Meet Adoptable Cats Meredith, Fiona, Doris, and Mariposa

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It was a great week for adoptable cats last week. Many of our shy cats (including sweet Clark) and many of our senior cats (including Rockstar) went home with loving families. We’re so thankful for those families that stepped up to give these kitties the home they deserve.
But many of our young, very adoptable cats are still waiting for you. For example, 2-year-old Drako that I told you about last week is still here, as is 1-year-old Lilith that I told you about a few weeks ago. We’re hoping these young cats can find their forever fit this week. In addition, I have four more cats to tell you about, and they would all love to be your best friend too.

Meredith: Waiting Since October 4

This sweet tuxedo cat is Meredith. She’s about 3 years old, and she came to the shelter after spending the summer lurking around a Salem-area home. We’re not sure how she ended up homeless, but she spent quite a bit of time trying to woo her finder family into keeping her. Unfortunately, they could not keep her, so she came to us for care.
Meredith is a very gentle and sweet cat that can seem a little shy when you first meet her. Don’t believe her presentation for one minute. This is a very affectionate cat that adores attention, but she wants a minute or two to get to know you before you start petting her. Here’s a hint: treats help. Meredith will do almost anything for a crunchy cat treat.
Since she was a stray cat, we’re not sure if Meredith has been exposed to dogs or cats. Slow introductions to the household should help set her up for success.

Fiona: Waiting Since October 18

Fiona is a relative newcomer to the shelter, but I’m placing her on the blog because she really dislikes shelter life. I’m hoping someone will take her home soon, so she can leave this part of her life behind.
Fiona is 12 years old, and she has spent most of her life with one loving person. This person and Fiona had a very tight bond, and when this person passed away, Fiona went into a period of grief and loss. Cats feel things much more acutely than we realize, and sometimes, they need a little space and grace as they process their feelings.
After the death of her person, Fiona went into a home with a relative. But that person had a dog, and with her grief and the canine companion, it was too much for this little girl. She came to the shelter in the hopes of finding a caring family that can teach her how to love again.
The sights, sounds, and smells of the shelter are overwhelming for Fiona, and while she wants love, she can be a little fearful here. She will need a family that will move slowly with her and give her space, and she will reward that with a lifetime of love. As mentioned, she cannot go into a home with dogs, and she should live with children no younger than 13. We’re not sure how she feels about cats. Can you help her learn to love again?

Doris: Waiting Since October 13

Look at this pretty kitty! This is Doris, and she is a little younger than 2 years old. She came to the shelter when her family developed allergies that couldn’t be addressed with medications. When she came in, her family reported that Doris had no cat experience. We’ve been thrilled with how well she is living with the cats in her suite!
Adoptable cat Doris
Doris has been cuddling with her kitty roommates most of the day (including Lilith), and she has been known to grab her kittens roommates as they walk by for quick bathing sessions. These cat-to-cat skills should serve her extremely well in a home.
Doris is also a born lap cat. As soon as you sit down in the suite, she comes to visit and climb up for a visit. She has a lovely and loud purr. She seems like a lovely little kitty to spend cold winter nights with.

Mariposa: A Hero Momma Needs Her Hero

If you follow us on Instagram (and you should!), you may have read this story about Mariposa. This 1-year-old cat is one of our shelter heroes on four legs, and she is looking for a hero to take her home.
Mariposa came to the shelter with a large litter of kittens, and she stepped up to feed, clean, and train three more litters throughout the summer. Without her help, human foster families would have been required to feed these kittens every 2-4 hours, and the kittens would have missed out on the antibodies in mother’s milk, as well as the cat training a mom provides. She made saving these little kittens so much easier, and so much more effective. Now, she needs you.
Since Mariposa was a stray cat, we don’t know a lot about her history. We don’t know if she has experience living with cats or dogs. But she has a lovely and calm demeanor in the shelter, and she gratefully accepts all kinds of attention from everyone she meets.
We’d love to have you come meet her and think about taking her home. She needs you!
That’s it for this week! Remember: If you can’t adopt, please share these stories. We need to get these cats into the loving homes they deserve. Thank you!