Meet Adoptable Cats Hoover, Tony, F2, Creampuff, and Sheva

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Adoptable cat Hoover
We had an amazing week for adoptable cats in Salem last week. All of the cats I mentioned in last week’s post (with the exception of little Jinx) found a home. Let’s make the same thing happen this week–except let’s get ALL of these kitties into the homes they deserve.

Tabby Cat Tony

I know we have many orange tabby cat fans out there. You’ll be excited to meet this 10-year-old gem of a cat named Tony. Isn’t he adorable?
Orange tabby Tony
Tony came to the shelter as a stray cat, and based on those ragged ears of his, it’s possible he’s lived a hard life. Even so, that hasn’t changed his sweet nature.
Tony is what we call a “leaner.” He likes to stand near you and push all of the weight of his side body into yours while you pet him. He also adores to sit in your lap, and he makes the sweetest little biscuits when he’s really happy. He has a very loud and persistent purr too, which makes for a nice musical backdrop to anything you’re doing.
Tony gets along nicely with the other cats in his suite, including a very persistent kitten. If you have cats at home looking for a friend, he might be just right for you.

Spicy Cat Creampuff

I’ve told you about Creampuff before. I’m frankly a little shocked that he’s still here. Let’s work together to find this guy a perfect home!
Creampuff the cat
Little Creampuff has been waiting for the perfect family to find him since January 24th, and he’s learned so much during his time here. When I first met this guy, he was really spicy and sassy, and he didn’t want me to pet him at all. Now, he knows I’m the lady that plays with him, and he runs right up to greet me.
That’s right: This guy may be close to 8 years old, but he absolutely loves to play. Wand toys are a particular favorite, but he also likes catnip mice and rattle balls.
If Creampuff isn’t given outlets for his energy, he gets into behaviors that people don’t like. He can make your hands into toys, for example. Since he’s declawed, he sometimes plays with his teeth, so his games can be a little painful.
He gets along very nicely with other cats, including very spicy cats. If he has playmates and active owner play time, this guy would be happy as a clam. We’re not sure if he has dog experience, but with slow introductions, it might be fine.
I’ll miss this guy when he goes home, but I’m hoping it’s soon. Can you help?

Sweet Cat Sheva

Here’s another long-timer cat that needs our help. Her name is Sheva, and she’s about 11 years old. She’s been waiting for the right home since March 2. I can’t capture how wonderful she is in a photo, so I tried a video instead.

Sheva is a quintessential lap cat, hoping for someone to take a chance on her. She is a quiet little soul, and she really doesn’t need much from you aside from your patience and your affection. She’ll blossom when you provide her with the love she so desperately hopes for.
Sheva has lived with other cats, but she seems to find them intimidating. If you have very gentle, quiet kitties that will respect her space, she might do fine. But she might also appreciate having her own room or living as your only cat.
Sheva is a volunteer favorite, and she has so many people rooting for her. Can you be her hero?

F2 the Special Cat

This sweet face belongs to F2. He’s about 11 years old, and he’s hoping for a very special family that can do him the biggest of favors.
Tuxedo cat F2
This big boy has been dealt two very difficult blows at the same time.
The first: His beloved person died. He has lived with the same family his whole life, and I’m sure that losing his secure and safe person has been really hard on him.
The second: He was diagnosed with cancer. He had a lump on his back that we biopsied, and the news wasn’t good. His tumor may come back quickly, and it may move to a different part of his body. He’s healthy and happy now, but we’re not sure how long that will last.
F2 is a hospice adoption, as his health is so precarious. He needs a family that will show him love and kindness, knowing they might lose him soon. If you’ve ever wanted to do something wonderful to make the world a better place, this is your chance to do so.
F2 gets along incredibly well with other cats, and he is friendly and kind with almost everyone he meets. He can be shy in new situations, but once he feels comfortable, he is your friend for life.
Can you help him?

Darling Cat Hoover

I’ve saved the best for last. Meet 9-year-old Hoover. He’s my favorite little kitty in the shelter right now.
Harlequin cat Hoover
Hoover is 9 years old, and he came to the shelter due to a significant owner illness. His person must have loved him so much, because this is an incredibly trusting and loving little guy.
Come to meet him, and he’ll perk right up and ask for pets and cuddles. He has a remarkably loud little purr, and he loves to bonk you with the top of his head. He would make for a wonderful lap warmer on a cold spring evening, don’t you think?
Hoover has wonderful cat manners, so he can integrate into your feline family with ease. We’re not sure how he feels about dogs. He might like to live with respectful children, as they often have cuddles to spare!

Final Thoughts

That’s it for this week! If you see a kitty on here you love, come down to visit. They go faster than you might think is possible! And if you don’t find someone you love, remember: This is just a sample of the cats we’re trying to find homes for. There’s bound to be love within our walls.
If names are underlined, the kitty is still up for adoption. Click that link to find out more about age, price, etc. And if you feel compelled, click the “sponsor” button to help support this kitty’s stay. Thank you!