adorable Persian cat named Gladys. She’s a very tiny little kitty, weighing in at around 5 pounds, and all of those pounds are just as cute as can be.
Adoptable cat Gladys
Gladys is a young kitty, as she’s not quite 2 years old. The last few months have been quite difficult for her. The home she’d been living in caught fire, and while everyone emerged safely, her family had to find a new place to live. It’s very difficult to find a cat-friendly space on short notice, and when forced to choose between placing their kitties in a kennel or entrusting them to a shelter, her family made the tough choice that was best for the pets, albeit wrenching for them.
Gladys is a bit on the shy side, and these chaotic few days have been difficult for her. As a result, she tends to hide from her visitors. She often looks like this.
Gladys hiding
But don’t mistake her grumpy face for anger. This is just how this sweet girl looks, and she is more than happy to accept attention from her visitors. Like most Persian kitties, she especially enjoys scratches beneath the chin. Pet her there and you’ll have a friend for life.
Gladys being petted
Gladys gets along nicely with other cats (more on that in a minute), but we’re not sure how well she will do in a home with dogs. Gentle dogs that don’t chase her might be okay. And her family will need to keep up with grooming demands. Gladys will need her face wiped each day, and she’ll need frequent brushing sessions too.

Meet Another Persian: Tibbles

Gladys came to the shelter with her brother, who is adorably named Tibbles. Like his sister, this is a young cat that has been through a lot. When I first met him on Tuesday, he was a little too shy to say hello to his visitors. Today, he seems to have changed his mind.
Adoptable cat Tibbles
Tibbles is sporting a lion cut at the moment, so he isn’t as fluffy as he might be otherwise. But he is dealing with some very weepy eyes that are marring his gorgeousness. This is very common in Persian cats, and again, a family that adopts a cat like this will need to be prepared to keep keep those kitty eyes and the adorable face clean.
Tibbles is a very friendly little kitty that also enjoys a bit of chin scratching.
Tibbles being petted
We also don’t know if he has experience with dogs or children. But he seems like a brave and inquisitive little guy who might be able to adjust to almost anything with the proper time and kindness from his family.
These two cats are gorgeous, young, and friendly. As a result, they’re unlikely to stay in the shelter for long. If you’re interested in them, come see them soon!

Take Home Friendly, Sweet Cat Artist

Next up is a sweet little kitty that somehow got overlooked during the event last weekend. His name is a mouthful (and hilarious): The Artist Formerly Known as Prince. Like his namesake, this kitty has some amazing moves. It’s not uncommon to see him stretching out on his hind legs, hoping to entice people to visit with him in his suite.
Siamese cat Artist
Artist came to us when his owner grew very ill and couldn’t care for this kitty any longer. It was a hard transition for this older guy. He’s 13 years old, and this is the time of his life when he should be curled up on the lap of the people he loves. Instead, he finds himself in a shelter, hoping someone will choose him.
There are plenty of exceptional reasons to choose this particular cat. Artist gets along nicely with other cats, including pushy cats that shove him out of the way in order to eat or visit with people. This tolerant nature will serve him well in a multi-cat home. Artist also really enjoys sitting on laps, so people looking for a lap kitty might really enjoy this guy.
Flame point siamese
This is also an exceptionally beautiful flame-point siamese cat with pale blue eyes. He really loves to have his photo taken, and I can see him being a really wonderful Instagram model. If you’ve been searching for social media fame, this might be the right cat for you.

Older Kitties You May Have Missed

Both of the cats I’m about to tell you about have been featured on the blog before, but they were both overlooked during the event last weekend. I’m hoping they’ll both go home this week.
First up is Falkor. He achieved a sort of social media fame in Salem last week, with plenty of people talking about how lovely he is. And yet, he wasn’t chosen by the right family. He’s not depressed about this; he remains as friendly and kind as he always has been. But all of us in the shelter keep hoping he’ll go home very soon.
Russian blue Falkor
Falkor is 16 years old, and he gets along very nicely with other cats. He will need a special diet to control allergies, and he’ll need soft food (he only has one tooth left in that pretty mouth of his). Can you help?
Next is Louisiana. This 16-year-old sweetie appeared on the cat blog last week, but he wasn’t ready to pose for photos at that time. This week, a lot has changed. We had a lovely photo shoot today. Look closely and you can see his little teeth poking out beneath his upper lip.
Adoptable black cat
Louisiana is a very friendly little kitty who desperately wants a lap to sit on. As soon as you sit down, he will try to make a move for your lap. If you’re standing, he will gently paw at your hip to get you to sit down. This is honestly one of the sweetest cats we have in the shelter right now, and I’d love to see him go home. Louisiana can live with cats, but we’re not sure how he would do with dogs. Can you take him home?

Reminder: We Still Have Kittens!

I spend a lot of time on this blog talking about the adoptable adult cats in the shelter. But just to be clear: We are still in the midst of kitten season. Sweeties like this guy (Da Vinci) come to us every day, looking for a safe place to grow up and find their forever families.
Adoptable kitten
If you’re looking for a kitten, I encourage you to visit our Kitten Kaboodle popup shop within the Salem Center Mall. Click here to read more about our hours of operation and what we can offer you in the shop. Come visit the kittens and take one home today.
Thank you for reading, and share with your friends! Let’s get these sweet kitties homes.