Meet Adoptable Cats Nova, Prospero, Kilowatt, and Mufasa

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Adoptable Siamese cat
This week’s adoptable cat blog post features three long-timer kitties who are hoping that this week will be the week their wait will come to an end. We’re also featuring one new kitty with a very special story. He’s also hoping to find that perfect fit this week.
Let’s get started.

Beautiful Cat Nova

First up is this gorgeous, longhaired tortie girl named Nova. She came to the shelter on April 20th, and she’s been waiting patiently for her forever home since then. Each week, she watches younger kitties go home with their new families, and people seem to pass older girls like her right by. She’s hoping that will change this week.
Adoptable cat Nova
Nova’s owner brought this girl to the shelter when a family crisis made pet ownership impossible. Nova’s owners describe her as a bit of a loner, but report that she likes to be carried and sit in laps. She ignored the family dog in the home, but she had no cat experience. In she shelter, she has shown signs of discomfort around cats, so we’re recommending that she live as the only cat in the home.
Nova the adoptable cat
Nova is 13 years old, and she has some pain due to orthopedic issues. We’re medicating her pain, but we notice that she doesn’t feel much like walking or playing. She does love to be petted and cuddled. And she really loves to be brushed. We think she’ll make a loving, kind companion for someone generous enough to open up their home to an older cat in need. Could that be you?

Very Friendly Cat Prospero

Next up is 4-year-old Prospero: He’s quite possibly the friendliest cat we have in the shelter right now. He’s been waiting for a home since May 5th, and he hasn’t let that long wait dampen his spirit or break his heart. He greets everyone with cuddles, purrs, kneading, and an extremely strong head butt. He was friendly like this when he arrived, and he remains this friendly now.
Adoptable cat Prospero
Prospero was living as a community cat, and a concerned Salem resident stepped in to help him when he needed it most. He was weak, and he had wounds on his head, his front paw, and his back leg. He was missing a claw, and he had a pocket of puss that was pressing up on his skin. He was brought to the animal clinic, and then he came to us for additional care.
Community cats live very hard, very short lives. This is one of the main reasons we encourage all Salem residents to have their cats altered. The fewer litters there are in our community, the fewer Prosperos who try to survive on their own. We’re thankful to the people in our community who help cats like this, and we’re thankful to our donors who help to fund our work with stray cats like Prospero.
Like many community cats that fight for survival, Prospero developed an FIV infection. That means he’s susceptible to other infections, and he needs people who will take him to the veterinarian when he’s ill. Prospero is living happily with a roommate now (more on him in a minute), but he shouldn’t go into a home where he might fight with a resident cat. Introductions should progress slowly and carefully so everyone stays safe. The staff can tell you more about that.
Prospero the cat cuddling
Prospero is a warm and loving kitty who really wants a family of his own to love (notice that he fell asleep on my foot at the end of this photo shoot). He responds so enthusiastically to every visitor that he’d be a dream to come home to at the end of a long day of work. Cuddles and headbumps could make even the worst day seem a little brighter. We hope someone will take this loving guy home very soon.

Sweet and Lovable Kilowatt

This is Prospero’s roommate: The lovely, ebony Kilowatt. He’s 8 years old, and he’s been with us since June. Like his roommate, this is a cat that wants nothing more than to love and be loved. He gets up and runs to the door when he thinks anyone is interested in meeting him. And he stays up high on his cat trees and shelves, so he’ll be close to hands that want to pet him.
Kilowatt the cat
Kilowatt was also a community cat, and he also came to us with wounds on his face and feet. He needed a surgical correction on one of those wounds, and for awhile, he had a lopsided face due to missing fur from the surgical site. That’s all healing up nicely, and now Kilowatt looks gorgeous once more. He has the fluffiest, fattest little cheeks.
Kilowatt also has FIV, like his roommate, so he’ll need to go into a home where there is no cat-to-cat fighting. He shows no inclination to fight his current roommate, so we know this is possible. But again, slow introductions to resident cats will be vital here. The staff can tell you more about how to do that.
Adoptable cat Kilowatt
We don’t know if Kilowatt enjoys dogs at all, and his history with children is unclear. But he is a very confident, very bold little kitty that is likely to adjust to new situations quickly. We’d love to see him go home. And if someone has room in heart and home, it would be lovely to see Kilowatt and Prospero go home together. They seem to love one another.

Magical Cat Mufasa

This showstopper flame-point Siamese cat is Mufasa. He’s just 4 years old, and he’s a relatively new addition to the shelter. He’s only been with us for a month or so. Normally, pretty cats like Mufasa go home quickly. But this guy has a medical history that seems to scare potential adopters away. We hope we can find the perfect fit for him very soon.
Mufasa the cat
Mufasa has difficulty with his urinary tract. He develops crystals in his urine, if he doesn’t eat the right kind of food, and those crystals make urination really painful. His main symptom of a urine problem involves peeing outside of his cat box. That’s what prompted him to come here.
Urinary problems do take time and patience to solve. Owners need to make sure kitties like this eat the right diet, and they need to ensure these cats don’t sneak away with bites of things they shouldn’t eat. If urine problems start up, these guys need to head to the veterinarian. With this kind of care, these issues can be managed. But they can’t always be cured. Mufasa’s new people will need to be vigilant.
Mufasa the cat
Mufasa is an incredibly sweet kitty who is calm and collected in the shelter. He hops right up to greet people who come to visit, but he spends a lot of his day napping and purring. He’s been described as mellow, very affectionate, and a lap cat. He has a wonderful history with children, as he adored the child in his last home. He has no experience with cats or dogs, however.
Mufasa loves visitors of all shapes and sizes. Could you visit him? And if you’d like to donate to his ongoing care, please click on his name in the heading above. You’ll be taken to a donation page. We appreciate it so much.
Thank you for reading about these special kitties! We hope to see you in the shelter very soon.