Meet Adoptable Cats Coca Cola, Talia, Maestro, and Rubble

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Siamese cat on her perch

It’s been a hot week in Salem, and I think all of the adoptable cats (and the people that care for them) are excited about impending cooler weather. A few of the kitties I’m about to tell you about consider themselves lap cats, so they really can’t wait for fall to arrive.

Let’s get started, so I can tell you more about these adorable animals.

Adoptable Kitten Coca Cola

Kitten season is still in full swing, and we have plenty of tiny, furry critters looking for forever families. Coca Cola here is 4 months old, and he’s already been in one home and returned due to allergies. We’re hoping he finds the perfect fit this week!

Tuxedo kitten looking at camera

Coca Cola came to the shelter with a few health issues. His skin was in poor condition, and he had a hernia. Both of those issues were addressed during his stay, and now he’s healthy and ready to take on the world. And I’ve been told he was a wonderful and tolerant patient. He let the team take care of him with no hissing, scratching, or growling. What a good boy!

Coca Cola is a remarkably playful little kitty. He’s living in a suite with many other kittens, and I think of him as the instigator. If everyone is playing, this guy probably started it. He also tackles other cats for cuddles when he starts to tire.

Cats like this need a lot of playtime and attention, and they tend to do best when they live with other cats. If you can, consider taking Coca home with another kitten friend. He’d really like that!

Meet Bold Cat Maestro

Next up is the beautiful Maestro. He’s a 2-year-old Siamese mix boy with the clearest blue eyes you’ve ever seen. He’s a big cat at 13 pounds too!

Siamese cat on a shelf

Maestro came to the shelter with his sister Rubble (more on her in a minute) due to changing circumstances in the family home. Maestro doesn’t love shelter life, and he can seem very restless and unsure when you first meet him. He seems like he wants attention, but he also seems like he wants control of all interactions. We’re all hoping his stay in the shelter will be a short one.

In his home, Maestro was described as remarkably friendly, and he has a good history of being picked up, cuddled, and petted. He was mellow during the day, but at nighttime, he and his sister liked to get the party started. They played very loud and rambunctious games most nights.

Maestro and his sister have lived with children, and they did fine. Both of these cats are declawed in front, so they will need to live inside only. They haven’t lived with dogs.

Tuxedo Cat Rubble

This is Maestro’s sister, and she is also 2 years old. She’s a big-boned baby at 11 pounds, and she has also been declawed in front. She has the thickest, softest fur. And her markings are really amazing.

Tuxedo cat on a bench

Rubble has adjusted to shelter life quite nicely. She approaches people for pets and cuddles right away, and she’ll lean into your hands for pets and scratches. She seems to adore people, and she tries to get visitors to sit down, so she can crawl into laps for conversations.

In her home, Rubble was described as “friendly on her terms,” which seems to suggest that she has some opinions about when and where she is touched. She is not displaying any of that behavior in the shelter, so it could be that she struggled with something specific in the home. But I mention it just in case it comes back once she’s been adopted.

Rubble and her brother get along, but they don’t seem to depend on one another for support. We don’t see them playing together, grooming one another, or sleeping together. They can go home together, but it’s not a requirement. They have no dog experience, but have lived successfully with kids before.

Special Cat Talia

Next up is 1-year-old Talia. She’s had a tough start to life, but we’re hoping she’ll have a happy future to call her own.

Cat with one eye

Talia was living as a stray cat, and when she arrived in the shelter, she had a very injured eye. We’re not sure what happened to her, and we don’t know how long she’d been living with this soreness. But we knew she couldn’t see out of it, and that eye seemed to cause her pain. It was removed here at the shelter.

Talia gets along fine with just one eye. She can see people coming to visit her, and she can track a toy with ease. She also finds her food without a problem, and she eats like a little cat chowhound!

Since Talia was a stray, we don’t know a lot about her history or what she’s accustomed to in a home. We can’t confirm that she’s lived with other cats or with dogs, and we don’t know how she feels about children. Her new family will need to take their cues from her as she navigates a new world.

That’s it for this week! If you see a cat you love, come down to visit! Cats are adopted quicker than you think possible. And if you find a kitty you love but adoption isn’t right for you, consider sponsorship! That’s always appreciated. Thank you!