Meet Adoptable Cats Melody, Jim, Sweet Pea, and Zoey

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Adoptable cat Melody
When summer arrives in Salem, the kittens start filling up the shelter (and our hearts). While we all love looking at the little, sweet babies, adult cats are still in our shelter too. We don’t want these adoptable cats to be overlooked, as they have so much to offer the right family.
Here are a few of the adult cats up for adoption right now in our shelter.

Magical Cat Melody

This beautiful tabby cat is Melody. She may look like a senior, but she’s only 4 years old. Her life up to this point hasn’t been easy. She is thinner than she should be, and her coat isn’t as shiny and bright as we might like it. But her personality shines right through.
Adorable kitty Melody
Melody is a calm and gentle kitty who waits politely for attention. When you do give her attention, she is in heaven. She purrs and rolls and kneads her little paws during any visit. She seems to like everyone and is always happy to make new friends.
We don’t know a lot about Melody’s history, but she has been very kind and loving to her shelter cat roommates. It’s not unusual to see her sleeping with or close to one or even two other cats. She should integrate into a multi-cat home quite nicely. While we’re not sure how she would feel about dogs, her calm nature might make her a good fit for a life with a gentle, cat-savvy dog.
Melody is a sweetie, and after her rough beginning, we’d like to see her find a happy ending.

Gorgeous Senior Cat Jim

Jim is one of the oldest cats we have in the shelter right now; he’s 15! Jim came to us with a wound on the side of his face, which has been surgically corrected. He’d like you to avoid the temptation to point out that his face is a little lopsided. He’s self-conscious! When his fur grows back, you won’t even notice that he’s been through a procedure.
Adoptable cat Jim
Like most older cats, Jim isn’t a very active little kitty. He spends a lot of his day sleeping, with plenty of breaks for eating treats. He just needs a soft bed, a sunny windowsill and plenty of love in order to be a happy kitty. He should make for a very quiet, gentle companion.
Since Jim is older, he probably won’t appreciate living with rambunctious little kitties. He needs his rest. A gentle cat companion who lets him have his space might be a better choice. We’re not sure if Jim has lived with dogs, but the same principles apply. He won’t want to live with canine companions who would chase or pester him.
Brown tabby Jim
It’s hard for seniors to wait in the shelter for their forever families. We’re hoping someone will give this guy the perfect retirement home very soon.

Superb Sweet Pea

We’re hypnotized by the orange eyes on Manx kitty Sweet Pea. Sadly, we don’t get to see them very often. This kitty is very shy and scared, and she spends a lot of her time huddled in her bed in her suite.
Sweet Pea Adoptable Cat
Sweet Pea came from a home crowded with other cats, and it doesn’t seem as though she had a great deal of socialization help. She doesn’t seem to understand that all humans want to love her, and she certainly doesn’t do a good job of helping people to see how beautiful she is.
Sweet Pea needs an understanding person who will help coax kitty’s shyness away. It will likely take time, and it will certainly take patience, but the rewards can be amazing. Cats who turn around from behavior like this become the most loving cats imaginable.
Adoptable cat Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea will appreciate living with other cats. If she has a friendly cat as a mentor, she is likely to transform quickly. Due to her shy nature, small children might not be the best choice for companions. But she can go home with children 10 and older. We’re not sure of her history with dogs.
We hope you’ll come and take a chance on Sweet Pea.

Beautiful Senior Cat Zoey

Zoey is our resident grumpy cat. Look at this frown! She looks like this almost all the time, and it’s simply due to the way her forehead fur grows. Zoey isn’t grumpy at all! She loves to be petted, and she is the queen of the head butts. She’ll give your hands a tap if you stop petting her before she thinks your time is up.
Adoptable cat Zoey
Zoey is 13 years old, and she came to us when her family was moving and she couldn’t come along. Her family described her as a mellow, loving, lap cat who also liked periods of independence.  Zoey has no cat or dog experience, but she might integrate with other pets if given the proper introduction.
We should also mention that Zoey has renal disease. She’ll need a special food for the rest of her life. Her family will also need to take her in for checkups to make sure her disease is under control.

Please Come Visit!

These are just a few of the kitties in the shelter right now. We have many more cats who would love to meet you and become part of your family. We hope you’ll stop by to meet them soon!