Meet Adoptable Cats Falkor, Mercury, Louisiana, and Evelyn

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Adoptable cat Falkor
It’s an exciting week for the adoptable cats at Willamette Humane Society. We’re hosting a Clear the Shelter event, through the generous sponsorship of Subaru USA, VCA Animal Hospital in Salem, the ASPCA, and many others. During this special event, adult cats have waived adoption fees, and adult dogs have discounted fees.
You can find out a little more about the event here. But first, read up on a few of the cats that would love to go home with you during this special event.

Lovely Cat Louisiana

First up is this 16-year-old ebony beauty named Louisiana. He came to the shelter as a stray cat, so we don’t know a lot about his history. But he came to us in rough condition, so we’ve had a chance to work with him as he regained his strength and vigor. We’ve discovered that his is an incredibly social little kitty who wants nothing more than his own family to love.
Adoptable cat Louisiana
He sleeps quite a bit, as most older cats do, but when his kennel door opens, he is front and center for attention. He purrs and kneads and rubs his head right into your hands. He is exceedingly difficult to photograph as a result (if I’m being honest). He would much rather have your attention than pose for photographs. I had several helpers trying to keep this little guy still for the camera, and yet, many of my photos look like this.
Louisiana black cat
Since Louisiana was a stray kitty, we can’t tell you how well he’d enjoy life with cats or dogs. We also don’t know about his history with small children. But he seems like a calm and confident cat that might do well in most situations with the proper time, patience, and love from his family. We’re hoping someone will choose him this weekend.

Beautiful Cat Mercury

Up next is 4-year-old Mercury, and he is a staff and volunteer favorite that’s been with us in the shelter since July. This is just the sort of kitty that benefits from a big adoption event, as these middle-aged cats tend to get overlooked by families. We’re hoping that bigger crowds will mean more families looking for a kitty just like this.
Tuxedo cat Mercury
Mercury came to us when his person ran into financial difficulties and couldn’t afford this kitty’s care. Mercury was described as a lap cat that is very affectionate, talkative, and playful. Apparently, he loves to play with toys—especially toys dangled on the ends of sticks. He loves to play with children, including smaller children, and he has been a good companion with cats who enjoy a bit of rough play.
Mercury’s people also told us that he loves to be carried. And we’ve discovered that is absolutely true.
Hugs cat Mercury
This guy just adores a good cuddle. He purrs like crazy when he’s with the people he loves.
The long, fluffy hair growing on Mercury is his defining feature, and his new family will need to manage his allergies to keep that fur healthy. Good flea control and the proper diet will be required.
Will you choose him this weekend?

Regal Kitty Falkor

This is the gorgeous cat featured at the top of his blog post, and he’s one of my favorite cats in the shelter right now. His name is Falkor, and he’s a 16-year-old, longhaired beauty with a calm demeanor and a sweet presence. He poses beautifully for the camera, too!
Adoptable cat Falkor
Falkor has a bit of a sad history. He grew up in a colony with several other cats, and while they were fed, they were often left to their own devices. When Falkor came to us, he was a touch underweight, he had many fleas, and he was missing quite a bit of his fur. We cleaned his teeth and performed many extractions (he only has one tooth left). We also gave him ample flea treatment, and we placed him on a hypoallergenic food for his allergies. We’re so thankful for our sponsors that help us to treat old cats like this guy. Without you, our work wouldn’t be possible. And we think cats like Falkor are worth it.
Grey cat Falkor
Since Falkor has lived with other cats, he can integrate into a family with cats nicely. But he will need time and patience as he makes that adjustment. He can be a little shy in new situations, so his family will need to go slowly with him and let him set the pace.
Falkor has been with us for about a month, and we’d love to see him go home. Can you help?

Amazing Cat Evelyn

Finally, let me tell you about Evelyn. This sweet 15-year-old kitty will be coming from her foster home to the shelter for this weekend’s special event, and we’d love to see her head home with the right family.
Evelyn adoptable cat
Evelyn came to us in very rough condition. She was living as a stray cat, and she was terribly thin and sickly. We discovered that she had diabetes, and we placed her in a foster home with the hope of stabilizing her blood sugar with medications (including insulin) and a proper diet. Our volunteer families are amazing, and they worked so hard with Evelyn through thick and thin to help her regain her health. She’s been with them since February, and during that time, she’s grown back her lovely coat, developed a real tolerance for her shots, and discovered a true love of people. I encourage you to read her bio (linked in the title of this section) to find out more about what she’s like.
Managing a cat’s diabetes isn’t different than managing a human’s diabetes. Paying attention to food intake, managing injections, seeing a doctor… these are things both humans and kitties need to do. We’re hoping someone out there will help sweet Evelyn do just that.

So Many Kitty Faces to See

These are just a few of the cats that are hoping to meet you this weekend. We have many more. We’re serious about wanting to clear the shelter this weekend, and we’re hoping you’ll help to spread the word. If you aren’t interested in adding to your furry family right now, tell your friends! Maybe there’s a pet out there for them. Thanks!