Meet Adoptable Cats Tucker, Felix, Baby Girl, and Pebbles

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Tuxedo cat Felix
We have so many amazing cats to tell you about this week, including one senior that really need a bit of your love and attention. Let’s get started.

Young Kitty Tucker

First up is this sweet brown tabby boy named Tucker. Normally, he is a very busy and active little kitty (and he’s hard to get photos of!), but I caught him right after a big meal. It was the perfect time for a photography session.
Brown tabby Tucker
Tucker came to the shelter as a stray cat, and we were all thrilled when he was adopted. But he had a hard time adjusting to life in his new home, and he hid quite a bit. He came back here to find a new family to love him.
In the shelter, Tucker seems very bold and brassy, so it’s a little surprising that he struggles to adjust to new things. But his family would do well to respect his history. Set him up in just one room and let him grow accustomed to the sights and smells there. When he’s comfortable, add a room to his world. This slow, steady move into your household will help him make friends with your family with the smallest amount of stress.
Tucker has lived with cats (he was part of a colony), but we’re not sure about dogs. He has a fondness for kids, so if you have little ones, he might be right for you!

Sassy Cat Felix

I know we have some spicy cat fans out there. You need to come meet this 6-year-old long-haired beauty. His name is Felix.
Tuxedo cat Felix
Felix has a long history of independence mixed with sass. His family loved him, but that family included a small child. Both the person and the kitty were unhappy in this situation, so Felix came here to find new people to love him.
Felix can be sensitive about when and where he is touched. In fact, he really prefers play over any kind of touching. He adores wand toys, balls, scratching posts, and mice. He’ll play with you for hours, if you let him. And if he trusts you, he might sit near you (not on you) when playtime is through.
This sweet guy would probably do best in a home that gives him a lot of latitude and leeway. He should be an easy roommate, as he never has cat box accidents and isn’t known for breaking things. He can even live with other cats quite nicely. But he isn’t likely to be a lap cat or a snuggle buddy.
Can you give this sweet guy a safe place to call home?

Calico Cutie Pebbles

Prepare to lose your heart to the beautiful Pebbles. She’s 6 years old, and she is absolutely adorable.
Calico cat Pebbles
Pebbles is a very sweet and friendly cat, and she lures her visitors to pet her with chirps and cheeps. She absolutely loves to be petted, and she’ll curl her little body into your hands to soak up all the attention you can give her. She is a delight to visit with.
Pebbles was found as a stray cat, and her finders wanted to keep her, but just couldn’t do so. Since she was a stray, we don’t know a lot about her history or her opinions. But we’ve discovered that she gets along nicely with other cats (including sassy cats), and she seems to enjoy people of all ages.
She can be a little fearful in new situations, so she’ll need a slow introduction to your home. (Most cats do.)
Pebbles has some sore teeth, so she will have a dental cleaning before she heads home with you. Otherwise, she’s ready to go! Come meet this sweet kitty before she’s gone.

Senior Cat Baby Girl

I have a soft spot for the senior cats. This one really tugs at my heartstrings. Her name is Baby Girl, and she’s 14 years old.
Tuxedo cat Baby Girl
This sweet kitty came to the shelter due to medical issues in her person. It’s very hard for older animals to make the adjustment to shelter life, especially when they’re shy by nature. That’s what is happening with this older girl. She wants attention and affection, but she’s a little too worried to ask for it. She lingers in the back of her kennel, and she hopes you’ll notice her.
Spend time with her, and you’ll discover that this is a wonderful little kitty. She loves to be petted, especially on the top of her head, and she has a wonderful little purr.
Despite her age, Baby Girl is very active and she loves to play. She can play a little rough, so she prefers you keep your hands to yourself as she plays. But she’d love balls and toys to bat around.
This girl has lived with other cats, and she has lived with dogs. But she can be particular about her friends. You’ll need to do slow introductions to your household.

Final Thoughts

That’s it for this week! If you see a kitty on here you love, come down to visit. They go faster than you might think is possible! And if you don’t find someone you love, remember: This is just a sample of the cats we’re trying to find homes for. There’s bound to be love within our walls.
If names are underlined, the kitty is still up for adoption. Click that link to find out more about age, price, etc. And if you feel compelled, click the “sponsor” button to help support this kitty’s stay. Thank you!