Meet Adoptable Cats Drako, Patty, Henry, Nova, and Wall-e

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Adoptable cat Patty
It’s been a busy week for us at Willamette Humane Society. We’re preparing for our largest fundraiser of the year, Bowser’s Boo Bash, and we’re hoping to raise funds to help us take care of even more adorable cats. If you still don’t have tickets for Saturday’s fun, time really is running out. Please consider buying a ticket today, so you can help to support the work we do in the shelter.
We’re also busy taking in new cats and taking care of the cats we already have. This week, I’d like to introduce you to two cats you’ve never seen on the blog before, along with a few favorites that really need a family’s help.
Let’s get started.

Drako: Waiting for the Right Family

This sweet, 2-year-old cat first appeared in the cat blog in September. At that point, he was new to the shelter and found the whole experience a little intimidating. He didn’t want to leave the safety of his cardboard box for his photo shoot, and he didn’t want me to spend much time petting him. A few days later, he came down with a cold and spent some time in our medical treatment area. We were all thrilled when he healed up and headed home, but as it turns out, this wasn’t the right fit for Drako. So now he’s back.
Adoptable cat Drako
Drako seems much friendlier now, which seems to suggest that he is adjusting to shelter life. He will happily accept pets and snuggles from any visitor, and if he feels someone should pet him and isn’t stopping to do so, he will reach out with a gentle tap to get your attention. He adores to be petted on his chubby cheeks, and he will knead with happiness when a visit is going well.
Drako has a good history of living with both cats and dogs. He can be a little timid with children, but as long as kids treat him respectfully, he should adjust to them just fine.
This sweet guy has a history of urinary problems (which is quite common in male cats), so he will need a special food for that issue for the rest of his life. He will also need access to fresh water at all times, and he might enjoy a water fountain that encourages him to drink a bit more.
This sweet, young, friendly cat should be flying out of the shelter, but he’s been overlooked so far. Can you help?

Nova: She is Still Waiting for You

Devoted readers of this blog will recognize Nova. She has been featured very frequently, as she has been waiting for the right home since April. That is an incredibly long time for a 13-year-old cat to wait for a forever family, and we are all hoping she can find her forever fit very soon. She even posed for some holiday photos, in the hopes that would help her find the people who will love her.
Adoptable cat Nova
Nova recently spent some time in a foster home, so we could assess how she responded to time in a home. Her foster reports that Nova did fine with the resident cats and dogs. She did not want to become best friends with these creatures, but she didn’t mind their presence. She would hop up on the couch for hugs and kisses, and she used her litter box like a champ. Nova spent quite a bit of time sleeping, and her foster felt like Nova would appreciate a quiet home that would allow her to take this stage of her life at a slow pace. She might enjoy being your office cat or your television companion. She is quite affectionate with people she knows well, and she loves nothing more than to be brushed.
Can you take this sweet girl home? Her adoption fee has been waived, so she can go home with you for no fee.

Wall-e: A Familiar Face

You may also recognize Wall-e. He appeared on the cat blog just a few weeks ago, and at that time, I told you that this guy is very active and very busy and that he can be sensitive about being handled. Just a few days after I wrote that blog post, Wall-e demonstrated his sensitivity by nipping at a visitor. He’s spent the last few weeks in quarantine, thinking about the consequences of that bite.
Adoptable cat Wall-e
Cats can fall on a spectrum. On one side, we have very pampered, fussy kitties that prompt their owners to do everything for them. On the other side, we have feral cats who want humans to do nothing for them. Wall-e falls right in the middle of this spectrum. While he loves people and is remarkably bold and friendly, he likes to make his own choices. He also LOVES to be outside. He needs to do work, or else he comes up with ways to entertain himself that humans don’t appreciate.
We want Wall-e to succeed, so we are recommending that he live with a family that has a big yard, away from heavy traffic, and who is willing to install a cat door. Wall-e should be given the choice to go outside, if he would like to do so. And he may choose to spend most of his time outside. This is typical behavior for what we call a “barn cat,” and while Wall-e is too friendly for that title, this is the kind of freedom he needs.
Wall-e is just three years old, and it is possible he will mellow with age. It’s certain he has a lot of life left. We have waived his adoption fee, so he can go home for free. Can you take him?

Henry: A Gorgeous Newcomer

This incredible Siamese kitty is Henry, and he is five years old. He came to the shelter on October 14th, and with looks like this, we expect him to go very fast. He has adorable blue eyes, cream and coffee markings, and a very long tail. He’s really amazing.
Adoptable cat Henry
Henry came to us as a stray, which means we do not know a lot about his history. We know that he can be a little spicy, as he has expressed his opinions about medical treatment with a few swats. But many people out there appreciate cats with a bit of spunk, so this shouldn’t keep him away from a loving home. He’s been rated appropriate for kids as young as 10, but since he can be spicy, those kids will need to listen to Henry and respect the times in which he seems to need some space.
We’re not sure if Henry will enjoy living with cats or dogs, but a slow introduction could help you make sure that the first interactions with other pets go well. The adoption staff can tell you more about that.
If you’re interested in Henry, I encourage you to come soon. He’s not likely to linger in the shelter.

Patty: Senior Cat Waiting for You

The last cat I’ll tell you about this week is Patty. She is 12 years old, and she’s been waiting for the right family to meet her for about a month. That’s a fairly long time for a sweet girl to wait, but Patty has high hopes that this will be the week in which someone will choose her. Isn’t she adorable?
Adoptable cat Patty
Patty came to the shelter when her human had to move suddenly, and Patty couldn’t come along. She was left behind in an apartment, and the owner of that apartment brought her to us for care. That experience must have been traumatic, but Patty remains calm and friendly. She seems like a resilient little kitty that is accepting of everything that happens to her. That positive spirit is what will help her adjust quickly to a new home.
Patty hasn’t been pleased to see other cats in the shelter, so we are recommending that she is your only cat. It’s possible that she feels that way because she doesn’t have front claws. She cannot defend herself against cats that want to fight her. Since she is declawed, she will need to be indoors for the rest of her life.
Patty is remarkably friendly and calm with people, and as a result, she is rated G. That means she can go home with kids of all ages, including babies. That rating doesn’t happen often with cats, and it should make a family jump to take this girl home.
Can you help?
Thank you for reading! If you can’t adopt, please share these stories. We’d love to get these cats into perfect homes as soon as possible.