Meet Adoptable Cats Zephyr, Natalie, Kanga, Ruffian, and Lucky

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Orange tabby Ruffian
This is a packed post! I have several adoptable cats to tell you about this week, including one long-timer that’s made great strides in a foster home and hopes to find love soon.
Let’s jump right in.

Distinguished Cat Zephyr

First up is 10-year-old grey kitty Zephyr. He’s been waiting for the right family to find him since February 7, and he’s hoping this week will be the week he finds true love.
Adoptable cat Zephyr
Zephyr lived with the same family his whole life, and a difficult financial situation prompted him to come here. It was very hard for his person to part with her beloved kitty, and we’re all hoping we can soothe this tough situation by connecting this guy with the best home possible.
Zephyr is a wonderfully mellow and gentle kitty. He’s been resting in kennels in the lobby, so if you’ve come to visit, he’s one of the first animals you met. He probably greeted you with his signature old-man meow and a rub on the glass. He tries hard to make people love him. But if you walk by, he’ll just climb back into his bed again.
Zephyr has been described as a mellow, kind, lap cat. He’s very affectionate, and he prefers napping over playing. He’s had extensive dental work, so he needs wet food. But that’s his only real demand.
This guy has lived with dogs and cats before, but he doesn’t like their company. He would prefer to be your only cat, or he might like to claim a room or two of your house as his, so you can keep all the other pets from him.
Zephyr also has FIV, so he will need to stay inside for the rest of his life. That’s fine by him, as he really prefers to stay warm and dry inside.
Can you give him the home he deserves?

Lap Cat Natalie

Next up is 2yo Natalie, and she’s one of my favorite shelter cats. I have only one photo to share with you, as this cat preferred to spend our time together cuddling. She pushed my camera out of my hands, so I’d have all 10 fingers ready for petting. What a love bug!
Black cat Natalie
Natalie and her sibling (I’ll tell you about her in a minute.) also came to the shelter due to financial distress. Natalie was described as the bold one of the pair. She spent most of her spare time on the lap of the family she loved. She also enjoyed playing with her sister, and she enjoyed a good romp with the family dog too. If you’re looking for a cat that can handle life with your cats and dogs, she would be a good choice.
If you come to see Natalie, you might have to look around for a bit. She tends to hide in the corner when no one is sitting with her. But give her a few moments of your time and attention, and she’ll fly right out to meet you. Come see her!

Manx Cat Kanga

Next up is Natalie’s sibling, Kanga. She is an absolutely gorgeous black Manx cat with the prettiest of copper eyes. She really is a showstopper.
Manx cat Kanga
Kanga is nervous in the shelter, and she hides from people who might want to see her. Her favorite secret spot is underneath a cat bed. Look closely, and you’ll see it move when she breathes.
Kanga does warm up and accept affection, but she leans on her sister Natalie for reassurance when she is overwhelmed. If you have room in your home, perhaps these two kitties can go home together. Kanga would certainly benefit from that. But if you’re interested in Kanga alone, perhaps she’d enjoy joining a family of other cats. She seems to enjoy felines.
Again, Kanga has lived with a very big dog and did fine with that pup. If you’re searching for a dog-friendly cat, she could be right for you. She’d prefer a home with no small children.

Sassy Kitty Ruffian

Look at this face! This is Ruffian, and he’s just a year old. Normally, young cats don’t appear on this blog, but I’m making an exception for this pretty guy. He’s been in three homes during his one year, and we’d really like for this placement to be his last.
Orange tabby Ruffian
What kind of home does this guy need? Let’s dig in.
Ruffian is a calm and collected little kitty in the shelter. He sleeps through most of the day, occasionally lifting his head up for pets and treats. But beneath all that calm is a kitty with a few opinions.
He would prefer a home with no other kitties. It doesn’t matter how slowly you introduce another cat, and the demeanor of the other cat doesn’t matter either. He’d like to be your one and only. He doesn’t enjoy dogs very much, either. And he really doesn’t like small children.
Those are a lot of limitations, we know. But this can be a wonderful cat for a couple with no kids and no other pets. He is a funny, athletic, and charming little dude that is sure to keep you laughing. And purrs? Oh, he has the very best of purrs. He simply adores to be petted.
We’re hoping the right family can step up to help this guy find his happy ever after!

Familiar Cat Lucky

If you’ve been reading this blog regularly, you might recognize Lucky. She’s been waiting for a home since November 2! That’s a long time for a cat to wait, and we’re hoping love will strike this week.
Adoptable cat Lucky
In the shelter, Lucky was a bit of a sassy cat. She struggled to control her space, and sometimes, she didn’t make great decisions. The team decided to move her into a foster home, and boy! What a transformation!
Now, she likes to be petted, she enjoys playing with toys, and she likes to sit near the people she loves. She sometimes has opinions about how long she’s petted and where, but a gentle tap is her new method of communication. That seems valid, right?
Lucky has also discovered that dogs are very awesome. Just look at her resting with her foster brother.
Lucky and her dog
Isn’t that so sweet! If you’re hoping to find a cat that will accept your (BIG) dogs, she could be purrfect for you.
To meet Lucky, send an email to Thank you!

Final Thoughts

That’s it for this week! If you see a kitty on here you love, come down to visit. They go faster than you might think is possible! And if you don’t find someone you love, remember: this is just a sample of the cats we’re trying to find homes for. There’s bound to be love within our walls.
If names are underlined, the kitty is still up for adoption. Click that link to find out more about age, price, etc. And if you feel compelled, click the “sponsor” button to help support this kitty’s stay. As part of sponsorship benefits, we’ll share the cat on Facebook too!