Meet Adoptable Cats Harley, Lilly, Drako, and Bananas

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Adoptable cat Lilly
It’s been a busy week at the shelter. We’re all preparing for the Food Truck Frenzy happening on Saturday, and we’re hoping that a few people who stop by to nibble on food will also walk through our shelter and fall in love with a cat or dog. Today, I have four very special cats to tell you about, and I am hoping that all four of them get adopted this weekend.
Let’s get started.

Beautiful Senior Cat Harley

First up is this gorgeous 12-year-old orange tabby boy named Harley. He first came into our shelter in July, when he was found as a stray cat in the community. He spent about a month with us, and during that time, we all fell in love with this sweet and gentle old soul. We were so excited when he was chosen by a lucky family during our Clear the Shelter adoption event.
Adoptable cat Harley
Unfortunately, Harley didn’t transition to his new home with grace. Something about his new environment seemed to frighten him, and he stopped eating and drinking water. He seemed reluctant to move. His new family was so worried about him, and as much as they wanted to keep him, they thought bringing him back to us might be wise.
Harley was checked by our team, and he is healthy. We’re not quite sure what caused him so much distress, but we’re happy to report that he is drinking and eating and using the litterbox nicely with us.
Harley has been through a lot of changes in the last few months, and he is an older and sensitive kitty. He needs a family that will set him up for success during this (what we hope is the final) set of changes. He might need his own room and a lot of space and quiet to adjust to new surroundings. He might need to initiate contact with people. He might need to be coaxed to eat with extra-delicious food. In time, he will make the adjustment.
Tabby cat Harley
Harley is worth this hard work. He is a very calm and gentle little kitty that accepts love and attention from everyone he meets. He is a talkative little guy with a very distinctive old-man meow. And he has a good history of life with cats, so he should integrate into a multi-cat home just fine.
We’re hoping someone chooses him soon.

Gorgeous Cat Lilly

I always try to choose a conventionally pretty cat in the blog (hoping it will entice people to come and see all the cats in person). This week, my pretty cat is Lilly. She is not quite 2 years old, and she clearly has a little Siamese kitty mixed in her heritage somewhere. She has the prettiest blue eyes, and her fur is long and quite lush. We think she is just gorgeous.
Adoptable cat Lilly
Lilly came to the shelter due to poor litterbox habits. She wasn’t using her box consistently, and her people didn’t want her to live as an outdoor cat. Whenever cats come to us with a history like this, we perform a few tests to see if we can find a medical problem for the peeing issue. In this case, we discovered that Lilly had a urinary tract infection. She has been on medications for that issue, and she is living in a suite with quite a bit of room. We’re happy to report that Lilly always chooses her box in her suite, and we suspect her box problems were caused by infection.
Lilly may need special food and added hydration to keep issues like this from coming back, and she will need to go to the doctor if this ever comes up again. But this shouldn’t be the sort of issue that keeps a family from choosing her.
Adoptable cat Lilly
Lilly is living in a suite with several other cats, and she seems to like their company quite a bit. She also really enjoys human interaction. She doesn’t take long to warm up, and she really loves to be both petted and brushed. Families looking for a gorgeous, young lap cat should come soon to visit Lilly. She isn’t likely to stay in the shelter for very long.

Shy Cat Drako

Drako is a little younger than 3 years old, which means he should be a popular shelter cat. People tend to love younger kitties. But Drako is hard to see when you come to the shelter. He is a little on the shy side, and he prefers to spend his days looking out at visitors from the comfort and protection of his little cardboard box. He seemed so comfortable in there that his photos were taken within the box. Moving him just didn’t seem like the best idea. But rest assured that the rest of this cat’s body is as pretty as his face (you just can’t see it in these photos).
Adoptable cat Drako
Drako came to the shelter when his family went through a divorce, and there was no home that could keep him. His family reports that Drako lived with both cats and dogs in that home, and he was fine with both sets of creatures. They report that he can be cautious with children, but kids who are respectful with cats might do just fine with him.
Interestingly enough, Drako’s family told us that this guy’s favorite activity involves begging for treats. But in the shelter, treats are the last thing on Drako’s mind.
Adoptable cat Drako
Like many shy cats, Drako finds it hard to adjust to shelter life. He doesn’t always eat the meals he’s provided, and he seems a little reluctant to take treats from people who love him. He accepts pets and cuddles, and he even purrs a bit when touched. But he isn’t showing his full personality while he waits.
We are hoping that a family with shy cat experience will help Drako to come out of his shell. He might enjoy living with trustworthy feline companions who can help him to feel safe, and he is likely to appreciate a slow and measured introduction to the home. He is a young cat, so the work you do now could pay off for years to come. We’re hoping he will go home soon.

Beautiful Cat Bananas

The last cat I’d like to tell you about today is Bananas. She is about 6 years old, but we’re not sure exactly how old she is, as she didn’t come to us with an owner. Instead, she came to us as a transfer from an emergency hospital. This sweet kitty had been hit by a car, and she needed both medical treatment and a chance to reunite with her family. It’s been a few weeks now, and her family hasn’t stepped forward to find her. So we are hoping a new family will take this girl and make her their own.
Tortie cat Bananas
Bananas was injured around her hips, and when she arrived, her tail wasn’t working properly. With strict rest and medications, she is improving. She can both move her tail and feel touches on her tail. We hope that improvement will continue. But while she heals, Bananas is taking things a little slowly. She doesn’t run and scamper like her roommates. She has more of a loping movement to her walks.
Bananas has been wonderful with the cats in her suite, including the rambunctious kittens and the sedate elders. She doesn’t seem to fight for space or mind being walked on. She might really enjoy going into a home with other cats, as they seem to help her feel comfortable and relaxed.
Tortie cat
Bananas isn’t shy, and responds to attention almost immediately. She has a very loud and persistent purr, and she really seems to enjoy the company and attention.
This kitty’s family will need to follow up with a veterinarian about her injuries and what she might need as she recovers. And her family might also need to talk with a veterinarian about a weight loss plan. Bananas is just a little over 12 pounds, and that added weight doesn’t seem healthy for her wounded back and hips. A diet plan that helps her lose weight slowly and safely might be wise.
That’s it for this week! Thank you for reading along, and thanks in advance for your shares. Even if these cats aren’t right for you, there may be someone in your community who can take one of these sweeties home. If you’d like to do yet more to help, click the kitty’s name in the subheadings to go to their adoption pages. There is a sponsorship link on each page. Sponsorships are always appreciated.