Meet Adoptable Cats Chloe, Gypsie, Noodle, and Esmerelda

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Esmerelda cat
Looking for a new friend to help you celebrate the spring? We can help. This week, I have four cats to tell you about. One of these kitties is a very long-term resident, and we can’t quite figure out why. We’re hoping you can make her dream of a forever home come true.
Let’s get started.

Meet Fluffy Cat Chloe

First up is the beautiful and fluffy Chloe. She’s about 12 years old, and she has really lovely cream and cloud-colored furs. With a little brushing, she’ll be a gorgeous cat.
Adoptable cat Chloe
Chloe came to the shelter due to the death of her owner. It must have been a terrible loss for her, and it was compounded by the fact that she became homeless after that death. A kind person found her and helped her with food, and that family wanted to keep Chloe. But due to allergies, that wasn’t possible. She came here to find love.
Chloe is a wonderfully affectionate little kitty. She gives head butts and purrs as soon as she meets anyone new, and she often waits right up front in her kennel for someone to notice her. This is the kind of behavior that gets attention, and she’s hoping it will result in a forever home very soon!
Chloe’s finder reports that she gets along nicely with other cats, with dogs, and with kids. That’s a rare combination, and it should make families run to take this girl home. Come meet her!

Don’t Overlook Cat Gypsie

We’ve told you about adoptable cat Gypsie on this blog several times before. This longhaired beauty is 11 years old, and she has a good history of life with other cats. She loves all people equally, and could be one of the friendliest cats we have in the shelter now. Need proof? Check out this video.

Gypsie has been waiting for a home since December 23, and that’s far too long for a sweetheart like this. Can you take her home?

Beautiful Cat Noodle

Next up is the adorable Noodle. She’s just 4 years old, so she is a very young kitty. And she has really interesting markings. She’s a calico, for sure. But there must be some Siamese history in there, as she also has bright blue eyes. I’ve never seen a cat quite like this.
Adoptable cat Noodle
Noodle has bounced around from home to home over the last few months, so she can be a little timid. She isn’t quite sure if she’s going to stay here, or if she’ll be asked to go somewhere else soon. I don’t blame her. I think she’ll calm down a bit when she knows she is safe with a loving family. But she might need a little tenderness and quiet as she makes the transition.
Noodle apparently loves to play, and she has the interesting habit of playing “chase me.” If you chase her, she’ll run right after you. I have never heard of a cat doing this before! She also loves toys of all shapes and sizes, and she will carry them from room to room.
We’re not sure if she has history with other cats or with dogs. With slow introductions, she might do fine. We hope she goes home soon!

Beautiful Cat Esmerelda

Next up is the beautiful Esmerelda. She has just the prettiest of faces, don’t you think? And those eyes of hers really glow.
Adoptable cat Esmerelda
This sweet girl was a stray, and she found sanctuary with a very kind couple. They fed her, got her medical care, and they loved her dearly. She moved from skinny and wary to warm and cuddly with their help, and I’m sure she will never forget them.
But this couple had an older cat, and Esmerelda just couldn’t adjust to sharing her space. Aggression was an issue, and for that reason, her family had to give her up for adoption.
Esmerelda loves toys, birdwatching, and cuddling with the people she loves. She can be a little shy with new people and in new situations, but let her warm up and she’s sure to blossom. She is a little noise sensitive, so we’re recommending a home on the quiet side. And she should probably be your only pet.
We hope you’ll come see her!
That’s it for this week! If you see a kitty on here you love, come down to visit. They go faster than you might think is possible! And if you don’t find someone you love, remember: this is just a sample of the cats we’re trying to find homes for. There’s bound to be love within our walls.
If names are underlined, the kitty is still up for adoption. Click that link to find out more about age, price, etc. And if you feel compelled, click the “sponsor” button to help support this kitty’s stay. As part of sponsorship benefits, we’ll share the cat on Facebook too!