Meet Adoptable Cats Princess, Vernon, Blueberry, and Artie

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Adoptable cat Princess
Hello, Salem cat lovers! This week, I’m going to try something a little bit different, and I’m hoping you’ll help. We are absolutely bursting at the seams with kitties who are sick with a kitty cold, and we are also have many residents who are a bit on the older side.
We are working to address this. Just today, we announced a foster-to-adopt program that will allow you to take home a kitty that is under the weather, nurse it to health (with our medications and support), and adopt it for free (cats older than six months) or $25 (kittens younger than six months). The majority of the cats in this blog post qualify for that program.
We are also participating in National Adoption Weekend, which will help us connect kittens and adult cats with the right families. That should help us make more space for our seniors, one of whom is profiled here.
So how can you help? Adopt, if you can. And if you can’t, share and network our cats.
Ready? Let’s get started.

Beautiful Cat Princess

First up is this gorgeous 10-year-old calico cat named Princess. She came to the shelter at the end of August, when she was found as a stray cat. Her finder loved this beautiful cat, and she had hoped to keep her. But she didn’t have the space for another feline friend, so Princess came to us for care. She was tested by our behavior team, and has been approved for life with children as young as 10. But the team reports that she can be a little timid, so she might take time to grow confident in a new home.
Adoptable cat Princess
Princess came down with a cold, and she has been recovering from that cold with a little help from the medical staff. She is part of our foster-to-adopt program, and as an older cat, we’re hoping she finds the right family soon.
Since Princess came to us as a stray cat, we don’t know about her history with dogs, children, or other cats. She seems very interested in her neighbors, which might indicate that she needs a slow introduction to new friends. The staff can tell you more about that.

Beautiful Blueberry and Friends

I rarely, if ever, talk about kittens on this blog. Most of the time, small kittens don’t need any promotional help to find their homes. These kittens are different. They are black, which can be offputting for some families, and they all have active colds that make them sniffle and sneeze regularly.
Beautiful black cats
But despite their colds, these are active and playful kittens. You’ll notice that they are covered in cat litter and dust in this photo. They have been wrestling with one another nonstop, just pausing long enough to sneeze.
Blueberry in the center is my favorite, as she is incredibly cuddly and sweet. But this is a litter of five, and they are all amazing little kittens that would certainly recover quickly in a home, as opposed to a shelter.
Black kittens
Kittens like this usually come with a price tag of over $100. Remember: With this program, you can take them home for $25. That is an incredible value for this kind of cuteness.

Kind Kitty Artie

You may remember this cat with the long name: The Artist Formerly Known as Prince (whom I just call Artie). He was featured on the cat blog awhile back, and just as people began to respond to his story and think about coming to meet him, he got sick with a cold.
Adoptable cat Artie
Artist is recovering from his cold, but he remains a little sniffly and sneezy. He is also resting quite a bit, so he’ll have enough energy to fight that bug. But with your help and care, he should do well. And this is a cat you don’t want to miss out on.
We have discovered that Artie is a big fan of other cats, especially little kittens. He took a special shine to Estelle (who will be at PetSmart tomorrow for the adoption event). Here they are cuddled up together before Artie got sick. We snapped this with a phone, so it’s a touch grainy. But you can see the love here.
Artie and Estelle
If you are thinking of adopting a kitten, why not take Artie along for the ride? He could teach the little one exceptional manners, and you could save two lives at once.

Sweet Cat Vernon

This last cat is not part of our foster-to-adopt program. But he still needs your help. His name is Vernon, and he is 7 years old. He came to us as a stray cat, and during his intake testing, we discovered that he has FIV. This is a little like the feline version of AIDS, and while it doesn’t require treatment, it does mean Vernon is susceptible to infections in the future, and he will need a home that is devoted to getting him the care he needs.
Adoptable cat Vernon
Vernon is a very gentle and sweet cat that is friendly on first meeting. He can be a little timid (he was afraid of the camera’s click, for example), so he often does best with quiet voices and slow gestures. People who do well with cats and speak cat language will know just how to approach this guy.
Vernon is living in a suite with a very pushy cat, and he cedes ground to that cat at all times. He does not want to be in charge, and he is not willing to question authority. He has wonderful cat manners. Cats with FIV can live with cats that don’t have FIV as long as there are no fights. Vernon may be just the kind of cat for a household with other felines.
Orange cat Vernon
I am hoping that someone will take this sweet guy home this weekend. Isn’t he adorable?
That’s it for this week! Remember: If you are thinking about adding a feline to your family, now is the time to act. We would love to see some kitties head home this weekend. And if you can’t adopt, share these stories with your network. That is always appreciated.