Meet Adoptable Cats Charisma, Newton, and Bella

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This week, I’d like to tell you about three amazing cats we have up for adoption at Willamette Humane Society, and I’d like to remind you of two older cats that have been profiled before, but who are still waiting for the perfect people to find them. Let’s get started.

Sweet Cat Charisma

First up is 2-year-old Charisma. She’s a lovely little ebony cat that must have some Siamese heritage. She’s long, lean, and sleek — and she has quite the vocabulary. Charisma likes nothing more than to follow you around and tell you about her day. She also absolutely adores to be petted, especially on her chest. While she doesn’t love to be picked up, she will happily curl up in your lap for a long visit and chat session.
Black cat Charisma
We know so much about Charisma because she has been a part of our foster program. Charisma came to us as a stray cat, after she wandered onto a porch of a home in Salem, looking for a safe place to deliver her kittens (which were coming any minute!). She had those kittens, and raised them, in the safety of a loving foster home. All of her kittens have been adopted, and now it’s time for Charisma to have her own happy ending.
Pretty black cat
Charisma has been living in a suite with several other cats, and she’s demonstrated exceptional cat manners. She doesn’t pester her roommates, and they don’t seem to pester her. This seems to suggest that she could go into a home with other cats, but she’d need the opportunity to make a proper introduction. She’d need her own room for a bit, and then integrate into the rest of the house at a pace everyone is comfortable with. Charisma has no dog experience, and she would do best with older children, since she doesn’t like to be picked up.
Can you take her home today?

Gorgeous Cat Bella

The pretty kitty up top is Bella, and she’s been trying to make an appearance on the cat blog for several weeks. It was exciting for everyone when Bella decided that this would be her week! Bella is 10 years old, and she’s lived all of her life in one quiet home. Coming to the shelter was a bit of a shock to her, and she started to demonstrate very shy behavior. People couldn’t even see how pretty she was, because she’d run and hide whenever a visitor came along. She’s been watching the other cats in her suite (especially Charisma), and she’s been learning from them. While she may not be the first to greet visitors, she is ready to accept gentle pets and touches from those who take a slow approach.
Pretty Bella
Bella came to the shelter when her family had to move, and she couldn’t come along. She has been described as mellow, and she apparently loves to be brushed. That’s a good thing, as she has extremely long and fluffy hair. Her new family will need to invest some time in brushing, so she stays as gorgeous as she is right now. Bella adores other cats, and can happily live with feline friends. A friendly mentor might be just what she needs to feel confident. Bella doesn’t enjoy children, however. And she has no dog experience.
Adoptable cat Bella
Bella’s people said she takes time to warm up to new people, and she can hide when she is nervous. Her new family will need to let Bella set the tone in her new home, and they’ll need to keep things light and positive. She will learn to love and trust, but she will need space and kindness as she decides that things are safe.
We’d love to see Bella go home today. Can you help?

Adorable Character Newton

The last new cat to introduce to you is 14-year-old Newton. One of our long-time volunteers says that this is her favorite cat in the shelter right now, and it’s easy to see why. This is a kitty that is just full of character. Come to visit him, and he will greet you with a characteristic (and very LOUD) meow, just to help you feel welcome. Then, he’ll settle in to chat with you in a quiet voice. He has a lot to say! Our volunteer says he reminds her of a character actor in a film. He’s there to add a little color and life to any scene!
Tuxedo cat Newton
Newton came to us as a stray cat, so we don’t know a lot about his history. He has been living in a suite with other cats, and he seems to get along with mellow companions just fine. He can live with children ages 8 and up, but we’re not sure how well he’d do with a dog companion. He’s not very speedy (he is 14!), so he wouldn’t be able to run from a vigorous canine friend. Older, calmer, cat-savvy dogs might suit him fine.
Adoptable cat Newton
Newton is a very loving, very inquisitive little guy who would be just right for the right family. If you’ve been looking to add a little fun to your life, he could be just right for you.

Senior Cat Reminders

The next two cats are cats you may have seen on this blog before. They’re both still waiting for the perfect home, and we thought sharing them again might prompt you to revisit them and consider adding them to your family.
First, Nova. This 13-year-old girl is looking for a calm, quiet home for her golden years. She absolutely adores to be brushed, and she likes to sit close to the people she loves. Nova can be selective about her cat friends, and she has some movement issues that make running hard for her. For these reasons, we’re recommending that she live without close cat companions, but she might enjoy being a dedicated office cat. Give her a soft bed, plenty of food, and your visits. She’d be nothing but content. Can you take her home?
Nova the adoptable cat
Finally, Zoey. She has the (sad) distinction of being one of our long-term cat residents. She’s been in the shelter since June 9. Zoey is an incredibly affectionate little kitty who loves to greet visitors with purrs, kneading, and head butts. She also really loves to play, which is remarkable given her age. She has no cat experience, and she’s never lived with a dog. But she might adjust to these things if she’s given enough time and grace. She might also, like Nova, prefer to be an office kitty. As long as she has food, love, and kindness, she is sure to thrive. Can you help?
Adoptable cat Zoey

We’re So Thankful

Every one of these stories is made possible by our volunteers, who shower these cats with love and affection every single day, and our donors, who fund the lifesaving work that we do. We are so grateful for everyone who helps us to do more for cats in Salem. Thank you!