Meet Adoptable Cats Eve, Lorenzo, Star, Grayson, and Leo

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Tortie cat Eve
I have five cats to tell you about this week, including one long-timer cat that seems to be overlooked often, for reasons I can’t quite understand. I’m hoping this community will help to promote these sweeties, so we can get them into the homes they deserve.
Let’s get started.

Beautiful Bengal Cat Leo

The photos I’m about to show you don’t do this gorgeous cat justice. His name is Leo, and he’s a bengal mix. He has wonderfully reddish fur, and a very long body. He’s a big, sleek beauty at 14 pounds, and he’s likely to be even more stunning when he’s had access to good food and plenty of grooming.
Bengal cat Leo
Leo is in a bit of rough shape now because he had been living as a stray. We’re not sure how someone got separated from this big guy, but we know he’s ready to move on to a forever home with a friendly family.
Leo can be a little shy at first meeting, but he warms up quickly to those that speak quietly and let him sniff fingers before the touching begins. His finder, who kept him for a few weeks, reports that Leo is very friendly when he is comfortable. He’s also quite the talker (which is pretty common for the bengal breed).
Leo expressed some dislike of other cats he met while with his finder, and he hasn’t seemed comfortable around the cats he’s met in the shelter. As a result, we’re recommending that he be your only kitty. We’re not sure how he feels about dogs. Come visit him!

Sweet and Shy Lorenzo

Next up is 12-year-old manx cat Lorenzo. This orange tabby boy first came to the shelter in October, but you may not have seen him in the shelter, as he’s been working on his confidence in a foster home. He’s made great progress there, and now he is hoping you’ll take him home.
Orange manx cat
When Lorenzo arrived in the shelter system, he was pretty darn shy. We were worried about how well he might do in the shelter, so we asked a foster family to care for him. He’s grown in confidence during his stay, and the family reports that Lorenzo is incredibly cuddly and sweet once you earn his trust. He loves to be petted (especially on his head), and he is a true lap cat in the evenings. If you’re looking for a purring cat to watch television with, this is your guy.
Lorenzo gets along nicely with other cats, but he does not enjoy dogs at all. And similarly, he wouldn’t be a good fit for a home with young children. He’s hoping you’ll come meet him soon.

Eve Has Been Waiting Since Nov. 26

The sweet kitty featured up top is Eve, and she’s the feline families are missing out on. This sweet girl has so much to give, and she is working so hard to sell her gifts to the right family. Maybe you’ll be part of the family she’s been hoping for.
Tortie cat Eve
Eve is just 2 years old, and she came to the shelter as a stray cat. It’s clear that she has lived with people in the past, as she really seems to know what people want out of a kitty companion. She chirps and cheeps to get your attention, she rolls on her back for tummy rubs, she kneads the air, and she purrs like crazy. She’ll do all of this even if you don’t touch her, just to entice you to do so.
Eve is also remarkably playful, and she loves to leap after wand toys. We can see her being a wonderful playmate for a family with laser toys, balls, and wands to spare. She would be so much fun to play with, and she’d love to cuddle when playtime is over.
Eve does seem to have allergies, so she’ll need a special diet and good flea treatments to keep her healthy. Due to her allergies and special diet, we haven’t introduced her to other cats in the shelter, but she might do just fine with the proper introductions. We’re also not sure how she does with dogs.
It’s hard for young cats to wait in the shelter. We’re hoping a family ends this girl’s long wait very soon.

Sweet Cat Grayson

Next up is 4-year-old Grayson. He has the sweetest face! We all can’t get enough of his big cheeks and soft fur. He really is a handsome little guy.
Grey cat Grayson
Grayson came to the shelter after living as a stray cat in Salem. The person that found him really loves him, but she just wasn’t able to take care of him and thought he might do better here, where he could find a forever home.
Grayson’s finder reports that he can be a cuddly kitty with people he knows well. He also enjoys playing with toys, especially if they rattle. When he really gets going during a play session, he can play very rough, leaping and jumping in the air. That must be something to see!
We’re not sure if Grayson has experience living with other cats or dogs. We’re also not sure if he’s lived with kids.
We’re hoping someone will take this little guy home soon. He’s very ready to move from life as a street cat to life as a pampered pet.

Volunteer Favorite Cat Star

Next up is this pretty tuxedo cat named Star. She’s about 7 years old, and during her time in the shelter, this kitty has managed to win the hearts of many of our shelter volunteers. In fact, one of our volunteers asked me specifically to feature Star. Here’s what she has to say about her.
Tuxedo cat Star
Star is a bit hesitant with people but does like to get her share of pets. She loves wet food and treats. She has this sweet small face, and at times her tongue is stuck out between her teeth. This look makes her even more cute. She looks like this wispy little lady who is looking for a home but needs to feel comfortable with her people. And once she does she will share her abundant love and affection.”
Star can be a little nervous around new people, but she does tend to warm up quickly. In her previous home, she was an indoor/outdoor kitty, and she sometimes seems as though she’d like the space being outdoors can provide. She sometimes wants to run from her visitors. But with the right home and a little patience, she is likely to make her new family a wonderful little companion. She just might need a little time to get there.
Star has lived with other cats, and she does fine with them. We’re not sure how she feels about dogs. Can you give this sweet, scared kitty a second chance?
That’s it for this week! If you’re interested in learning more about any of these kitties, remember to click their names in the bold subheadings. You’ll be taken right to their description pages on the website, and you’ll find out their adoption fees and other vital details. You can also use the buttons on that page to sponsor a kitty’s stay in the shelter. That is always appreciated.