Meet Adoptable Cats Pepper, Lola, Nancy, Fluffers, and Butler

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Adoptable cat pepper
This week, I have five adoptable cats to tell you about. I have older cats, young cats, fluffy cats, and sleek cats. The one thing they have in common: They all need new homes with loving people.
Let’s get started. And remember: Please share these stories! You might have someone in your network that can take home a cat, even if you can’t.

Adorable Kitten Lola

This little sweetheart is Lola, and she’s just 8 months old. Normally, I don’t put kittens in this cat blog, as they typically don’t need marketing help. But black kittens can sometimes get overlooked by families searching for a feline friend, and since this girl is all black, I worry that she’ll be overlooked. That would be a pity, as this is a gorgeous cat!
Black cat Lola
Lola was found as a stray cat in the community, and when she was found, she had a short little tail. We’re not sure if she was born this way or if it was caused by some kind of injury, but it’s very distinctive. She can wag her little tail like a dog!
Lola is very friendly, and she desperately wants attention. She is the first to greet people in her suite, and if you don’t focus your attention on her, she will lie down dramatically in the middle of the floor, so you won’t be able to overlook her. Those are some exceptional sales skills.
Lola gets along nicely with other cats, and since she is so young, she really wants other cats to play with her. If you have a playful kitty at home, she might be just right for you. We’re not sure how she feels about dogs, but she might do fine with the right introductions. We hope you’ll come see her!

Senior Cat Butler

Could you use a hug? You simply must meet Butler. He’s known for climbing right up on the people he loves, wrapping his arms around their necks and purring into their ears. He will let you carry him from place to place, as he purrs all the time. This is a wonderfully loving little guy.
Orange tabby Butler
Butler is 12 years old, and while we’re pretty sure he had a family at some point (he’s so friendly!), he had been living as a stray for quite some time. He’s been resting under the care of our medical team, gaining weight he had lost and regrowing fur that had fallen out. He is feeling so much better, and he looks better too. We’re so thankful for the donors that help us support cats like Butler.
This guy gets along nicely with other cats, but we’re not sure how he feels about dogs. He is confident and athletic, so he might enjoy life with a cat-savvy dog just fine, as long as they are properly introduced. We’re not sure how he feels about children, but he might enjoy meeting your kids to see if it’s a good fit.
Shameless confession: This is my favorite cat in the shelter right now. We spend my breaks together, and I get all the hugs I want. I will miss him terribly when he goes, but I hope he goes home soon. Special cats like this need a home to call their own.

Siamese Sweetie Pepper

Next up is 7-year-old Pepper. She is a beautiful dilute calico Siamese cat, so she has amazing blue eyes and a speckled coat of cream, brown, and orange. This is a gorgeous little cat.
Siamese cat Pepper
Pepper came to the shelter due to severe allergies in the home. It was very hard for her family to give this kitty up, but the health issue was severe and couldn’t be helped. Pepper had a hard time adjusting to the loss of her family at first, but she’s been coming out of her shell bit by bit. I think she has more heartbreak to recover from, but the right family will help her to heal.
Pepper has been described as a lap cat that enjoys being petted and cuddled and held. She is wonderfully affectionate in the shelter, and she takes very little time to warm up. She is sensitive to loud noises and fast movements (and she doesn’t like my camera very much), but overall, this is a very balanced little kitty.
Pepper has a good history of living with kids (including babies), and she gets along with other cats nicely. We’re not sure how she feels about dogs.
Come see her!

Sensitive Cat Nancy

Next up is 8-year-old tuxedo cat, Nancy. This is a shy and sensitive soul that didn’t feel like posing for many photos, but I think you can see the intelligence in her eyes.
Tuxedo cat Nancy
Nancy lived with one person her whole life, and that person has passed away. It’s hard for some cats to recover from a loss like that, and they can go through a grieving period. Nancy is a little withdrawn right now, and we think it’s due to the loss of the person she loves. We know she will feel better in a home with the right family to love her.
Nancy has been described as very friendly with people she knows well. She loves to be petted and talked to, and she would really love for her person to allow her to sit on their lap in the evening. She gets along nicely with other cats, but she has no history with dogs. She does have a history of swatting at children, so she needs to go into an adult-only home.
Can you help this shy sweetie mend her broken heart?

Appropriately Named Cat Fluffers

The last time I showcased a fluffy, orange kitty, the response was amazing. We had people lined up to take that guy home! Fluffers is hoping the same thing will happen this time. He’s certainly orange and fluffy!
Orange cat fluffers
Fluffers is quite possibly the friendliest cat in the shelter right now. He rolls right over on his back when you pet him, and he kneads the air with happiness when you pet him. He likes to be held, and he enjoys being carried from place to place. He’s just 3 years old, so he must have some kitten energy in there somewhere. But so far, we haven’t seen it.
Fluffers was found as a stray cat, and he has the docked ear used by stray cat clinics to mark cats that have been altered. This seems to suggest that he’s lived as a stray for a long time, but he certainly doesn’t show it. He’s so friendly!
This big guy has an eye issue called entropion, which means his eyelids curl inward toward his eyes. It’s painful, and Fluffers squints a lot. We’re planning to fix that with surgery, so he’ll have a pain-free life going forward. Care like this is expensive, and we always appreciate support for our medically frail cats and dogs. If you’d like to make a donation, that’s always appreciated.
That’s it for this week! If you see a cat you love but adoption isn’t quite right for you, remember that you can click on the cat names in bold to go to their official profile pages. There, you’ll see a button that allows you to sponsor a pet. It’s a great way to get a cat you love a little more attention.