Meet Adoptable Cats Jasmine, Larkspur, Madam Rosmerta, Wall-e, and Phoenix

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The air is growing crisp, nights are getting long, and we have plenty of cats who are ready to help you stay warm and cozy. We still have a very full house, and I am hoping I can entice you to take home a cat and/or encourage a friend or family member to come to the shelter and fall in love.
Let me tell you about five great cats available right now. You’ll see that we have a great selection of ages and temperaments, so there really is a kitty here for everyone. Let’s get started!

Beautiful Cat Jasmine

I know we have plenty of white-cat fans in our community. I have good news for you. We have a beautiful, all-white kitty in the shelter right now named Jasmine, and she would love to be part of your family. Jasmine is 14 years old, so she is one of the oldest cats in the shelter right now. But she certainly doesn’t look her age. Isn’t she gorgeous?
White cat Jasmine
Jasmine and her siblings came to the shelter when their owner passed away. It’s been hard for these older cats to adjust to the new life, but Jasmine has been the first to make herself comfortable. During our visit, she was afraid of me for about two minutes, and then decided she should sit in my lap for the rest of our time together. She has a surprisingly loud purr, and she likes to knead. I just love her.
Jasmine can go into a home with other cats (including her siblings), but she has no dog or child experience. I should also mention that she has a heart murmur, and while her teeth need cleaning, that might require special attention due to her heart. The adoption staff can tell you more.
I am hoping she will go home soon.

Lovely Kitty Larkspur

Next up is this adorable 8-year-old cat named Larkspur. She came to the shelter back in September, with four of her kittens. I can’t imagine how many litters this aging cat has raised during her lifetime, but the work was clearly taking a toll. She was thin, greasy, and covered with fleas when she arrived. She got medical care, and then went to rest with her kittens in a foster home. All of her kittens have been adopted, and now it is her turn.
Adoptable cat Larkspur
It doesn’t seem as though Larkspur has had much contact with humans during her lifetime, and that means she doesn’t pop up to the front of her kennel to greet visitors. She can also seem a little startled and shy when her kennel door is opened. But one of our dedicated cat volunteers tells me that Larkspur really does want attention, and she can be very loving with people she knows well. Once she trusts you, Larkspur will do almost anything you ask her to. But her family will need to go slowly with her and allow that trust to build naturally. Do that, and you will have a sweet friend for life.
We’re not sure if Larkspur has much cat experience (aside from having kittens herself), but she might appreciate a confident friend that can help her learn to navigate the world. We’re also not sure how she might like dogs. Due to her shy nature, we’re recommending that she go into a home with kids no younger than 8.

Wonderful Kitty Madam Rosmerta

I mentioned that Jasmine was “one” of the oldest kitties in the shelter now. This is another lovely senior at 14 years old. Her name is Madam Rosmerta, and as you can see, she is an absolutely gorgeous Siamese mix kitty with the bluest of eyes. She wanted to pose for photos within her box, where she feels the most comfortable, but I think her beauty still shines through.
Siamese cat
Madam Rosmerta came to the shelter with her siblings, all of whom became homeless when their owner passed away. This sweet cat had an incredibly difficult time adjusting to shelter life, so she went into a foster home for a bit. That adjustment time allowed her to prepare to come back to the shelter, and while she doesn’t love it here, she is doing well. She greets visitors with purrs and head butts. She is trying to woo a family, but it hasn’t happened yet.
She can go into a home with other cats (and she might like that), but we’re not sure about dogs.

Wonderful Cat Wall-E

This sweet guy is a favorite of mine, and I am really hoping that his is the story I can compel you to share or act upon. His name is Wall-E, and he came to the shelter for the first time in June, and he was recently returned to our care. It’s hard for kitties to move from home to home, and I am hoping we can find him a forever fit, with your help.
Adoptable cat Wall-e
Wall-E is just three years old, so he is a young cat with a lot of energy. He is an extremely athletic cat that is adept at climbing, leaping, and jumping. He spends most of his days in his suite running from one place to another, followed by a bout of napping. He adores people and craves attention, but he also likes to stay active and moving almost all of the time.
Wall-E is also an opinionated cat, and when he doesn’t get the things he wants, he can express his opinions in ways people do not appreciate. Case in point: He was adopted to an indoor-only home, and he showed his desire to go outside by ripping at screens, tearing at carpet, and more.
We are recommending that Wall-E live with a family that has some land for roaming. Wall-E would love to spend his days outside, running and leaping and jumping without consequence. He might enjoy coming inside too, but he might really appreciate a cat door, so he can make his own decisions. Since Wall-E has flea allergies, he will need flea preventive on a regular basis (no exceptions!), but this is the only unusual request he might have.
Do you know of someone looking for a friendly helper cat? Can you help him?

Pretty Cat Phoenix

I don’t often put kittens on this blog, as they get adopted so quickly in a normal year. But this is not a normal year. We are simply overrun with kittens, and that means we need people to step up and take sweeties like 5-month-old Phoenix home. And how can you resist this floof!

You can meet kittens at the main shelter, and you can head to Kitten Kaboodle in the Salem Center Mall on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. We’d love to get all of these kittens into homes.
And since we do have so very many kittens in the shelter right now, we could also use your help with food. We could use canned cat food in pate style, any brand will work. And we also need Royal Canin Mother and Babycat canned and dry food for our nursing mommas and their babies. Can you help with these things? You can bring them to the shelter during our open hours. We would really appreciate the help.
Thank you for all you do to help cats in our community. We appreciate you!