Meet Adoptable Cats Ashes, Tina, Cassiopeia, and Leanna

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Tabby cat Ashes
So many adoptable cats went home on Saturday as part of our Clear the Shelter event. Our hearts were so full to see the empty kennels and the happy families. But we have many more cats and kittens hoping to find their forever homes. The four I’m about to tell you about all have special stories, kind hearts, and wonderful personalities. Let me tell you more.

Tender Kitten Leanna

I don’t always share kittens on this blog, as they tend to get adopted lightening quick. But I’m making an exception for this 4-month-old beauty named Leanna. She’s absolutely gorgeous, and she’s hoping for a special home.

Kittens have key socialization periods, and during those times, it’s critical for them to meet plenty of new people and have wonderful experiences. Leanna here was living as a stray, and by the time she came to the shelter, that socialization time was coming to a close. She didn’t get all the experience she needed, so she arrived a little shy and worried.
We sent Leanna to an experienced foster home, and she learned more there. But she remains just a little withdrawn. She likes to be petted, but she also watches your hands very carefully as you approach. She startles at loud noises, and she appreciates places to hide when she feels overwhelmed.
Leanna arrived with her sister Annika, and that sweet girl is even more withdrawn than her sibling. They both appreciate life with other cats, and they might like to go home together. We’re not sure how they feel about dogs. They would thrive in a quiet home with understanding people that will work with them to build their trust. They might like kids, as long as those little people are calm and understanding.
Can you come to meet her? She and her sister have been spayed and are ready to go.

Senior Sweetie Ashes

Next up is 10-year-old tabby cat Ashes. You might notice that she is a little on the large side. This kitty weighs nearly 20 pounds, and she’d like a family that could help her to shed about 5 of them, so she feels better.
Tabby cat Ashes
Ashes lived with the same family for much of her life, but that human family had a tiny addition that Ashes didn’t like. She expressed her displeasure repeatedly, and despite the family’s best efforts, she couldn’t make the adjustment. So she’s here and looking for a baby-free home to join.
We’re told Ashes loves to play, especially with laser toys, but she tires easily. She also likes to follow people around, but she tires then too. Weight loss could help with both of these issues, and since she does like to play, getting her moving should be easy. You’ll need to ensure that she does her moving indoors only, as she has no front claws.
Ashes has lived with other cats, and she did fine with them. But she has no history of life with dogs.
She makes slow adjustments to new situations, so don’t be surprised if she is worried when she joins a new home. Give her time, and she blossoms into a very friendly, cuddly girl that is an absolute delight to be around.

Volunteer Favorite Tina

This sweet girl is Tina, and she’s 9 years old. Every time I walk by her kennel, someone is playing with her or taking her picture. And everyone told me I needed to feature her this week. How could I resist?

Tina is a long-haired kitty, and she’s sporting a lion cut right now due to mats. When her coat grows back, she’s sure to be an absolute stunner. Her dilute calico coat is a little rare, and it makes her special.
Tina is accustomed to a quiet home, and she really appreciates spending supervised time outdoors with her family. You could set her up with a leash and walk with her, or you could take your morning coffee in a fenced yard with her. A catio might make her leap for joy.
Tina has a poor history of life with other pets, and she can be aggressive when asked to share space. Even slow introductions don’t help. She will need to be your only pet, and she doesn’t appreciate small children either.
But what a joy she’d be for the right family. She’s a smart cat that absolutely loves to play. And she is remarkably affectionate with people she knows and trusts. I know our volunteers will miss her when she goes home, but we all hope it happens soon.

New Arrival Cat Cassiopeia

Since our Clear the Shelter event was such a success, we had room to take in cats from other local shelters, including Friends of Felines. That’s where 8-year-old Cassiopeia came from. She couldn’t find the right home there, and we’re hoping she’ll have better luck here.
Tuxie cat Cassiopeia
This sweet girl is what you might call a sassy cat. She likes to control her personal space, and she’d like to extend an invitation to be petted before the touching starts. Those are fairly reasonable demands, and when you meet them, this cat is a wonder. She pushes her big head into your hands, rolls on her back, pats you with her paws, and just makes a silly fool out of herself. She’d love to volunteer to be your next lap cat.
Cassiopeia is frightened of other animals, and she prefers to be the only pet. But with a personality like this, she’s all you will ever need. She’s hoping you’ll choose her.

Final Thoughts

That’s it for this week! If you find a cat you love on this blog, please come down for a meet-and-greet. Cats can get adopted quicker than you thought possible. And if you found a cat you love that you can’t adopt, consider sponsorship. Your kitty will get a colorful kennel card and a sponsored Facebook post to lure in potential families. Find out more about that here.
And if you’re interested in a kitten, don’t forget about Kitten-Kaboodle in the Salem Center Mall. We’re open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to help you find true love. Find out more about that here.
And to see all of the adoptable cats we have available right now, visit this page. Thank you!