Meet Adoptable Cats Leonardo, Saki, Lotus, and Jinx

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Kitty in blanket
We have plenty of adoptable cats hoping to find love during spring break. This week, I have three adult cats to tell you about (including two Siamese kitties), and one very special cat looking for just the right kind of home.
Let’s get started.

Fluffy Cat Leonardo

First up is this 5-year-old ball of floof named Leonardo. Isn’t he absolutely gorgeous? The last time we had a long-haired orange tabby in the shelter, it caused absolute pandemonium. We expect the same with this guy.
Leonardo lying down
Leonardo came to the shelter due to a very serious illness in his owner. The issue came on suddenly, and his person wasn’t able to tell us very much about her sweet cat, except that she loved him and wanted what was best for him. We hope we can fulfill that promise.
Leonardo has been well cared for and well loved throughout his short life. He is very relaxed in his kennel, although he has been known to tap people when they walk by to get their attention. He loves to be petted, and he adores to be brushed. That’s great, because he has a lot of hair!
We’re not sure if he’s lived with other animals before, but we can talk you through slow introductions. That could help get him off on the right paw.
He’s adoptable today, and he won’t be in the shelter for long, since he has so much to offer. Come see!

Gorgeous Cat Lotus

Prepare to lose your heart to love. This gorgeous little Siamese mix is Lotus, and she’s about 2 years old. Her blue eyes are stunning!
Adoptable cat Lotus
Lotus is an incredibly affectionate and sweet little cat. Come to visit her, and she’ll lean up against her cat bed and blink her eyes at you to entice you to pet her. She has been described as a lap cat that adores attention, although she does have a playful side to her and can bat cat toys around like a pro.
Lotus can startle easily, and she seems afraid of equipment, including vacuums, cameras, and lawnmowers. With a little reassurance, she recovers. But this kind of behavior could mean she’ll need a slow introduction to your household. Give her one room to adjust to, then another, then another, to help her acclimate slowly.
Lotus has lived with cats before, and she loves them. She also adores children of all ages, and hopes to live with them in the future. She has no dog experience that we know of. Come see her!

Special Cat Jinx

I have a soft spot for the next cat, and I am hoping we can all work together as a community to find him a forever home. His name is Jinx, and he’s just 3 years old.
White cat Jinx
Some of you may remember the Solstice Cats that we took in during the holiday season, through the intervention of the Salem Police Department (more on that story here). Jinx was part of that group of cats.
Most of the other Solstice Cats enjoy the company of other cats. In fact, they seek out other cats for reassurance. Jinx is different.
He has been adopted and returned twice, and in both situations, he became really upset at the sight of other pets. Slow introductions and reassurance did not help. This guy simply wants and needs to be the only pet.
Jinx also has a bit of sass to him, and he has been known to swat at people to get them to back up. This behavior might fade when he feels safe in a forever home, or it just might be part of his personality. (I should note that he’s never done anything like this to me, but he has swatted at adoptive families. It might be a behavior that comes and goes.)
This guy is very young, and he’s been through so much during his short little life. We’re hoping we can give him the forever happy ending he deserves. Can you help?

 Siamese Adult Cat Saki

Finally, this is Saki. This Siamese guy is 6 years old, and he’s hoping to find someone just like you to call his new best friend.
Siamese cat Saki
Saki came to the shelter due to the death of the person he loved. It was hard on this sweet guy to make the adjustment, and he hid quite a bit when he arrived. He’s been making great strides in the shelter, and he grows more and more confident every day. He may never be a life of the party kind of cat, but he shows that he can grow more affectionate and warm when he feels safe.
Saki lives successfully with other cats. In fact, he seems to prefer life with felines. He runs to his friends when he feels nervous. If you have cats, he might like to meet them.
We’re not sure if he’s lived with dogs or kids before. If he’s treated respectfully, he might do fine. But we just don’t have a history of that behavior.
Can you give this gorgeous guy the home he needs?

Final Thoughts

That’s it for this week! If you see a kitty on here you love, come down to visit. They go faster than you might think is possible! And if you don’t find someone you love, remember: This is just a sample of the cats we’re trying to find homes for. There’s bound to be love within our walls.
If names are underlined, the kitty is still up for adoption. Click that link to find out more about age, price, etc. And if you feel compelled, click the “sponsor” button to help support this kitty’s stay. Thank you!