Meet Adoptable Cats Merlin, Tom, and Lillith

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Adoptable cat Tom
This cooler weather has all of us (including the cats) feeling a little snuggly and sleepy. We’re all looking for someone to cuddle with. This week, I’d like to tell you about three cats who have exceptional cuddle skills, and I’ll remind you about an old friend that is still waiting for his perfect cuddle fit.
Let’s get started.

Magical Cat Merlin

First up is this 8-year-old longhaired tabby cat boy named Merlin. He came to the shelter on September 2nd, and he has been waiting for his forever fit ever since. He recently moved from a kennel into a suite, and now that people can see how beautiful he is, I expect him to leave the shelter very quickly.
Orange tabby Merlin
Merlin came to us as a stray cat, and he must have been in a scrape or two during his life on the streets. He has a kinked little ear due to a prior injury, and his fur is a little thinner than it should be. With the proper nutrition and grooming, he is going to be a gorgeous little kitty, and he’ll always have that wild little ear to set him apart from the rest.
Merlin is a remarkably affectionate cat that will climb right up into your arms, if you allow him to do so. He wraps his paws around the back of your neck and purrs with all his might. He really wants someone to love.
Merlin the cat
Merlin has been living in a suite with several other cats (including kittens), and he has done remarkably well with everyone. He is very patient with wild kittens, and he is very loving with senior cats. He should fit into a multi-cat home quite nicely. We do not know if he enjoys life with dogs, but since he is so calm and confident, he might do well with the right introductions. He can go home with children 8 and older.
We’re hoping he goes home this week. We just can’t let all of these cuddles go to waste.

Sleepy Cat Tom

Next up is this adorable grey-and-white cat named Tom. He is about 6 years old, and he has been with us since the middle of August. When kitten season is in full swing, older guys like Tom tend to get overlooked. Now that we don’t have so many kittens in the shelter, we’re hoping he will get the attention he needs.
Adoptable cat Tom
Tom came to the shelter because his family was moving out of the country, and they couldn’t take this guy along. They report that Tom is not a playful, active little kitty. In their home, he preferred to “supervise” and make sure everything was done properly. They also reported that Tom had one hobby and one hobby alone: napping. We concur.
Tom napping
Tom snoozes most of his days away. He seems like he would be a wonderful little pet for someone who wants a mellow, gentle companion who won’t climb on things, dig in plants, or otherwise get into trouble. He just needs a warm, sunny bed in order to be happy.
Tom can be shy, and he seems worried about having his head and neck touched. He is also a little worried about fast movements and loud noises. He is living with cats, but he is worried about them from time to time too. He needs someone who can work with him on his confidence and who will be comfortable with a cat who will never be the life of the party. And Tom will need roommates who respect his space. In his last home, Tom lived with both dogs and cats. It is likely those animals just let him do his thing without a lot of pressure to interact.
Tom can go home with children 10 and older. And on a personal note, I’d like to make a special plea for a family to come meet this guy. It’s hard to see shy cats in the shelter. Let’s help him to move on.

Beautiful Cat Lilith

Looking for a young and beautiful cat? Meet Lilith. She is about a year old, and she has been in the shelter since September 7th. Lilith is just the kind of cat many people tell us they want, so I hope she goes home soon.
Adoptable cat Lilith
Lilith was living in a colony with many other cats (including many kittens). It must have been a very hard, difficult life for her. The group had no shelter, inconsistent food, and no medical care. It’s not an ideal environment for a cat to grow up in, and yet, Lilith has really lovely people skills. She comes right out to greet visitors, and she accepts pets and touches almost immediately. She also has lovely cat skills, and has demonstrated an ability to live with kittens, seniors, and medically fragile cats. I don’t know how she learned all of these skills, but I am glad she has them.
Lilith also has the most gorgeous cat coat. Just look at it.
Torbie cat coat
She is like a walking advertisement for fall, don’t you think? You really have to see this coat in order to believe it.
Lilith has been described as very active and sassy. She will need a home in which she can burn off energy. She can go into a home with cats, but she may not enjoy life with dogs. She can go home with kids 5 and older.
I should mention that Lilith will need a slow introduction into her home. She will need her own room and her own litter box for many days, and then she should be introduced to new rooms one at a time. Lilith was introduced to a new home too quickly, and was returned for some behavior issues. Taking things slowly will help you avoid that.

A Reminder: Share Prospero’s Story!

I’ve told you about Prospero a few times now. He’s been waiting for the perfect home since May, and we all really want to see him go home. For those of you who don’t know him, Prospero came to us as a stray cat. He is incredibly loving and sweet (as you can see in this video), and he has become a staff and volunteer favorite for that reason.

Prospero needs a loving home with cat-savvy people who love their sweetness mixed with a little bit of sass. He has FIV, but he can go into a home with other cats who allow him to run the show (and who will not fight with him).
Can you take him home? Or do you know someone who can? Let’s mobilize to get him adopted.
That’s it for this week! Thank you for reading, and thank you for spreading the word about these cats. We couldn’t reach our community without your help! If you want to do more for the kitties, click their names in the bold subheadings to go to their pages. From there, you can donate to their care, and you can share these pages to spread the word. Thank you!