Meet Adoptable Cats Glenda, Henri, Kelsey and Marmalade

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Adoptable cat Glenda
In just a few short weeks, we’ll run smack into Valentine’s Day. That means flowers, chocolate, candy hearts and cuddles. And I have four cats that would love to get in on the cuddle part of the day.
All of the four cats I’ll mention here have excellent cuddle skills, and they have all had things a little rough of late. They make up a sort of Lonely Hearts Club of very loving pets that need loving homes. Let me tell you more about them.

Gorgeous Glenda

First up is this absolutely gorgeous tortie girl named Glenda. She was my supermodel cat for the day, as she sat perfectly still throughout our entire photo shoot. I think she knows she’s pretty, and she’s eager for the chance to show that off. Who could blame her?
Adoptable cat Glenda
Glenda was adopted from the shelter years ago, but she was found in the community as a stray cat a few months back. The shelter tried to contact the family that adopted her so long ago, but they did not want her back. And the family that found her could not keep her.
So Glenda is here looking for new peeps, and she has a lot to offer. First off, she is a remarkably affectionate cat. She reaches out through her kennel door to tap you for attention, and she responds to every bit of love with purring and kneading. She can get a little wild when she is over-stimulated, so petting sessions are best kept short. But she does love people.
Adoptable cat Glenda
Glenda also knows a few tricks. The family that found her reports that she knows how to sit on command, and she knows to wait at doorways before walking through them. She waits for a release word. I think that’s pretty remarkable, don’t you?
This cat is almost 13, so she is one of the oldest animals in the shelter right now. But she might also be the sweetest. I hope she goes home this week.

Heartbreaker Henri

I have a confession: I love this cat. His name is Henri, and he is a sweet and older tuxedo cat that’s been waiting for a home for several weeks now. I think if more people knew his story, he might move into a home a little quicker. But I would like to warn you that this story is a little sad.
Adoptable cat Henri
Henri had a family for many years, but they moved away and left him behind. He moved in with a new family temporarily, but they could not keep him and they brought him to us.
During his intake exam, the staff noticed that Henri’s tail did not work. He cannot raise it nor twitch it, and he does not seem to feel pain in it. Upon further exploration, the team discovered that Henri has a BB or some little pellet lodged in his back/hip area. His tail paralysis may have come from being shot, or these may be two different incidents. Both seem like very old incidents to the staff.
Adoptable cat Henri
Henri has spent a lot of his life as an outdoor cat, and we do not know how long he lived on his own when his family moved away. So we cannot jump to conclusions about who did this to him. But, Henri seems to have forgiven them. In fact, he forgives all people.
Despite what he has been through, Henri is one of the most loving cats in the shelter right now. It was hard for me to get photos, in fact, because he wanted me to pet him instead. I walked him down to the photo studio, thinking that might help, and he put his little head near my ear to purr the entire time we were walking. And he gave my shoulders a little massage with each step I took. He is just so, so sweet.

Everyone who meets this cat just loves him. But he needs someone to give him a forever home. He is 10, so he is older, but he will have a dental and BB removal before he goes home. He may also need slow introductions to other cats, and he may appreciate the opportunity to take leash walks from time to time. He can be restless when confined.
Can you help him?

Kind Kelsey

Another gorgeous tortie here! This is Kelsey, and she is a 9yo cat. She lived with the same family for many years, but that family moved away and left her behind with a roommate. Kelsey was a little upset about her family leaving (I think I would be, too), and she didn’t seem to think her new family kept the litter box clean enough. So she had some accidents, and that brought her to us. I am happy to say she has NO such problems with us. We think Kelsey might just like things to be on the clean side.
Adoptable cat Kelsey
Kelsey has been described as a mellow, loving house cat. And get this: She loves almost all other pets. She had a very loving relationship with the cat in her last home. And the family also had a guinea pig that Kelsey treated like her baby. (I wish I had photos of that.) Apparently, she cleaned and cuddled this little guy. She probably misses him.
Adoptable cat Kelsey
Kelsey loves humans of all ages, too. She even has good skills with babies, which is pretty rare in a cat.
There is one thing we want to be sure to mention about this girl: She also has a few health problems, mainly concerning her heart. That means she will need a family committed to monitoring that issue. She might have a few extra medical bills as a result. And she has been declawed in front, so she will need an indoor-only life.

I’m hoping Kelsey’s one medical problem won’t scare you away. This girl is a winner.

Mysterious Marmalade

I know I say this all the time, but it’s rare to find a female orange tabby. And here we have one. Her name is Marmalade, and I just love her.
Adoptable cat Marmalade
Marmalade is the sort of cat that waits for you to approach. She will probably never be a bold cat that strides right up to you and asks for affection. But she responds beautifully to people who take the time to sit down next to her, talk gently to her and then try to touch her. She needs a little finessing.
Adoptable cat Marmalade
That is probably due to the fact that Marmalade has spent much of her life as a stray cat, living in the wilds in her community. Her ears are ragged, her coat is patchy and her teeth are a little dirty. She has had a very rough life. And given how shy she can be on first approach, she may not have lived a life in which people were nice to her.
That means Marmalade might do best in a quiet home with understanding people who are willing to work with her and coach her. She wants to trust. She just needs someone to teach her how to do it. And she is a willing student. Here’s proof.

Marmalade will need to be spayed before she can go home with you. If you are at all interested in her, please come and see her as soon as possible and place her on hold for adoption. That way, she can get that surgery and get out of the scary shelter soon!
That’s it for this week. Aren’t these cats all winners? I thought so. Please share their stories, and let’s get them all adopted before St. Valentine arrives!