Meet Adoptable Cats Inigo, Iris, Aphena, and Jazzy

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Adoptable cat Aphena
Hello, Salem cat lovers!
I’m going to start out this week’s blog post with a special plea. We are absolutely packed tight with cats in the shelter right now, and that means we need plenty of families to come forward to take a cat home. I’m hoping you can help by adopting, but if you can’t, please help us by networking these cats. Can you share their stories? Can you convince people to visit? We would really love to make space in the shelter, and we need your help to make it happen.
Who should you adopt? I have a few ideas.

Handsome Cat Inigo Montoya

Yes, we are Princess Bride lovers, too. When this handsome guy came to us as a stray cat needing a name, we went right to our favorite source material. But don’t let the name fool you. This guy isn’t looking for revenge. He is looking for love.
Brown tabby Inigo
Inigo is about four years old, and for most of his life, he had a family to call his own. But that family moved away and left him behind. Kind neighbors rescued him and brought him to us for care. He’s been with us for a few weeks, but he hasn’t found his forever fit quite yet. We’re hoping that happens soon.
Inigo is a very friendly little guy that doesn’t take long to warm up to new people. He especially loves to be petted right on the top of his head, but he will willingly roll over on his back for tummy rubs. He is playful, and he would like to bust out of his kennel to stretch those long legs of his.
Since he was a stray, we’re not sure if Inigo would enjoy the company of other cats or dogs. But he would certainly appreciate a little love and room to roam. Can you help?

Beautiful Cat Iris

Next up is this gorgeous kitty named Iris. She was found as a stray cat, and her finders really wanted to keep her. But Iris didn’t enjoy the company of the resident cat and dog, so her finders thought it best for Iris to come to the shelter to find a new family to love.
Abby cat Iris
Let’s face it: This cat is gorgeous. She is a six-year-old Abyssinian mix with pale green eyes and a gorgeous ticked coat. At the moment, this girl is incredibly overweight and needs to slim down. But when she does, she will surely impress you with her sleek beauty. Like most cats of her breed, Iris loves to play. She is exceptionally good at high-five games, but she also likes ball toys and wand toys. Playing with her will help her lose weight (plus, it’s pretty fun). She needs a family that has no other pets and who wants a fun, curious, and playful little kitty. Could that be your family?

Sweet Kitty Aphena

Next up is this adorable grey-and-white kitty named Aphena. She is a little younger than two, and she has a quiet and serious nature that is a little unusual for kitties her age. Where the other young cats spend shelter time playing with toys and bouncing around, this girl likes to sit and watch everything happening around her. People looking for a young cat with an old soul might really like this girl.
Adoptable cat Aphena
It might be hard to tell from this photo (you can click it to make it bigger), but Aphena has the most adorable little underbite. And there’s something else that is adorable about her: When she is happy, she drools. You can see the little speckles on her lips here, as I had been petting her before our photo shoot began. Isn’t she just the sweetest?
Aphena does fine with other cats, but she tends to avoid dogs. She will need a slow adjustment to a new home, and she will need to be confined during that time period. She was adopted, got spooked, and ran from her last home and was lost for quite some time. No one wants that to happen again. A family that plans ahead and lets her settle in one room until she adjusts will be wise. Can you help?

Perfect Cat Jazzy

Looking for a young, healthy cat that can adjust to almost any situation? You need to meet Jazzy. This sweet girl is just four years old, and she came to us when her family was moving and couldn’t take her along. Jazzy has been described as mellow, laid back, friendly, and independent. She doesn’t cause a fuss about most things, and she adjusts to almost everything. Sounds perfect, right?
Tortie cat Jazzy
I made the mistake of scheduling this photo shoot during nap time, so Jazzy looks really calm here (with folded paws). But she is a cat that likes to play, and she enjoys playing with the other cats in her suite. Jazzy takes no time to warm up to new people, and I have yet to find someone she doesn’t like.
Come and get this perfect cat!

A Few Reminders

I mentioned that the shelter is full. That means many of the cats I’ve told you about in prior blog posts are still here waiting. They make the most of that wait. Lillian and Merlin (He is my current favorite shelter cat, by the way.) are resting together in their cat tree, in between bouts of playing. I told you about them both in last week’s blog post, and am hoping they will go home this week.
Cuddling cats
A few weeks back, I told you about an adorable black cat named Echo. She is also still available, but she hasn’t been on the adoption floor for a bit. You see, Echo has a history of giving what we call “love bites gone wrong,” and she gave one of those bites to a visitor awhile back. So she spent some time reconsidering her life choices, and is now back up for adoption.
Many of us love this sassy, sweet cat. In fact, this is the cat I hear people talk about using the phrase “I wish I could take her home, but…” I am hoping there is someone out there who can remove that “but” this week.
Adoptable cat Echo
Thank you for reading all the way to the end of this post, and thank you in advance for helping us to find some homes for these cats. We really are at capacity, and anything you can do to help would be more than welcome.